Appendix A: Search Strategy Medline search strategy done on September 16

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Appendix A: Search Strategy

  1. Medline search strategy (done on September 16th 2014 at 1600)

irritable bowel syndrome[MeSH] OR “irritable bowel syndrome”[TW] OR colonic diseases[MeSH] OR “colonic diseases”[TW] OR colonic diseases, functional[MeSH] OR “functional colonic disease”[TW] OR “functional colon disease”[TW] OR “spastic colon”[TW] OR “irritable colon”[TW] OR “irritable bowel”[TW] OR “functional bowel”[TW] OR “colonic disease”[TW] OR “IBS”[TW] OR “gastrointestinal syndrome”[TW] OR “gastrointestinal syndromes”[TW]


dietary fiber[MeSH] OR “dietary fiber”[TW] OR psyllium[MeSH] OR “psyllium” [TW] OR cereal[MeSH] OR “cereal”[TW] OR sterculia[MeSH] OR “sterculia”[TW] OR karaya gum[MeSH] OR “karaya gum”[TW] OR bulking agent[TW] OR “isphagula”[TW] OR “fiber”[TW] OR “fibre”[TW] OR “fibers”[TW] OR “fibres”[TW] OR “bulking agents”[TW] OR “plantago ovate”[TW] OR “husk”[TW] OR “bran”[TW] OR “ispaghula”[TW] OR “wheat”[TW] OR “oat”[TW] OR “cereals”[TW] OR “calcium polycarbophil”[TW] OR plants,medicinal[MeSH] OR “medicinal plants”[TW]

(randomized controlled trial [pt] OR controlled clinical trial [pt] OR randomized [tiab] OR placebo [tiab] OR drug therapy [sh] OR randomly [tiab] OR trial [tiab] OR groups [tiab]) NOT (animals [mh] NOT humans [mh])
Hits: 866

  1. EMBASE search strategy (done on September 16th 2014 at 1600)

'dietary fiber'/exp OR 'dietary fiber' OR 'alimentary fiber' OR 'diet fiber' OR 'dietary fibre‘ OR 'ispagula’/exp OR ‘isphagula’ OR ‘psyllium’ OR 'agiocur' OR 'arcolax' OR 'betajel' OR 'fybogel' OR 'iso gel' OR 'isogel' OR 'ispaghul' OR 'ispaghula' OR 'ispaghula husk' OR 'isphagula' OR 'konsyl' OR 'metamucil' OR 'mucilax' OR 'mucilose' OR 'mucofalk' OR 'plantaginis semen' OR 'plantaglucide' OR 'plantago ovata extract' OR 'plantago ovata seed' OR 'plantago seed' OR 'plantago seed oil' OR 'psyllium' OR 'psyllium gum' OR 'psyllium hemicellulose' OR 'psyllium plantago' OR 'psyllium seed' OR 'psyllium seed gum' OR 'psyllium seed husk' OR 'regulan' OR 'transilane' OR 'vi siblin' OR 'volcolon' OR 'cereal'/exp OR 'cereal' OR 'cereal diet' OR 'cereal food' OR 'cereals' OR 'Sterculia'/exp OR 'Sterculia' OR 'Sterculia urens' OR ‘karaya gum'/exp OR 'karaya gum' OR 'caraia gum' OR 'gum karaya' OR 'haraya gum' OR 'indian tragacant' OR 'indian tragacanth' OR 'inolaxine' OR 'kadaya' OR 'karaya' OR 'karaya gummi' OR 'katilo' OR 'kullo' OR 'kutcera' OR 'kuteera' OR 'mucara' OR 'puraya' OR 'bulking agent'/exp OR 'bulking agent' OR 'husk' OR ‘fibre’ OR 'Plantago ovata'/exp OR 'plantago ovate' OR ‘bran’/exp OR 'bran' OR ‘wheat’/exp OR 'wheat' OR 'graminis leaf' OR 'Triticum' OR 'wheat variety' OR ‘oat’/exp OR 'oat' OR 'Avena sativa' OR 'oat leaf extract' OR 'oat plant' OR 'oatmeal' OR 'oats' OR ‘polycarbophil calcium’/exp OR 'polycarbophil calcium' OR 'calcium polycarbophil' OR 'colonel' OR 'fibercon' OR 'mitrolan' OR 'polyful'

'irritable colon'/exp OR 'irritable colon' OR 'colon disease'/exp OR 'colon disease' OR ‘gastrointestinal disease'/exp OR 'gastrointestinal disease' OR 'colon spasm' OR 'colonospasm' OR 'irritable bowel syndrome' OR 'irritable colon syndrome' OR 'mucomembraneous colitis' OR 'mucomembranous colitis' OR 'mucous colitis' OR 'spastic colitis' OR 'spastic colon' OR 'unstable colon' OR 'colon syndrome' OR 'colonic disease' OR 'colonic diseases' OR 'colonopathy' OR 'colopathy' OR 'sigmoid diseases'
'Randomization'/exp OR 'random allocation' OR 'randomisation' OR 'Clinical trial'/exp OR 'clinical drug trial' OR 'major clinical trial' OR 'trial' OR 'clinical' NOT 'animal'/exp ('animals'/exp NOT 'humans'/exp)
Hits: 3206

