Ajuga reptans Carpet Bugle Plant, Groundcover blue spikelet spring flowers, shade loving. Reddish foliage in shaded situations

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Plants available at the Primary Industries Centre Horticulture Section

Cnr. Farrer Roads and Coolamon Roads

North Wagga Wagga.
Acer negundo

Box elder, Large deciduous tree
Ajuga reptans

Carpet Bugle Plant, Groundcover blue spikelet spring flowers, shade loving. Reddish foliage in shaded situations

Miniature Rock Rose, pink flowers all year round (AYR), shrub. Drought tolerant

Small shrub, white flowers, early summer. Native, Bird attracting Drought tolerant
Brachychiton populeneus

Kurrajong Large tree white flowers Native Drought tolerant
Buxus sempervirens

Variegated shrub Hedging plant
Callistemon salignus,

Bottlebrush red tips in spring. Large white to cream flowers.
Chamecyparis obtusa “Boulevarde

Upright tight conifer, grey green, very classy conifer, hedging plant
Correa reflexa,

Correa. Pretty pink flowers, native. Drought tolerant
Correa species,

Yellow flowers shrub, native, big honeyeater attractant Drought tolerant
Cuphea hyssopifolia,

Small to tiny shrub, mauve flowers. AYR Likes wet places.

Emu bush, Yellow and Pink flowering varieties. Shrub s and groundcovers. Native. Drought tolerant
Grevillea “Bronze rambler”,

Ground Cover .Native Drought tolerant
Grevillea “Pink Ice

Ground Cover, pink flowers in spring. Native Drought tolerant
Grevillea “Robyn Gordon”,

Shrub red flowers AYR, Native Drought tolerant
Grevillea rosmarinifolia,

Prickly Leaf Grevillea, Red flowering AYR native, bird attracting. Drought tolerant


Shrubs and ground covers, yellow flowers and red flowered varieties. Native , too many to mention , all drought tolerant
Hakea laurina

Hakea, Pretty pink flowers, small tree, drought tolerant

Hebe fransisciana

Broad leaf Hebe, Shrub, Purple flowers
Hydrangea macrophylla

Blue, white and pink flowers.

Ground covers and large shrubs, good weed suppressant.
Leptospermum scoparium

Tea Tree, Hot Pink flowers, soft looking shrub. Native

Fine leaf form. Large Pots, ready to be divided up. Native grass. Excellent for fill in spaces. Drought tolerant
Murraya paniculata,

Mock Orange, white sweet smelling flowers. Shrub to small tree. Great hedging plant
Pimelia species,

pink flowers spring, Native Small shrub to 1m at highest, dry areas
Prostanthera ovalifolia

Mint Bush, Stunning Purple flowers in spring Native Dry areas
Prostanthera longifolia

Fine Leaf Prostanthera, Dark green leaf. Stunning Purple flowers, Native. Dry areas
Pandorea pandorana

Bower Vine, White flowers with pink throat, climber. Not a vigorous type that you cant handle. Perfect to cover a fence or a pergola

hot pink. Large leaf variety. Non watered gardens. Native

wormwood, white/soft grey leafed groundcover/shrub, low type, Drought tolerant. Perfect for the fill in plant.
Westringia fruticosa

Coastal Rosemary, white flowers, drought tolerant, excellent dry hedging plant. Native. Variegated leaf form available.

All plants are $3.30. Available now.. Have many of each plant.

Please phone Jeanette Coventry

Mobile 0409915006 or 69395000 ask for Jeanette

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