An Interview with Adolf Hitler

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An Interview with Adolf Hitler

Before the WWII, Hitler was regarded as a hero since he rebuilt the glory of Germany. However, his decision to invaded Poland started the WWII and brought Germany to the abyss of failure. Above is Hitler in the Reichstag after annexing Austria.


The attitude of Hitler towards the Second World War (WWII)


From the perspective of Hitler, we can explain the various decisions of Germany during the WWII which were regarded as “mysteries” by historians.

Background information:

Before the WWII, Germany has risen from a defeated country in the First World War (WWI) to a strong power under the rule of Hitler. However, Hitler was not satisfied by his gain and started the WWII in 1939. After 1942, the war was favorable to the Allies and Germany was likely to lose. Meanwhile, Hitler used lots of resources on killing Jews. In April 1945, the Allies occupied Berlin and Hitler committed suicide.

Berlin was captured by the USSR.


His background: Hitler was born in 1889 in Austria-Hungary, where nationalism and anti-Semitism were the major ideology. Hitler often regarded themselves as “abandoned citizens” of Germany. He also hated Jews. Later, Hitler joined the German army. He witnessed the defeat of Germany and vowed to revenge. These sowed the seeds of Hitler’s future policies: to kill all Jews and conquer the world.

The expansion of Germany before WWII

A chronology of what he done: In 1921, he became the leader of NSDAP (National Socialist German Workers Party). He was arrested in the Beer Hall Putsch in 1923 but became the Chancellor and later the Fuhrer in 1934. In the following 5 years, German economy revived and Germany rebuilt her armed force. She remilitarized Rhineland, annexed Austria, Czechoslovakia and got back Saar. He also adopted various measures to persecute the Jews and even decided to kill them all in 1942. In 1939, Germany attacked Poland and the WWII started. In 30th April,1945, Hitler committed suicide and the Axis Powers were defeated in August,1945.
Interview script:
Reporter: you have gained lots of land already before the WWII. Why did you still started the war?

The invasion of Poland started the war.
Hitler: You have to understand the course of History. History is about the struggle of races. Each race wants to expand themselves and get living space. Germany has to be the winner and conquered the world. This is my goal. The diplomatic victories I got before the war were the preparation of the war. In fact, I wanted to start the war in 1938, but Britain and France satisfied all my request, so I had no excuse. I must started the war before 1942 since Germany would lose her advantages before that. Also, I was quite old already. Germany could not win the war without me. I should started the war before I die – I am quite confident that I would die of cancer soon. That’s why I had to start the war as soon as possible.
Reporter: During the war, you mobilized lots of armies to kill the Jews. Do you think this reduce your resources used in the war? In fact, Jews are very loyal to Germany. Lots of them scarified in WWI. Why don’t you mobilize them as your soldiers?
Jews were sent to concentration camp.
Hitler: You do not know the trick of Jews. As I said before, history is the struggle of races. The Jews wanted to poison all races and stopped the struggle. They used lots of means-- democracy, liberalism, pacifism, etc—to hinder the struggle. They must die. In fact, I had no doubt that it was Jews who brought the US and the USSR into war. They were our enemies, so I had to kill them. Throughout my life I had only two goals: conquer the world and kill all Jews.

Reporter: Then which goal was more important? You started the war in 1939, 3 years before you ordered you party to kill all Jews. Does it mean that conquering the world is more important?
Hitler: Before our defeat in the USSR, conquering the world is more important. That means I had to negotiate with Britain, so I could not kill the Jews or wage war with the US—this would hinder our negotiation. However, after the war, I realized that we could not win. So I changed my strategies—we were not going to win the war, but we wanted to lengthen the war—so I had more time to finish my second goal: killing all Jews.
Reporter: Why do you want to wage war with the US? She is so powerful! More German would die in the war. Why do you still do so?

German suffered a lot under the bombing of the US.

Hitler: One reason is that the US helped the Allies before she entered the war. I was very angry with her. However, the major reason is that a war with the US would cause more damage to Germany. Originally, I thought that Germany could win the struggle. But they let me down. They failed in Russia. They did not hate Jews too—some of them even wrote letters to their Jewish friends in the concentration camps. They were too weak. Lf Germany could not perform the role I decided for them, then they must die. Take Poland as an example. I thought that they could be our ally, but they did not cooperate—so you see, now they were suffering in the concentration camps. It was proved that Germany was unable to win the struggle, so they must die.
Reporter: Time is running out, so let me ask you the last question: Can you predict the development of Europe after the war?
Hitler: Before 1914, Europe was the strongest region in the world. Balance of powers was achieved and Europe could settle her disputes by herself-- from the peace of Westphalia after the Thirty Years’ War in 1648 to the Vienna Conference after the French Revolution—Europe could adjust herself without any intervention. However, things changed in the WWI. The withdrawal of Russia and the entrance of the US were very decisive. You could also see that a peace treaty without the support of the US and the USSR was fatigue. In WWII, I had offer a chance to Europe: a Europe under the rule of Germany could be as powerful as the US or the USSR. However, they did not want that. So it is very obvious that Europe will be divided into two blocs: the US bloc and the USSR bloc.

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