Adiantum aleuticum

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Some factors to consider in choosing a fern are it’s cold hardiness, heat tolerance, tolerance of low humidity and tolerance of alkaline soils. Plant ferns in clusters of three or five, a single fern is small and lonely and doesn’t provide much impact.

The following are ferns that have performed well for Jim Horrocks in his Salt Lake City Garden, and he highly recommends:

Adiantum aleuticum

Western Maidenhair Fern

Best grown between flat stones that help keep the roots moist and cool

Adiantum venustum

Evergreen Maidenhair Fern

Can be difficult to establish, but then thrives. Can be evergreen if protected by leaves or snow.

Athyrium cyclosorum

Western Lady Fern

Native to the Utah mountains

Cyrtomium fortunei, fortunei var. clivicola and macrophyllum

Holly Fern

All very cold hardy

Cystopteris bulbifera

Bulblet Bladder-fern

Native to Utah

Cystopteris tennesseensis

Bladder-fern group

Diplazium pycnocarpon

Strong grower; needs adequate moisture and protection from late spring frosts and wind.

Dryopteris x australis

Shield Fern group

Dryopteris caucasica

Shield Fern group

Strong grower, resents being pampered

Dryopteris x complexa

Shield Fern group

Strong grower; doesn’t like transplanting.

Dryopteris filix-mas

Male Fern

Native to Utah and easy to grow.

Dryopteris juxtaposita

Shield Fern group

Strong grower; doesn’t like transplanting once established.

Dryopteris kuratae

Shield Fern group

Dryopteris lacera

Shield Fern group

Easy to grow, has a coarse appearance.

Dryopteris marginalis

Marginal Shield Fern or Leatherwood Fern

Very adaptable, tolerates deep shade, evergreen foliage.

Dryopteris remota

Remote Wood Fern

Small fern.

Dryopteris sichotensis

Shield Fern group

Very hardy, delightful fern.

Dryopteris sublacera

Shield Fern group

Mid-sized fern; thrives in Utah.

Dryopteris uniformis

Shield Fern group

Strong grower, beautiful habit. Does best next to large rocks.

Matteuccia struthiopteris

Ostrich Fern

Performs better with higher humidity and water, can look poor by late summer.

Polystichum aculeatum

Holly-fern group

Tolerates alkaline soils, prefers medium to high light, does poorly in deep shade.

Polystichum braunii

Braun’s Holly Fern

Polystichum braunii x Andersonii

Anderson’s Holly Fern

Robust grower; produces a proliferous bud near the apex.

Polystichum makinoi

Makino’s Holly Fern

One of the most beautiful of the Polystichum’s

Polystichum neolobotam

Long-eared Holly Fern

Another beautiful form, elegant habit.

Polystichum pseudo-makinoi

Holly-fern group

Very hardy and surprisingly vigorous.

Polystichum setiferum

Holly-fern group

Varieties ‘rotundatum-cristatum’, ‘pulcherrimum’, ‘Herrenhausen’, and ‘Plumosum Bevis’ have performed well.

Polystichum setiferum x Andersonii

Holly-fern group

Polystichum tagawanum

Holly-fern group

Easy to grow.

Polystichum tsus-simense

Tsus-sima Holly-fern

Cold hardy, but slow growth.

Polytichum xiphophyllum

Glossy fern native to China, thrives.

The ferns listed may difficult to find, however, here are some possible sources:

Russell Graham Purveyor of Plants, 4030 Eagle Crest Road N.W., Salem, OR 97304 – they charge $2.00 for their catalogue

Foliage Gardens at

Fancy Fronds at

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