Aspects for Method Transfer in modern uhplc dr. Björn-Thoralf Erxleben

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Aspects for Method Transfer in modern UHPLC

Dr. Björn-Thoralf Erxleben

Manager HPLC/Dataprocessing
Shimadzu Europa GmbH , Germany

Since the introduction of the UHPLC system the method transfer between conventional HPLC and Ultra High Pressure (Performance) Liquid Chromatography has become an important matter. For successful and fast start with the new technology existing method were adapted to operate with smaller particle sizes and to run fast separation.

More and more it becomes clear that a simple transfer can only be the first step by transferring methods to this new technology and its new possibilities. Using a more generic approach is of course more time consuming but can enable new possibility and more improve the resolution and separation at the same time. A more complex procedure for transferring methods and a parallel odelingion of the separation based on the new parameter shall be considered to get real advantage of the UHPLC. At the same time, new guidelines following Quality by Design and Design Space have to be addressed and robustness of methods has to be documented and proven before they can be approved. A combination of method transfer and odeling the robust space of a method will be discussed.

In a second part aspects of the ‘inter-system’ method transfer are considered. Beside the conversion from HPLC to UHPLC, the transfer of methods between different systems in terms of configuration and between UHPLC systems of different vendors become an important issue. Even the specifications of several UHPLC systems are relatively similar as far as e.g. pressure range, injection principle and injection volume range are concerned; in practice those systems will behave differently and are not allow fast and simple transfer of methods between the systems. Bases on examples some strategies for easy adaptation of methods and their effects will be presented.

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