Almond oil, refined Art. No. 747xx (XX = packing index) Origin and production

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ALMOND OIL, refined


Art.-No. 747xx

(xx = packing index)

Origin and production: Refined Almond Oil is won from the ripe, shell-free seeds of the almond tree (Prunus amygdalus L.) by mechanical pressing of selected kernels and subsequent refining. The kernels contain 40 - 50 % fatty oil. Refined Almond Oil is a light yellow clear, viscous liquid of characteristic mild odour and taste. Main cultivating countries of the almond tree are the USA (California) and to a minor extent Spain.

Average analysis:

Density (20°C) 0,911 - 0,920

Refractive index (20°C) 1,467 - 1,473

Acid value max. 0,5

Iodine value 93 - 105

Saponification value 185 - 195

Fatty acid composition:

Fatty acids

Palmitic acid C 16:0 4,0 - 9,0 %

Palmitoleic acid C 16:1 max. 0,6 %

Heptadecanoic acid C 17:0 max. 0,2 %

Stearic acid C 18:0 max. 3,0 %

Oleic acid C 18:1 62,0 - 86,0 %

Linoleic acid C 18:2 20,0 - 30,0 %

Linolenic acid C 18:3 max. 0,4 %

Arachidic acid C 20:0 max. 0,2 %

Eicosenic acid C 20:1 max. 0,3 %

Behenic acid C 22:0 max. 0,2 %

Erucic acid C 22:1 max. 0,1 %

Sterol pattern in % based on total sterol content:

Cholesterol max. 0,7

Campesterol max. 5,0

Stigmasterol max. 4,0

-Sitosterol 73,0 - 87,0

-5-Avenasterol min. 5,0

-7-Avenasterol max. 3

-7-Stigmasterol max. 3

Brassicasterol max. 0,3
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Test on Apricot- and Peach Kernel Oil: negative


CAS-Nr.: 8007-69-0

INCI: Prunus Dulcis CTFA: Sweet Almond (Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis) Oil

Storage: Light protected, at constant temperature, not above room temperature, in tightly sealed containers (nitrogen blanketed).

Usage: Even in ancient times, Sweet Almond Oil was considered a valuable gift of nature, valued as a non-irritable, soothing skin oil. Almond Oil refined can be used in pharmaceutical applications and parallel as a gourmet cooking oil (highly heatable).

Version 02/00 (substitutes 03/99)

Diese Spezifikation wurde nach unserem besten Wissen und Gewissen erstellt. Sie ist vom Empfänger zu prüfen und entbindet ihn nicht von seiner Qualitätsverantwortung und Sorgfaltspflicht.

This specification was developed with utmost care based on up-to-date information available, but should also be scrutinised by the recipient. It does not release him from checking the quality of goods delivered with proper diligence.

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