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Table of Contents


Purpose of this Document 1

Target Audience 1

Event Goals and Objectives 1

Event Logistics 1


Introduction 2

Overall Chairperson 2

Program Committee 2

Publicity Committee 4

Logistics Committee 4

Exhibitor Committee 5

Food Committee 5

Ushers (Day of Event) 6

Moderators (Day of Event) 6


Introduction 7

January–March 7

April–June 8

July–October 9

Day of Event 10

Post-Event (October–November) 11

Grantee Process 12

Budget 12

Attachment 1: Sample Call for Grantees 13


Attachment 3: sPEAKER aPPLICATION fORM 16

Speaker Planner 16


Attachment 5: sAMPLE aGENDA 18

Attachment 6: sAMPLE rEGISTRATION fLYER 19


Attachment 8: sAMPLE bROCHURE 22




ATTACHMENT 12: Sample Thank You Letters 35


Purpose of this Document

This guide compiles the 2009 Professional Day Planning Committee Chairperson’s (Chairperson) preparation procedures for the annual APMP/NCA event. This guide is the Chairperson’s roadmap to building on past successes and making future Professional Days even better. This document includes a comprehensive overview of the entire planning process, detailed description of committee member roles, a planning checklist, and the sequence of activities necessary for a successful Professional Day event.

Target Audience

The primary audience for this document is the Chairperson for Professional Day. The secondary audience includes the Professional Day Planning Committee.

Event Goals and Objectives

Professional Day is an annual one-day event that provides industry professionals with expert presentations on proposal and capture related topics. Several speakers present best practice tips, strategies, and guidance to attendees. The event also boasts dozens of exhibitors and a networking opportunity among peers.

Event Logistics

Professional Day occurs annually in mid-October (2009 date: October 13). For the past several years, Northrop Grumman hosted the event at its office in Fairfax, Virginia (12900 Federal Systems Park Drive, Fairfax, VA 22033). The event takes place between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM. Northrop Grumman provides the facility free of charge, as well as a cafeteria from which we purchase breakfast, lunch, and snacks for participants.



A single Chairperson, who oversees several subcommittees in planning and executing the event, leads the Professional Day Committee. Listed below are the chairperson and subcommittees’ responsibilities. The subcommittees include Program Committee; Publicity Committee; Logistics Committee; Exhibitor Committee; and Food Committee. Additionally, several committee members serve as Ushers and Moderators on the day of the event.

The committee and subcommittees meet via teleconference in the evenings (8:00 PM) monthly. As the event draws closer, more frequent meetings occur.

Overall Chairperson

The Chairperson’s duties include:

  • Coordinating all sub-committees, including chairing Program Committee

  • Hosting regular status meetings with committee members

  • Communicating event status to NCA Board of Directors

  • Coordinating Grantee program (securing funding, advertising call for grantees, coordinating payment to grantees)

  • Consolidating evaluations and preparing an event evaluation report

  • Managing overall event budget, schedule (project plan), and milestones

Program Committee

  • Chairperson: Same as Professional Day Planning Committee Overall Chairperson

  • Members: All Professional Day Planning Committee Members

  • The Program Committee’s duties include:

    • Debriefing lessons learned from previous year

    • Determining event theme (2008: “Measuring Success”)

    • Requesting, evaluating, and selecting speakers

    • Assisting speakers in presentation preparation

    • Coordinating speaker biographies

    • Preparing event agenda

    • Conducting speaker presentation Pink Team, Red Team, and Gold Team reviews

    • Overseeing speaker dress rehearsal

    • Selecting grantees

Publicity Committee

  • Chairperson: Volunteer (2009: June Marion)

  • Members: One individual to assist Chairperson

  • The Publicity Committee’s duties include:

    • Creating event logo/theme graphics

    • Creating flyers and brochure used to advertise event

    • Creating evaluation form

    • Coordinating with Chair of Marketing & Web Site Committee (2009: Jay Schaivo) for all event advertisements (NCA website, e-mail, WEB 2.0 groups)

    • Coordinating event registration

Logistics Committee

  • Chairperson: Volunteer (2009: Linda Mitchell)

  • Members: One to two individuals to assist Chairperson

  • The Logistics Committee’s duties include:

    • Ensuring security of attendees and obtaining security clearances from Northrop for individuals with laptops, cameras, and recorders prior to event

    • Preparing and setting-up signage (i.e. parking lots, restrooms, registration desk, cafeteria)—historically, Drew Pallo prepares all signs

