Ambassador Eugeniusz Wyzner

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Ambassador Eugeniusz Wyzner

Law degree (International Law), Warsaw University

Post-graduate studies at the Hague Academy of International Law

Poland’s delegate to the UN COPUOS and its Legal Subcommittee chaired by Manfred Lachs. After M.Lachs’s election to the International Court of Justice his successor as chairman of the Legal Subcommittee for fifteen years (1967-82). In that capacity E.Wyzner presided over drafting and adoption of four Outer Space treaties (rescue of astronauts, liability convention, registration of space objects and moon treaty). In 1977 he received the Testimonial Certificate from the IISL in recognition of “leadership and distinguished contribution to the law of Outer Space”). He was also cited by the UN General Assembly resolution on the same subject. E. Wyzner has occasionally lectured on the law of Outer Space at the Warsaw University. He also served as a member of the Committee on Space Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

Under-Secretary-General for Conference Services and Special Assignments (1982-92);
Under-Secretary-General for Public Information (1992-93);
Vice-Chairman, International Civil Service Commission (rank of USG) (1999-2006);
Currently: member, International Civil Service Commission (1999-).


Director, Legal and Treaties Department in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Permanent Representative to the UN Office in Geneva;

Secretary of State and First Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs;
Permanent Representative to the UN in New York, including the Security Council.

Among titles and decorations:

Ambassador ad Personam; Grand Commander of the Order of Polonia Restituta (Poland); Grand Commander of the Order of Phoenix (Greece); Commander of the Legion d'Honneur France).

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