Answer the following questions from the microviewer slides or the accompanying booklet

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Six kingdoms are now recognized. Kingdom Monera is now divided into Kingdom Eubacteria and Kingdom Archaebacteria
A List the five kingdoms described in the 3. Blue-green bacteria (1000x).

microviewer booklet. These organisms belong to what kingdom?___________________


2.___________________ B. Chlorophyll is found loose in these

3.___________________ cells. Bacteria manufacture food in the

4.___________________ process of______________________.

5.___________________ .

C. Draw several blue-green bacteria.

1. Euglena (400x).

A. In what kingdom does this organism belong?


B. Draw the Euglena, including its whip-like

flagellum that it uses to swim.

4. Kingdom Protista:

Paramecium (100x), an animal-like


A. Does Paramecium have nuclei?


B. Animal-like protists like Paramecium

are called _______________.

2. Monera: Nitrogen-fixing bacteria (2000x). C. Draw the Paramecium. Label the

Nitrogen-fixing bacteria are just one group of monerans. large dark nucleus, the mouth-like oral

A. Do the Monera have a true nucleus?________. groove, and the cilia

B. Do the Monera have DNA?_________.

C. Are the Monera single celled?_________.

D.. List some common shapes of bacteria.




E. Draw the bacterium

5. Kingdom Protista: Spirogyra (150x) 7. The Plant Kingdom: generalized

a plant-like protist. plant cells – Onion and Elodea. Left (110x) / Right (150x).

A. Spirogyra cells are surrounded by a rigid A. List three features that all plants have

__________________. in common__________________

B. The green blobs in the cells of ___________________________

Spirogyra are_________________.


C. Draw a strand of Spirogyra. Label the

cell walls and chloroplasts. B. Why are there no chloroplasts in the

onion cells? Hint: where does the onion

bulb grow, above or below the ground?


c.Draw cells of the onion

and Elodea. Label the nucleus,

cytoplasm, and cell wall.

6. Kingdom Fungi: The Mushroom.

Left side (1/2x)/ Right side (400x).
A. The fungi do not have chlorophyll and

cannot manufacture their own food. That makes

them different from the __________kingdom.

8. The Animal Kingdom:

B. Mushrooms are many-celled and are composed An animal liver cell (750x).

of strands called _____________ A. Animals do not have chlorophyll

C. Draw the part of the mushroom structure or heavy cell walls like plants. They

that is at 400x. Label the spores and hyphae. do have groups of cells working together

to form_______________.

B. Instead of cell walls, animal cells have


C. Draw some of the liver cells. Label

the nuclei and cytoplasm.

The Five Kingdoms Revised 6/30/10

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