    • Ordering gifts for speakers, moderators, grantees, and committee members

    • Preparing goody bags for each attendee, which contain the event brochure, facility map, evaluation form, membership information (from BOD Membership Chair), and give-aways from exhibitors/corporate sponsors

    • Maintaining schedule on day of event; includes timing speakers and ensuring each presenter does not run over time

    • Coordinating with photographer and videographer

    • Coordinating name badges for each attendee

    • Conducting facility walk-through

    • Coordinating facility logistics with Northrop (i.e. tables, table skirts, exhibitor booths, A/V equipment, and other set-up items)

    • Coordinating registration opening and closing dates (with Publicity Committee)

    • Preparing logistics checklist

    • Planning the post-event celebration dinner (committee and board members)

Exhibitor Committee

  • Chairperson: Volunteer (2009: Cheryl Howarth)

  • Members: Not Applicable (Committee has only Chairperson)

  • The Exhibitor Committee’s duties include:

    • Contacting all Corporate Members to determine who will exhibit at the event and whether they will:

      • Contribute to the goody bag

      • Provide a gift for a drawing ($200 value or more)

      • Bring a booth

      • Share a booth with a non-competing company

    • Coordinating with Events Logistics Chair (2009: Bob Miller) to register one free attendee per exhibitor

    • Helping exhibitors set-up on the day of the event

Food Committee

  • Chairperson: Volunteer (2009: Brenda Crist)

  • Members: Not Applicable (Committee has only Chairperson)

  • The Food Committee’s duties include:

    • Designing the menu in conjunction with Northrop’s cafeteria staff

      • Continental breakfast

      • All-you-can-eat lunch buffet—hot and cold options

      • Afternoon snacks—cheese, fruit, cookies

      • All-day beverages—sodas, water, juices, coffee, tea

    • Coordinating with Northrop to ensure there are table cloths, a designated eating area, utensils, janitorial and serving staff, etc.

    • Managing food budget

Ushers (Day of Event)

  • Chairperson: Not Applicable

  • Members: Five committee member volunteers

  • The Ushers’ duties include:

    • Ensuring lines do not get too long

    • Helping attendees stay calm/patient

    • Ensuring attendees get into the auditorium on time

    • Ensuring the auditorium doors do not bang when attendees leave

    • Answering attendee questions

    • Directing attendees to cafeteria, restrooms, registration, or other places

    • Assisting other committee members with miscellaneous tasks

    • Ensuring attendees stay in designated premises

    • Directing attendees to complete evaluation forms and pick up their gift when they drop off the form

Moderators (Day of Event)

  • Chairperson: Not Applicable

  • Members: One committee member or other volunteer for each speaker

  • The Moderators’ duties include:

    • Introducing speakers and their presentation topics

      • 30-second introduction of speaker’s biography and presentation abstract

    • Moderating question and answer period after speaker’s presentation



The timeline presented below depicts all tasks and sub-tasks required to implement a successful Professional Day event. The timeline is divided into months and color-coded to represent which committee owns each task. The colors represent:


Logistics Committee




Program Committee

Exhibitor Committee

Northrop Grumman

Publicity Committee

Food Committee

Board of Directors




Day of Event

Post-Event (October–November)

Choosing Presentations:

When selecting presentations for Professional Day, the Program Committee seeks speakers who are experienced with a track record of well-reviewed presentations. The committee tries not to select more than one person per company (including moderators and speakers). The topics for the day should be geared toward a mature audience and include advanced points.

Each of the grantee recipients is required to speak at the event.

The final speaker selection is based on a majority committee vote and takes into consideration the available timeslots.

Grantee Process

The Board of Directors (BOD) initiated the Grantee Program in 2009. Grant recipients receive funding to perform original research, conduct a case study, or perform an experiment. The grantees can concentrate on any aspect of proposal or capture management, and apply to receive grants as part of the Professional Day planning process.

The BOD determines whether grantee funding exists each year and notified the Professional Day Chairperson. If money exists, the Chairperson coordinates a call for grantees. The Committee recommends grantee(s) to the BOD, who makes the final selection.

Grantees provide the Chairperson with spending receipts in mid-July and once after the event; the Chairperson then submits the receipts to the BOD for reimbursement.


The Professional Day budget is $12,000. The following elements contribute to the budget:

  • Copying costs: minimal costs

    • Brochure (usually produced by Enexdi)

    • Flyers, maps, attendee list, etc. (typically donated by a member)

  • Food: $10,000

  • Gifts: $2,000 (no more than $20/person)

    • Includes speaker, moderators, committee, and attendee gifts

The anticipated revenue is $12,000. A maximum of 275 attendees may register for $105 (members)/ $135 (non-members). Typically, the event sells out. 250 participants can fit in the auditorium—allow for 295 registrations and assume 20% “no-shows.”

