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Triangle Iguana Rescue in NC and

Foundation for Iguana Rescue, Safety & Training (FIRST) in VA
We require that you completely fill out the following application and answer all the questions as thoroughly as possible. The more information you provide, the better. We don't expect perfect answers, but if you do not supply enough information, we may not be able to process your application. This application is only the beginning in the adoption process. By completing this application and sending it back to us, you are stating that all the information is true and accurate, and the details on how you intend to care for the iguana are your promised intentions. We also request that you get and carefully read the book, “Iguanas for Dummies” by Melissa Kaplan. We will make a home visit before leaving an iguana with you. We do NOT ship our animals. We don’t just turn this animal over to you and disappear. We are always available to help answer questions, come by your home again to check out and test your equipment for you, etc. We encourage you to subscribe to our local e-group and participate in educational opportunities as well as our “iguana picnics”, and other events.
Please be aware that we DO have adoption fees…for a number of reasons. We will contact you after we have reviewed your application. Thank you for your interest in giving one of our rescued iguanas a good home.
Is there a particular iguana are you interested in adopting?
Your name:
City, State & Zip:
Home phone number:
Work phone number (is it ok to call you at work?):
Additional phone number (if possible):
Best time to contact you:
E-mail address:
Do you have a web page? If so, please list URL:
Your age:
Why do you want to adopt an iguana?
Are you aware that iguanas usually grow to 5-6 feet long and can weigh over 15 lbs?
Are you prepared for a male who may exhibit seasonal aggression?
Are you prepared for a female who will develop eggs and will need special pre-natal care and could need to be spayed if any egg retention problems develop?
Do you live in a house, apartment, mobile home, or other (specify)?
Do you own your own, or rent your living accommodations?
If you rent, does your landlord permit large iguanas?
How long are you planning on staying at your current residence?
Are there any local or state ordinances that prohibit the ownership of iguanas?
How many people will be living in the same home with your iguana?
Is there anyone in your household who is not fond of iguanas?
Do you plan on keeping this iguana for the rest of its life?
How many Green Iguanas do you currently own?
If you own at least one iguana, please answer the following questions:
- How long have you owned the iguana(s)?
- What are their names and ages?

- Please describe the care you provide for your iguana(s). Please give us as many details as possible, including food, habitat, vet care, handling, and any other special care.

Other than the ones you currently own, how many Green Iguanas have you owned in the past?

If you have owned at least one iguana in the past, please supply the following information, and include dates.

  • Please provide any additional information about your previous iguanas.

Have you ever adopted an animal before? If yes, what is the current status of that animal?

Have you ever taken any of your own animals to a shelter or rescue society? If yes, what were the circumstances:

Have you owned or cared for other reptile before? If yes, what kind (species name):

If you no longer have these animals, please explain how long you had them and what happened to them.

Do you own any other companion animals? If so, please list them.
If you do own other companion animals, what are your plans on keeping them in the same household with your new iguana?

Do you feel you are knowledgeable about and up to date on iguana care issues? If yes, please tell us why you feel this way.

Are you a member of a herp society or volunteer at any animal related center?
What books about iguana care do you own?
What is the name of the herp vet you intend on taking this iguana to? Please include address, phone number, and any other details.

May we have your permission to contact your vet for a reference?
How often do you intend on taking this iguana to the vet?
Do you have a driver’s license and car? If not, what arrangements have been made to transport this iguana to the vet in case of emergency?

Do you feel that you are financially capable of properly caring for this iguana?

How much money per month are you planning to spend on caring for this iguana?
Are you willing to travel to the iguana's home and meet it and its current owners or foster parents?
Are you willing to allow a home visit prior to adopting and a follow up visit after your new iguana has settled in?
What type of habitat, enclosure or cage do plan on providing for this iguana? Please describe in detail, including size, lighting, heating, humidity, accessories, etc. (Attach a photo if you have one).

Also, please answer a few specific questions about the habitat:

- What size and brand of UVB will you provide, and how often do you expect to replace it?

  • What type of bedding / substrate will you use?

  • What type of night time heat will you provide?

  • What are the dimensions of the enclosure that will be used for this iguana?

How do you plan to provide for this iguanas “potty” needs? (ie tub train, pan train, paper train, poop wherever, etc.)
Describe in detail the diet you plan on feeding this iguana.

How much time per day do you plan to spend caring for your iguana. This includes daily handling, food preparation, feeding, habitat maintenance, cleaning, etc.

Are you capable of or had experience with an aggressive iguana? If yes, please give details.

Are you aware of the salmonella issues with iguanas?
Will any small children be around this iguana and are you capable of providing a clean and safe environment for both?
Are there any immuno-compromised or elderly members of the household? If so, how do you plan to protect them from salmonella?

Do you plan on breeding this iguana?

If you go away for more then 1 night who will care for your iguana?

If some unforeseeable reason arises and you need to find a new home for this iguana, do you agree that you will contact us, so we can help you place it in a new home?
Will you be willing to send us updates on the care and continued life of your new iguana?
Have you ever been charged or convicted of animal cruelty, neglect of abandonment? If so, please explain.

By signing below you are certifying that all the answers to the above questions are true to the best of your knowledge. Anything, which is found to not be true, may be cause for denying this application for adoption. If you are under 18, a parent or legal guardian must sign as an indication of their consent and willingness to care for the animal(s) themselves if the need arises. In accordance with VA State Law, your signature certifies that you have not been convicted of animal cruelty, neglect or abandonment.

Parent signature (if applicable) :

Triangle Iguana Rescue

PO Box 788, Morrisville, NC 27560


Foundation for Iguana Rescue, Training & Safety (FIRST)

PO Box 8122, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23450

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