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Group Members: Shirley Liu

Michael Lo

Saint-Joe Wu

Nancy Chan



“Concept 1”

“Concept 2”


  • “A key function of the marketing team is to manage the brand. The greatest challenge for the team is to collect information about the latest styles and predict which styles will be the leading trend.” The team comes up with a new concept of the next season ("Concept 1") after collecting all necessary data on new fashion and style.

  • The team then needs to consider the degrees of concept acceptance between different cultures, mainly East and West. ("Check").

  • Not only culture difference need to be checked but it also needs to have the "Local / Geographical Brand Image Matching". Though Gucci, it has set up a universal image throughout the world, but there are still subtle differences among domestic consumer preferences and local marketing strategies. The team should perform brand image matching for several important markets like Tokyo, Paris, London and New York for image consistency.

  • The new concept can then be adjusted to reflect these new marketing / customer preference data, and as well as Gucci’s overall strategy before finalize into "Concept 2".

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