Attachment 1: Sample Call for Grantees

APMP National Capital Area Grant Program


The Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP) National Capital Area (NCA) Chapter recognizes that supporting original research is essential for our professional development and growth. Therefore, we are sponsoring a grant program to learn how business development, capture, and proposal professionals can most effectively position themselves to win bids. The grantees we select, will submit their research findings in a 60-45 minute presentation on Professional Day, October 13, 2009 in Fairfax, Virginia. Please refer to our website for additional details about Professional Day. We invite our Chapter members, members of APMP worldwide, and scholars to participate.

We will base the number of grants awarded on the total budget for the year, and the number of qualified grant applications received. We reserve the right to award up to $2,000 per grant or a lesser amount than that in the application.

The grant covers the cost of labor and other direct charges associated with the development of original research, writing, and production of the presentation.


We will accept and review applications starting February 15, 2009 through May 1, 2009. We will notify grantees of our findings no later than May 7, 2009.


To apply for funding please submit the following:

  • A brief description of your original research project

  • A brief description of how your research will help our chapter members effectively position to win bids

  • A brief description of your research methodology

  • A schedule describing how you will complete the research and your final presentation no later than September 15, 2009 with milestones for Professional Day Committee Review

  • Your resume, including a list of presentations or articles you have presented to professional organizations

  • The cost of the grant, divided by labor and other direct charges

Please limit your grant application to no more than 10 pages. Email your submission and attachments to the APMP President and Vice President at and


We require a brief monthly status report and meeting to cover:

  • A narrative account of what was accomplished, including a description of progress made toward achieving the goals of the grant

  • Obstacles and unexpected results

  • Detailed line item financial accounting of how the grant funds were spent

  • Statistical support as to effectiveness of program

  • Next steps and expected outcomes

  • Lessons learned

  • Other information as specified


The presentations shall become the intellectual property and copyright of APMP NCA. Republication, reprint and Internet posting rights may be granted by APMP NCA.


The APMP Board of Directors will evaluate the application for the following:

  • Programs or projects that demonstrate a high level of relevance to topic, Positioning to Win Bids and will add to our Body of Knowledge

  • Identification of what chapters/committees hope to achieve if they get the grant

  • An effective Evaluation Plan so we will know the program/project worked


Please do not hesitate to contact APMP Vice President, Brenda Crist with questions at 301-466-9566 or


The APMP NCA has awarded two grants to support original research in proposal arts and sciences. The results of the research will be presented at Professional Day on October 13, 2009. These are the first grants awarded by any APMP organization worldwide.

The first grant, for Turning Sophisticated Ideas into Pictures was awarded to Mike Parkinson of the 24 Hour Company. During the development of his book Billion Dollar Graphics, Mike interviewed more than 100 proposal professionals, evaluators, and decision makers. He found effective the conceptualization of graphics one of the top proposal challenges. During this time he created a framework for teaching proposal professionals how to turn sophisticated ideas into pictures. Mr. Parkinson will test the framework using random volunteers (selected at the last APMP NCA Roundtable) to prove there is a conceptualization framework that can be learned by proposal professionals.

Mike is the author of three books on proposal graphics, an APMP Fellow, and Partner in the 24 Hour Company. Mike Parkinson joined 24 Hour Company in 1999 with a broad range of experiences in fine arts, design, and multi-media work. Since then he has created and managed the production of visual presentations for dozens of multi-million and multi-billion dollar bids. Mike is a graduate of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County's Digital Arts Program.

The second grant, Source Selection Sudoku, was awarded to Jim Hiles and Earl Wells of MorganFranklin Corporation. Through this grant Jim and Earl will survey government contracting officers to determine how Government RFP preparers choose source selection evaluation factors; how much effort is put into source selection evaluation factor selection, weighting, and ordering; what source selection ordering and weighting tell us about an RFP; how source selection factors in an RFP should be analyzed and acted upon; and best practices for responding to evaluation factors.

Jim Hiles is a veteran government contracting officer with extensive knowledge and practical experience with proposals, contract management, negotiations, and the structuring of major systems acquisition agreements and incentives. Earl Wells has been a capture manager, proposal manager, account executive and project manager for government services at several firms. Both are currently with MorganFranklin Corporation. Jim is the Managing Director of Public Services Business Development and Earl is the Proposal Process Manager. Jim has published articles on source selection and has a Master of Science in Acquisition and Finance from the Naval Postgraduate School.