  1. Cochrane CENTRAL search strategy (done on September 16th 2014 at 1600)

dietary fiber (MeSH) or "dietary fiber" or psyllium (MeSH) or "psyllium" or cereal (MeSH) or "cereal" or sterculia (MeSH) or "sterculia" or karaya gum (MeSH) or "karaya gum" or bulking agent or "isphagula" or "fiber" or "fibre" or "fibers" or "fibres" or "bulking agents" or "plantago ovate" or "husk" or "bran" or "ispaghula" or "wheat" or "oat" or "cereals" or "calcium polycarbophil" or plants,medicinal (MeSH) or "medicinal plants"

irritable bowel syndrome (MeSH) or "irritable bowel syndrome" or colonic diseases (MeSH) or "colonic diseases" or colonic diseases, functional (MeSH) or "functional colonic disease" or "functional colon disease" or "spastic colon" or "irritable colon" or "irritable bowel" or "functional bowel" or "colonic disease" or "IBS" or "gastrointestinal syndrome" or "gastrointestinal syndromes"
Hits: 185

  1. LILACS search strategy (done on September 16th 2014 at 1600)

(MH:J02.500.400$ OR MH:SP6.$ OR "dietary fiber" OR psyllium$ OR MH: D20.215.784.500.720$ OR cereal$ OR MH:B01.650.510.253$ OR MH:J02.500.200$ OR MH:VS2.$ OR sterculia$ OR MH:B01.650.940.800.575.100.915.583$ OR "karaya gum" OR MH:D05.750.078.739.625$ OR D09.698.700.625$ OR D20.215.721.249.625$ OR "Bulking agent" OR MH:VS2.$ OR wheat OR MH:B01.650.940.800.575.100.822.918$ OR MH:J02.500.200.875$ OR Fibre$ OR "plantago ovate" OR husk$ OR bran$ OR "calcium polycarbophil" OR "medicinal plants")

(MH:C06.405.469.158.272.608$ OR "irritable bowel syndrome" OR MH:C06.405.469.158$ OR "colonic diseases" OR MH:C06.405.469.158.272$ OR

"functional colonic diseases" OR "spastic colon" OR "irritable colon" OR "irritable bowel" OR "functional bowel" OR "colonic disease" OR "IBS" OR "gastrointestinal syndrome" OR "gastrointestinal syndromes")

((PT:"randomized controlled trial" OR PT:"controlled clinical trial" OR PT:"multicenter study" OR MH:"randomized controlled trials as topic" OR MH:"controlled clinical trials as topic" OR MH:"multicenter studies as topic" OR MH:"random allocation" OR MH:"double-blind method" OR MH:"single-blind method") OR ((ensaio$ OR ensayo$ OR trial$) AND (azar OR acaso OR placebo OR control$ OR aleat$ OR random$ OR enmascarado$ OR simpleciego OR ((simple$ OR single OR duplo$ OR doble$ OR double$) AND (cego OR ciego OR blind OR mask))) AND clinic$)) AND NOT (MH:animals OR MH:rabbits OR MH:rats OR MH:primates OR MH:dogs OR MH:cats OR MH:swine OR PT:"in vitro")
Hits: 734

  1. CINAHL search strategy (done on September 16th 2014 at 1600)

(MM “Irritable Bowel Syndrome/DT/PC/SS/TH/TD”) OR (MM “Colonic Diseases, Functional/DT/PC/SS/TH/TD”) OR (MM “Colonic Disease/DT/PC/SS/TH/TD”) OR “irritable bowel” OR “functional colonic disease” OR “irritable colon” OR “colonic disease” OR “IBS” OR “gastrointestinal syndrome”

(MM “Dietary Fiber/AD/DE/TU/UT”) OR (MM “Cereals/AD/DE/TU/UT”) OR (MM “Psyllium/AD/DE/TU/UT”) OR fiber OR cereals OR psyllium OR bran OR sterculia OR “bulking agents” OR husk OR isphaghula OR wheat OR husk OR plantago ovate ORoat OR “medicinal plants” OR “calcium polycarbophil” OR “karayagum”

Hits: 182

Searched on 27th July

AGA: 1280


AJG: 656

Appendix B: Data Extraction Form

Appendix C: Assessment of Risk of Bias Summary

Key: Green: Low risk, Yellow: Unsure risk, Red: High risk

Appendix D: Forrest Plots for Secondary Outcomes

i) Forest Plot showing Abdominal Pain (dichotomous)
straight connector 42

ii) Forest Plot showing IBS Symptom Severity Score (continuous)

straight connector 20straight connector 23straight connector 17

iii) Forest Plot showing IBS Quality of Life (continuous)

straight connector 46

iv) Forest Plot showing Abdominal Pain Score (continuous)

straight connector 22straight connector 10

v) Forrest Plot showing completion of trial (dichotomous)

Appendix E: Sensitivity Analysis

i) Global Assessment of Symptoms for studies with low risk of bias

ii) Global Assessment of Symptoms for studies that were pure RCT

iii) Global Assessment of Symptoms using per protocol analysis

Appendix F: Publication Bias

Funnel Plot of Global Assessment of Symptoms

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