Apc smart-ups® for select ibm® pSeries Servers apc's Smart-ups provide the ideal enhancements for high-availability systems when used with ibm's pSeries Servers

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APC Smart-UPS® for select IBM® pSeries Servers

APC's Smart-UPS provide the ideal enhancements for high-availability systems when used with IBM's pSeries Servers.

"PowerChute plus significantly adds to the reliability and uptime of Lotus Domino servers by protecting them from all types of common power problems. The remote power management and diagnostics provided by APC's PowerChute plus are very valuable tools for any Lotus Domino system administrator."
- Jeff Papows
President, Lotus Development Corporation

  • Peace of mind with a 3-year warranty from APC exclusively available through IBM.

  • Convenient one-stop shop - Your IBM representative can provide you with an APC Smart-UPS AIX Bundle when you purchase your system.

  • Ease of maintenance with APC's QuickSwap™, the hot swappable, user replaceable battery system.

  • SmartSlot™ functionality provides SNMP compatibility, out of band management, multiple server management and much more!

Protect your pSeries Server with the APC power management solution
APC's PowerChute® plus software is included with the APC Smart-UPS bundle to provide customers with advanced management capabilities on their pSeries servers. This unique power protection solution is designed to increase the reliability of IBM systems by combining quality power protection with pSeries remote management.

SmartSlot™ built-in accessory card slot gives you the customizable performance you need
APC Smart-UPS are equipped with a built-in accessory card slot. This SmartSlot allows you to install one of a variety of optional accessory cards that are available to customize and enhance the management of your APC Smart-UPS. APC's SmartSlot series of UPS accessories plug directly into the Smart-UPS. When a SmartSlot accessory is installed in your UPS, it becomes an integral part of the unit, drawing power from the UPS (even when the UPS is in "sleep mode"), and requiring no other UPS connection.

Enhance network and web server reliability and manageability

With a few keystrokes; you can utilize the power of PowerChute plus to enhance the reliability and manageability of network and web servers. APC designed PowerChute plus software to meet the demands of sensitive, high performance network equipment. PowerChute plus for AIX ensures maximum system uptime, with features such as graceful, controlled shutdown, power event notification, environmental monitoring and event logging.

PowerChute plus dramatically enhances network reliability by automatically responding to protect system/data integrity during power crisis situations. It proactively manages the APC UPS's protecting your network and provides administrators with premium power management tools. With PowerChute plus you have the ability to manage your APC UPSs via the standard PowerChute plus interface, or SNMP based NMS.

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