Analysis of Somatic and Excretory- secretory Antigens of Fasciola hepatica in Diagnosis of sheep by elisa

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Analysis of Somatic and Excretory- Secretory Antigens of Fasciola hepatica in Diagnosis of sheep by ELISA

Hashemi Tabar, G. R. Kooshan, M. and Naghibi, A.

Department of Pathobiology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Mashhad, Iran.

In the present study, ELISA kit was developed to diagnose infected sheep with Fasciola hepatica and the results were compared with eggs per gram of faeces samples. First, 30 blood and faeces samples were collected from infected sheep proven by inspection of fasciolosis in livers from sheep slaughtered of Mashhad Abattoir as positive control, and also10 blood samples were collected from 2 weeks old healthy lamb as negative control. Then, 100 random faeces and blood samples were collected from sheep slaughtered in Torghabe of Mashhad Abattoir. Serum samples were tested with indirect ELISA and faeces samples were also tested by Clayton Lane method.

Result showed that from 30 serum samples of infected sheep, 27 samples had positive absorbance and from 10 healthy samples, 8 of them had negative absorbance value. From 30 faecal samples, 3 samples were positive. The sensitivity and specificity of test were %90 and %80 respectively. From 100 random samples of sheep, 10 samples with somatic antigen and 8 samples with excretory/secretory antigen were positive by ELISA and only one faecal sample of these was positive by Clayton Lane method.

In conclusion, it has been conducted that ELISA is an authentic test for diagnosis of infected sheep with Fasciola hepatica.

Key words: Fasciola hepatica, Fasciolosis, Antibody, ELISA, Sheep, Clayton Lane method.

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