Appendix b list of People Consulted

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Appendix B

List of People Consulted

  1. Health Care Professional Groups and Associations

Association of Hong Kong Nursing Staff

Michael Mun-ka Ho,Chairman

College of Nursing

Alice S.M. Tsang, President

Hong Kong Nurses (Public Service) General Union

Cecilia So Chui-Kuen, Vice-President

Chinese Medicine

Daniel C. W. Tse, Chairman of the Preparatory Committee on Chinese Medicine

Kalina K. Wu, Hong Kong Baptist University

Dr. Yang Wei-yi, Professor, Beijing Chinese Medical University

College of Family Physicians

Dr. Kam So Foo, President

Dr. Cynthia Chan

Dr. Cindy Lam

Dr. Paul Lam
Estate Doctors Association

Dr. Henry Chiu Fat Yeung, Chairman

Dr. Joseph Y.T. Tang

Dr. Wilson Yee Leung Fung

Dr. Dominic Y.Y. Lau

Dr. W.K. Cheung

Dr. Thomas Ock Ling Ho
Government Doctors Association

Dr. Wai Ming Poon, President

Hong Kong Academy of Medicine

Dr. David Fang, President

Hong Kong Medical Association

Dr. Kin Hung Lee, President (1997/98)

Dr. Kai Ming So, President (1998)

Mrs. Yvonne Y.M. Leung, Chief Executive

Dr. Donald K. T. Li

Dr. Sum Wo Li

And members
Hong Kong Specialist Society

Dr. Raymond Wu

And members
Joint Conference of Hong Kong Health Care Professional Organizations

College of Nursing

Nurses (Public Service) General Union

Nurses Branch, Hong Kong Chinese Civil Servants’ Association

Hong Kong Midwives Association

Correctional Services Officers (Psychiatric Nurse) Branch, Hong Kong Chinese Civil Servants’ Association

Hong Kong Medical Technology Association

Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Hong Kong Limited

The Pharmaceutical Society of Hong Kong

Hong Kong Radiological Technologists Association

Society of Diagnostic Ultrasound of Hong Kong

Government Dental Technicians and Technologists Association

The Association of Hong Kong Health Care Professionals

Hong Kong Clinical Psychologists Association

Medical Association of North America

Dr. Man-Hei Shiu

Dr. Yuen-Chung Sze

Dr. Yin-Kwok NG

Dr. George T. J. Au

Dr. Philip K.T. Li

Dr. Kin Wah Chu

Dr. Robert H. P. Fung

North American Physicians

Dr. Andrew W.H. Wong

Dr. Simon H.W. Wong
Public Consultants Association

Public Doctors Association

Dr. Poon Tak Lun, President

Dr. Philip K. T. Li

And Council Members

  1. Doctors Group Practices

Dr Jones Fok’s Group

Dr. Jones Fok

Quality HealthCare Asia

Mr. Brian O’Connor

Mr. John Crawford

Dr. Frank Innes

Dr. Henry Lee

Dr. Philip H. C. Wong

UMP Group

Dr. Hing Wah Wai

  1. Political Parties

Citizen’s Party

Ms. Christine Loh

Democratic Alliance for the Betterment of Hong Kong

Mr. Yiu Chung Tam

Dr. Paul Chi-Keung Lo

Mr. Alex Po-Lun Cheng

Democratic Party

Mr. Michael Ho

Dr. Chen Ha Huang

Dr. Chi Kwong Law, Secretary General

Ms. Astor Chan
Frontier Party

Lee Cheuk-Yan

Emily Lau

Sau Lan Ho

Hong Kong Association for Democracy and People’s Livelihood

Kam-to Leung

Ying-fan Mok
Hong Kong Progressive Alliance

David Chu

Liberal Party

Sophie Leung

Ada Wong

  1. Insurance Companies and Organizations

The Hong Kong Federation of Insurers

Patricia Tang, Chairman, Medical Insurance Association

Joe Cheng, Vice President, Group Insurance, AIA

Arthur Koo, Regional Director, Far East Group Management Division

BUPA (Asia) Limited

Peter Kong, Director and General Manager

HKSBC Medical Insurance

Luzia Hung, Director and General Manager


Michael Chan, Assistant Vice President (Group Life and Health)


Stella Fok, Head of Healthcare and Group Benefits

Trevor K.P. Chan, Senior Manager, Claims and Administration
Blue Cross (Asia-Pacific) Insurance