Speaker Planner

Brief program description:

Program Track (target audience):

Why is it important for audience members to attend this session now? What are the situational/environmental factors that make a strong case for signing up?:

Problems or issues that the session will address for each target audience listed above:

Specific knowledge/skill takeaways for each target audience listed above—no more than five:

What will attendees be able to do differently or better on their next day on the job after attending this session?

Presenter profile (Name, title, short bio) and presenter credentials: (Qualifications to teach this session and previous presentations of this or similar topics):


Speaker Instructions

Review Schedule

  1. Deadline and word limit for final drafts of titles, speaker planners, and bios for the Professional Day Program.

    1. Deadline for submitting revised speaker planners and one paragraph bios is June 15, 2009

    2. Try to limit your bio to no more than 150 words

    3. Publicity will begin mid-June

    4. Early registration begins around July 15

  2. Deadline for 1st draft of presentation slides (Pink Team)

    1. 1st draft of presentation slides is due July 15

    2. Committee conducts Pink Team on July 22 and returns comments no later than July 25

    3. Draft presentation should include an outline of the presentation, draft slides, graphics, and speaker notes

    4. Please contact Brenda Crist at if you need graphics help (301-466-9566)

  3. Deadline for final draft (Red Team) of presentation slides

    1. Final presentations due back to Brenda for Red Team review on August 16

    2. Committee Conducts Red Team on August 19 with comments back to authors by August 21

    3. Red Team Presentations by Authors for Committee August 24 and August 26

  4. Final Edits Due to Committee on September 15

  5. Note, I need a progress report from grantees by the last day of each month

Presentation Guidelines

  • The presentation must be well-organized with key points that lead to a logical conclusion

  • The presentation must be completed on schedule a Committee Member will be sitting in the front row with a white board letting you know when you have reached the 15, 10, 5 and 0 minute mark

  • The presentation must draw on lessons learned

  • The presentation must facilitate a brief (10 minute) follow-on discussion/Q&A session

  • Slides must be readable from a distance use at least 16 point type.

  • Each slide or every other slide must have a “take away” message and graphic/photo

  • Each slide must be free of typos

  • Include speaker notes in the presentation.

  • Keep in mind that you have a captured audience – we suggest making it as entertaining as possible

We have attached a template for your convenience (coming Tuesday 5/19).

Attachment 5: sAMPLE aGENDA



Attachment 8: sAMPLE bROCHURE








Building Access and Parking

Secure Space with NG POC



Initial Walkthrough


Final Walkthrough

Brenda & Linda

Check with Darren Thomas - storing Goodie Bags evening before



Coordinate Cutoff Date with Bob Miller

Ensure we have people to sit at registration desk

Bob Miller



Get theme logo to Silvia


Get logo from June Marion (Publicity)

Make Badges


Order Ribbons for Exhibitors (35), Committee (30), Speakers (20)


Different colors
Check number for 2009

Give ribbons to Silvia


Conference Registration - Cutoff 10/02

Bob Miller

Number of Attendees & Names to Silvia & Linda


People to Sit at Desk 7:00 - 5:00


Tableskirts for Registration Desks (3), Exhibitors (??), National Table (1) & Table (1) on stage

Meghan Dewey

Coordinate with Lydia


Drew Pallo & Pat Kent

Note - use ones from last year.

Coordinate Signs and ensure they are at NG night before

Ann McLean

Video and Photography

Secure video recorder



Chris Stahl - (703-728-6295)

Secure photographer



Brenda's husband Steve

Secure speaker/facilitator signoff for permission to use

Cheryl Howarth

Forward Signoff Forms to Chris Stahl

Linda/ Cheryl Howarth


Exhibitors —Door Prizes & Goodies

Cheryl Howarth

Coordinate Door Prizes with Corporate Sponsors

Get Exhibitor handouts for Goodie Bags

Ensure we have Raffle Tickets for Door Prizes

Bob Miller / Silvia

Check with Silvia Morales for tickets

Get Goodies to NG for Stuffing


Other Gifts & Goody Bags


Get Speaker/Facilitator Gifts (18)

Lucite with APMP Logo

Get Committee gifts (25)


Get APMP-NCA gifts (250)


Order Goody Bags (cloth)




Get 2-4 ushers

Print map & directions for ushers


Use Last Years

Print map for Goodie Bags (250)



Ann McLean


Ann McLean

Wrap collection box

Ann McLean

Collect when people leave

Desk staff

Property Passes

Linda & Cheryl Howarth

Needed for anyone bringing cameras or laptops

Brenda - do we have to get for PCs??

