Appendix S2 Provenance of evening primrose variety Rigel

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Appendix S2
Provenance of evening primrose variety Rigel.

(I am grateful to manuscript reviewer #1 for supplying this information)

The variety Rigel is a hybrid between different Oenothera species and precise definitions of species in this genus are subject to debate by taxonomists hence Oenothera sp. is used here.

The pedigree of Rigel is: (945 x 1021) x (390 x 444).
945 was obtained from London, Ontario Canada in 1982 (it was supplied as Oenothera biennis but is most similar to Oenothera parviflora).
1021 was supplied as Oenothera sp. in 1983 from Nova Scotia.
390 was supplied by a Botanic Garden as Oenothera lipsiensis (Rostanski & Gutte), a variety which occurs in the wild in Austria and East Germany (Rotanski & Forstner (1982).
444 is a Scotia bred cultivar previously identified as Oenothera erythrosepala (Borbas).

Rostanski K and Forstner W (1982). The genus Oenothera (Onagraceae) in Austria. Phyton- Annales Rei Botanicae 22(1): 87-113.

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