Agenda of the sigma XI initiation 2013 I. The Initiation Ceremony

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I. The Initiation Ceremony
(1) The President and the Secretary take their places.
Sigma Xi, the Scientific Research Society of North America, was founded at Cornell University in 1886 by eight engineering students and an instructor in engineering who, at the time, was the youngest member of the Cornell faculty.
As of today, the Society has over 500 Chapters established in the leading universities and technical institutions in the U.S., in Canada, and in several foreign countries. There is at least one Sigma Xi group in each of the states.
The sole purpose of the Sigma Xi is the "encouragement of original investigation in science, pure and applied", it's motto, "companions in Zealous Research", comes from the Greek words "spoudon xynones". (spu don syn nones)
Elected solely by chapter action, the membership of the Society of Sigma Xi is composed of men and women who are engaged in, or devoted to, scientific research. The total membership approximates 60,000 who are either actively associated with chapters or in the membership-at-large.
The Brown University Chapter was founded in 1900 so this is the Chapter's 112th Annual Initiation Ceremony. The Annual Initiation is held to honor those faculty members, graduate students, and undergraduate students who have shown achievement or promise in scientific research.
Tonight it gives us great pleasure to initiate 179 candidates from Brown University and 8 from Bryan University into Associate Membership in the Society and the Chapter.
The requirements for initiation will be read by the Chapter Secretary, Prof. Hazeltine.
(3) SECRETARY: The requirements for initiation to membership in the Society are that you pay the initiation fee, subscribe to the pledge of the Society, and sign the Chapter Register. The pledge will be administered by the President of the Chapter. Please rise and remain standing while the President reads the pledge. When he has finished reading, all initiates in the group which are standing will subscribe to the pledge by saying "I do" in unison. After subscribing to the pledge, please resume your seat.
(4) SECRETARY: Will the associate members-elect please rise. These members are undergraduates and first year graduate students.
(5) PRESIDENT: Do you hereby pledge yourself to uphold the principles of Sigma Xi, the Scientific Research Society of North America, to assume the responsibilities of associate membership herein, and so far as possible, to encourage original investigation in science?
(6) ASSOCIATE MEMBERS-ELECT: (In unison) I do.
(7) PRESIDENT: All those who have just assented to the pledge are now entitled to the rights and privileges of associate membership in Sigma Xi. Congratulations.
III. Awards
PRESIDENT: Announces awards to Graduate Students and Treasurer presents awards.
Jeff Miller – Applied Math

Mark Salvatore – Geology (can’t attend)

A candidate from Chemistry but they ask that we not announce it.

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