Manlo Cheung, Deputy Managing Director

Canadian Eastern Life Assurance

Charity Au

  1. Employers

The Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce

Y.S. Cheung, Assistant Director, Operations Division

Stephen K.C. Lau, HAECO

Y. Poon, FWA Consulting
China Light and Power

Tammy Wong, Group HR Manager

K T Lai, Manager, Compensation, Organization and Executive Development
Hong Kong Electric Holdings

Minnie Li, General Manager, HR and Public Affairs

Hong Kong Telecom

Kitty Shek, HR Executive, Health Care Programme Administration

Hutchison Whampoa

Mary Tung, General Manager, Group HR Resources

John Swire and Sons

Zenda Gan, General Staff Manager, Staff Department

Kowloon Canton Railway Corporation

Tammy Yeung, HR Manager

MTR Corporation

William Chan, Divisional Manager, HR and Administration

K C Cheung, Personnel Manager, Operations

K S Yeung, HR Manager

  1. Patients Rights Groups and Associations

Alliance for Patients’ Mutual Help Organization

Iris Chan

Society for Community Organizations

Wai Mui Yung

  1. Health Care Companies

AIA United Healthcare

Mark S Tanen, Executive Director

Pacific Health Group

Frederick A. Rapoport, MD, President and Chairman of the Board

  1. Government Departments

Health and Welfare Bureau

Katherine Fok, Secretary for Health and Welfare

Gregory Leung, Deputy Secretary for Health and Welfare

Wing-him Ho, Deputy Secretary for Health and Welfare

Derek Gould, Principal Assistant Secretary (through December 1998)

Vicki Kwok, Assistant Secretary

Finance Bureau

K C Kwong, Secretary for the Treasury (through December 1998)

Denise Yu, Secretary for the Treasury

Carrie Lam, Deputy Secretary for the Treasury

Gracie Foo, Principal Assistant Secretary for the Treasury
Central Policy Unit

Gordon K. C. Siu, Head

Civil Service Bureau

Duncun Pescod, Deputy Secretary

Business and Services Promotion Unit

M J T Rowse, Director

Brenda Yip, Principal Management Services Officer

  1. Public Health Care Organizations

Hospital Authority

Mr. Peter Woo, Chairman of the Board

Sir S Y Chung, Former Chairman of the Board

Mr. Joseph Chow, HA Board Member and Chairman of Finance Committee

Mrs Sophie Leung, HA Board Member

Dr EK Yeoh, Chief Executive

Ms. Nancy Tse, Deputy Director, Finance Development

Dr. Dickson T. S. Chang, Deputy Director, Operations and Service Development

Dr. Hong Fung, Deputy Director, Operations and Service Development
Department of Health

Dr. Margaret Chan, Director of Health

Dr. Sin-ping Mak, Assistant Director

Dr. Paul Saw

J. Academic Institutions

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Dr. Arthur KC Li, Vice Chancellor, Professor of Surgery

Dr. Shiu Hung Lee, Professor, Chairman, Department of Community and Family Medicine

Dr. Albert Lee, Associate Professor

Dr. Clement Tsang, Associate Professor

Dr. Georgia Gulden, lecturer, Department of Nutrition

The University of Hong Kong

Kai-ming Cheng, Professor, Chair of Education

Dr. Siu-Ping Chow, Former Dean, Faculty of Medicine

John Bacon-Shone, Director, Social Services Research Centre

Dr. A J Hedley, Head of Department of Community Medicine

Dr. Tai-Hing Lam, Department of Community Medicine

Dr. Yu-Lung Lau, Professor, Department of Pediatrics

Sarah McGhee, Lecturer

Dr. Jonathan ST Sham, Professor and Head of Department of Radiation Oncology

Ms. Cecilia Chan Lai Wan, Professor and Head of Department of Social Work and Social Administration

Ms. Patricia L Sullivan, Professor and Head of Department of Nursing Studies

K. Other Organizations

Consumer Council

Anna Wu, Chairperson

Pamela Wong Shui Chan, Chief Executive
The Hong Kong Association of Pharmaceutical Industries

Susan Oh, President

Carl Pelzel, Vice-President

Joy Ottway, Executive Director

The Hong Kong Council of Social Service

Chi-Kwong Law

Dr. Cecilia Chan

Dr. Amy Po Ying Ho

Hoi Wai Chau

Suk Chong Cheung, Research Officer

The Hong Kong Jockey Club

David P.W. Yau, Secretary and Director of Charities

Doris Ho
Private Hospitals

Dr Walton Li, Hong Kong Sanatorium Hospital

Dr Patrick Wong, Hong Kong Baptist Hospital

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