Send blank forms to exhibitors, photographers, Bob Miller, Silvia Morales


Cheryl - vendors/exhibitors
Linda - all others

Follow up to ensure passes have been returned


Send to NG Security for approval 7 days prior


Send approved forms to people who submitted them


Remind them to bring on day of event

Final Status Check


List of Attendees




Raffle Tickets


Program / Agenda


Stuff in Goodie Bags


Ann McLean

Stuff in Goodie Bags





Goodie Bags


Get Program/Agenda


Get Map


Get Survey Forms

Ann McLean

Membership information

Chris Simmons

Stuff Goodie Bags

Linda + committee

??at NG the day before

Take to NG

Someone with a big SUV if we don't stuff at NG

Ensure Badges are Returned & Distribute Gift


and registration desk people/Linda/Pammee/Ushers

Make reservations for after event to celebrate!!!


P-DAY - 7:00 AM


Make sure tables are set up for vendors & registration


Have 22 Corporate Sponsors this year.
1 - NG registration
2 - our registration
Does not include tables for food

Set up signs


Set up - attendee lists, badges, raffle tickets

Bob / Silvia

Ensure goodie bags are at registration table


Clean up


Go to Italian restaurant to celebrate!!!

Linda Mitchell, Chairperson
W - 703-439-5856
C - 703-867-2950

Mary McCawley
Northrop Grumman
W - 703-620-8606


Darren Thomas (facility)
Trish Hill - Security

Chris Stahl



Darren Thomas
Northrop Grumman



ATTACHMENT 12: Sample Thank You Letters

June 10, 2008

Mr. Edward M. Swallow

Vice President, Strategic Capture and Campaigns

Northrop Grumman Information Technology

7575 Colshire Drive

McLean, Virginia 22102

Dear Mr. Swallow,
On behalf of the Association of Proposal Management Professionals’ National Capital Area Chapter (APMP-NCA), I’d like to thank you and Northrop Grumman Information Technology for your support for our Chapter and for providing the conference facility and staff that helped make our annual Professional Day on October 15, 2008 such a success.
We received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our attendees regarding the presentations, speakers, facility, meals and refreshments, logistics, and overall quality of our event—all due to the commitment and effort of our volunteer committee members and Northrop Grumman Information Technology. Your conference facility and staff truly exemplify the outstanding quality and professionalism for which Northrop Grumman is known.
I hope you’ll be able to join us for another successful Professional Day event next year, and I look forward to working with your team again.


Beth Wingate
APMP-NCA Chapter President

Senior Proposal Manager and Marketing Communications Manager

Lohfeld Consulting Group, Inc.

June 10, 2008

Mr. Bob Lohfeld

940 South River Landing Road

Edgewater, Maryland 21037
Dear Bob,
On behalf of the Association of Proposal Management Professionals’ National Capital Area Chapter (APMP-NCA), I’d like to thank you for the many hours you shared and for your dedication and support in chairing the planning committee and making the NCA Chapter’s annual Professional Day on October 15, 2008 such a success.
We received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the attendees regarding the presentations, speakers, facility, meals and refreshments, logistics, and overall professionalism of our event—all due to the commitment and effort of our volunteer committee members and NCA Corporate Partners, especially Lohfeld Consulting Group.
I hope you’ll be able to join us in planning and executing another successful Professional Day event next year, and I look forward to working with you again.

Best regards,

Beth Wingate
APMP-NCA Chapter President

June 10, 2008

Ms. Wendy Frieman

Main Thrust Proposal Manager

Computer Sciences Corporation

416 Park Avenue

Falls Church, Virginia 22046
Dear Wendy,
On behalf of the Association of Proposal Management Professionals’ National Capital Area Chapter (APMP-NCA), I’d like to thank you for helping to make the NCA Chapter’s annual Professional Day on October 15, 2008 such a success.
Your presentation, “Do You Have What it Takes? The coordinator’s role and career path in today’s profession,” which gave a hands-on feel for what it takes to be proposal coordinators and how to interact with proposal managers, capture managers, and others during proposal development, was outstanding. I appreciate the many hours of time and effort you put into preparing your presentation and materials. I heard many stories during the day about how much the attendees enjoyed your presentation and how you had everyone on their feet!
I hope you’ll be able to join us in planning and executing another successful Professional Day event next year, Wendy, and I look forward to working with you again.

Best regards,

Beth Wingate
APMP-NCA Chapter President

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