Агульнаадукацыйных устаноў Рэспублікі Беларусь Тэма: Friends and Friendship / Сябры і сяброўства Камунікатыўая сітуацыя

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агульнаадукацыйных устаноў Рэспублікі Беларусь
Тэма: Friends and Friendship / Сябры і сяброўства

Камунікатыўая сітуацыя: A Friendship story / Гісторыя сяброўства


Практычная: развіццё навыкаў маўлення

развіццё навыкаў успрымання і разумення мовы на слых

развіццё навыкаў чытання

Выхаваўчая: развіццё станоўчых адносін да сяброў і сяброўства

Развіццёвая: развіццё ўвагі, памяці

Адукацыйная: развіццё сацыяльна-культурных ведаў

Абсталяванне ўрока: дошка, падручнік, тэматычная презентацыя да ўрока, праектар, карткі з заданнем, наглядныя матэрыялы, наклейкі з імёнамі вучняў.

Этап урока

Змест этапаў урока

Час (хвіл.)


Арганізацыйны момант

Good afternoon, children! Glad to see you! How are you?

Today we have a very special lesson. You see we have got a lot of guests. But I am sure they are very friendly. Especially now when we are talking about friendship. And I want to hope that you will enjoy the lesson.



Азнаямленне з тэмай урока

I know that all of you have got friends, either many friends or a few. But I think each of you remembers the day you met your best friend for the first time. And this is what we are going to talk about today. We shall speak, listen to an interview, we shall read and write a little, so that finally you could make up your own story of your friendship.



Моўная размінка

Now have a look at the monitor. Here we have some proverbs about friendship.

  1. Let’s read the proverbs

  2. Which proverb do you like most of all? Which of them would you choose as a slogan for the today’s lesson?



Увядзенне ў камунікатыўную сітуацыю

Tell me please:

  • Do friends have much in common?

Pupils: Yes, they do

  • What makes the friends look alike and have much in common?

Pupils: 1) appearance 2) character 3) hobbies (interests)

As we have found out friends usually have much in common. Now look at the monitor and find the pairs of friends. Explain your choice.

Key: 1-c 2-d 3–a 4-b



Праца з аудыятэкстам

Now look at this picture. These are Pete and Mary. What do you think: are they friends or not? Why?

Let’s try to imagine the story of their friendship. And to do so we have to answer some questions

Ex. 3b, p.62 (questions appear on the monitor one by one)
Let’s check your guesses

Ps listen to the interview and answer the questions once again according to the text of the interview





The Hockey-Pokey Dance



Праца ў парах. Дыялагічная мова.

Now ask your partner these questions to find out his/her friendship story. Fill in the chart and be ready to talk about your partner’s friendship story. (Pupils receive the handouts.)
Try to make up your partner’s friendship story. The following words will help you to do it.

At first… Then…Later on… Soon… In the end… Finally…

(2 pupils answer)




Праца з тэкстам (відэа-прэзентацыя)

Now I want you to read one more friendship story. It is very unusual. Read attentively and share your opinion about it. Before reading the story let’s pay attention to some words that might be difficult to you while reading.

•Reading and translating the unknown words

•Slideshow “Lily and Madison”

•Short discussion upon the story

  • What do you think about the story?

  • What do you think of Madison?

  • Would you like to have such a friend as Madison?

I really want to hope that there will be no such troubles in your life as Lily has. But I really wish that there always will be such a friend as Madison by your side.





Дамашняе заданне

Now I think you can write your own story of your friendship.

Your home task is exercise 6a on page 63 Students Books (drafts)



Падвядзенне вынікаў. Рэфлексія

  1. I am very satisfied with your work today. Your marks for today are as follows…

  2. Please, look at the blackboard. (There we have got posters of Winnie-the-Pooh, Piglet, and Eye-Ore). Do you know the story of their friendship? Of course you do. They will help us today to sum up the results of our lesson. You have got stickers with your names. So if everything was clear to you today, if you are happy stick you name close to the happy Pooh, if you still have got some questions, stick your name close to the puzzled Piglet and if everything was extremely difficult and unclear to you, put your sticker close to the poor Eye-Ore.

Thank you very much for the work. The lesson is over.


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