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ArtoDocs Application Form (version 3.22-English)

International Film Festival "ArtoDocs"

Postal Address:

Lev Naumov

Postbox 20

Saint Petersburg, Russia




Information for Participants

International Film Festival "ArtoDocs" accepts feature films, documentaries and animation films without any limitations regarding the production year or running time. Moreover, any potential participant may submit several works. The only requirement is that if the film has no English or Russian voiceover, it should be provided with the subtitles in one of these two official festival languages. We highly appreciate foreign participants, who find a possibility to provide a translation (at least subtitles) of their work into Russian. In any case, English is also acceptable.

Application consists of two parts: materials submission and the film submission, which should be done almost simultaneously. Please, never wait for the response from the selection board after you have submitted materials only even if you have included a link to your film on YouTube, Vimeo or similar services. We do not consider films until they are properly submitted.

I. Materials submission

Please, send following materials to the e-mail

  1. Filled application form provided bellow in DOC or other text format (no scanned copies, please).

  2. At least one photo of the director or the film crew.

  3. Several frames from your film for publishing in the festival booklet.

  4. If the film is not dubbed or subtitled in Russian then we will appreciate English dialogue lists or subtitles as a separate file in SRT or similar format.

II. Film submission

There are two possible film submission ways: by regular or electronic mail.

IIa. Submission by regular mail

If you have chosen this variant then, please, send us 3 DVD disks to the postal address written above. We also ask you to accompany DVDs with a signed copy of the filled application form.

IIb. Submission by electronic mail

If you have chosen this variant then, upload your film in one of the following formats to a hosting of your choice. You can send us a link in e-mail or just put it in the corresponding line of the application form when submitting materials. Acceptable formats are listed from most preferable to less convenient.

  1. DVD image (NRG or ISO, for example) is the best application format for us.

  2. MPEG-2 video (MPG, MPEG, VOB, M2T, M2V or other).

  3. Video coded with MPEG-4 family codecs (H.264, DivX, XviD, etc.) will be accepted depending on the bitrate and the resulting quality.

  4. Video coded with DV codecs and lossless video (codecs HuffYUV, Logarith, etc.) will be accepted depending on the file size

Please note that you may protect the access to your film with a password if you do not want it to be publicly available. We guarantee non-disclosure of such information.

Also note that flash video uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo or similar services never can be treated as film submission. You can optionally provide such links for the selection board convenience, but nothing more.

Application Form _____

General Information

Original film title

Film title in English

Running time (hours:minutes:seconds)


Category (choose one)

О ART (short or feature film)

О DOC (documentary)

О animation







Language(s) of subtitles (if any)

Date and place of the first screening

Participation in festivals

Link to the film in the Internet1

Film Crew Information2

Script writer(s)



Music composer(s)

Production designer(s)

Film editor(s)

Sound designer(s)



Contact information

Person or company name

Postal address

Phone (with area codes)


Е-mail4 (required)

Technical Information

Video standard (choose)




О Another (specify):

Frame aspect (choose)

O 16:9

О 4:3

О Another (specify):

Director's Biography and Filmography

Brief synopsis

Filling and sending this form by regular or electronic mail as well as any other activity in order to submit the film, confirms that authors allow screenings of their work within the framework of the International Film Festival "ArtoDocs" events, including not only primary Festival, but also additional events, retrospective subprograms etc.



1 This field is optional and not required. Please note that link to YouTube, Vimeo and similar services given here can be used only for the selection board convenience and play no role for the film submission procedure. At the same time, once you have put here a link to the film in one of the formats, listed on the first page (see IIb), we can assume that your film is submitted. Let us remind that the DVD image is the best format option for us.

2 Please, put full names, no initials. For example: John Smith, not J. Smith.

3 For documentaries we recommend to mention narrators and main characters here.

4 This e-mail address will be used by the organizing committee as a primary mean to contact you. Moreover, it is the only contact information we may share with other festival participants and third parties, who will express interest in contacting you basing on your work after it has been screened within our festival.

5 Signature is obligatory only when you are sending the form via post.

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