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Памер7 Kb.
Additional file 1. Cichlid cytochrome b sequences taken from previous studies and used to generate the Heroine chronogram. Generic names that are repeated in the list are followed with shortened versions of the genus using multiple letters to clarify the genus to which they are currently assigned. For the phylogenetic analyses we included 13 South American non-Heroines used as outrgroups, 12 South American Heroines, 3 Greater Antillean Heroine species, the 67 Central American Heroines listed below, and the 17 species in Table 1.
South American non-Heroines:

Acarichthys heckelii [Genbank: DQ990687], Aequidens coeruleopunctatus [Genbank: AY843377], Cichla monoculus [Genbank: DQ990686], Cleithracara maronii [Genbank: AY050614], Heros appendiculatus [Genbank: DQ010102], Heros sp. [Genbank: DQ990691], Hoplarchus psittacus [Genbank: DQ990690], Hypselecara coryphaenoides [Genbank: DQ990689], Mesonauta insignis [Genbank: DQ990692], M. festivus [Genbank: DQ494392], Pterophyllum scalare [Genbank: DQ990688], Symphysodon aequifasciata [Genbank: DQ990693], Uaru amphiacanthoides [Genbank: DQ990694]
South American Heroines:

Australoheros facetus [Genbank: AY843387], Au. scitulus [Genbank: AY998665], Au. sp. ‘Jacutinga’ [Genbank: AY998658], Au. sp ‘Uruguai’ [Genbank: AY998659], Au. tembe [Genbank: AY843373], Caquetaia kraussi [Genbank: AF009938], Ca. myersi [Genbank: AY050615], Ca. spectabilis [Genbank: DQ990697], Cichlasoma atromaculatum [Genbank: AY843347], C. festae [Genbank: AY843352], C. umbriferum [Genbank: AY843350]
Greater Antillean Heroines

Nandopsis haitiensis [Genbank: DQ494391]), Na. ramsdeni [Genbank: AY998668]), Na. tetracanthus [Genbank: DQ494386]),
Central American Heroines

Amatitlania nigrofasciata [Genbank: DQ990698], Astatheros alfari [Genbank: AF009948], As. altifrons [Genbank: AY843357], As. bussingi [Genbank: AY843391], As. diquis [Genbank: AY843358], As. longimanus [Genbank: AF009943], As. macracanthus [Genbank: AY324018], As. rhytisma [Genbank: AY843403], As. robertsoni [Genbank: AY323980], As. rostratus [Genbank: AF009944], Amphilophus calobrensis [Genbank: AY843432], Am. citrinellus [Genbank: AY843434], Am. hogaboomorum [Genbank: AY843433], Am. labiatum [Genbank: U88863], Am. lyonsi [Genbank: AY843396], Am. nourissati [Genbank: EF436465], Archocentrus centrarchus [Genbank: AF009931], Cichlasoma bocourti [Genbank: EF436463], C. grammodes [Genbank: DQ990718], C. istlanum [Genbank: DQ990699], C. pearsei [Genbank: DQ494388], C. urophthalmus [Genbank: AY050624], , C. punctatum [Genbank: AY843361], C. salvini [Genbank: AY324027], C. trimaculatum [Genbank: AY324030], Cryptoheros myrnae [Genbank: AY843360], Cr. nanoluteus [Genbank: AY843404], Cr. sajica [Genbank: AY843359], Cr. septemfasciatus [Genbank: AY843341], Herichthys bartoni [Genbank: AY324016], H. carpintis [Genbank: AY323997], H. cyanoguttatus [Genbank: AY323982], H. deppi [Genbank: DQ494384], H. labridens [Genbank: AY323998], H. minckleyi [Genbank: AY323994], H. pantostictus [Genbank: AY323988], H. steindachneri [Genbank: AY324012], H. tamasopoensis [Genbank: AY324000], Herotilapia multispinosa [Genbank: AF009942], Hypsophrys nicaraguensis [Genbank: AF009929], Neetroplus nematopus [Genbank: AF009928], Ne. panamensis [Genbank: AY843435], Paraneetroplus bulleri [Genbank: AY324004], Parachromis dovii [Genbank: DQ990701], Parac. loisellei [Genbank: AY843366], Petenia splendida [Genbank: DQ990704], Rocio octofasciata [Genbank: AY324017], Thorichthys callolepis [Genbank: AY324008], Tho. ellioti [Genbank: AY324009], Tho. helleri [Genbank: AY324021], Theraps irregularis [Genbank: DQ494383], The. wesseli [Genbank: AY843384], The. lentiginosus [Genbank: DQ494390], Tomocichla sieboldii [Genbank: AY843430], Tomocichla underwoodi [Genbank: AY843367], Vieja argentea [Genbank: DQ494389], V. breidohri [Genbank: AY050626], V. fenestrata [Genbank: AY324020], V. godmanni [Genbank: AY843428], V. guttulatus [Genbank: AY324023], V. heterospilus [Genbank: AY843414], V. intermedia [Genbank: DQ494387], V. melanura [Genbank: AY843420], V. microphthalmus [Genbank: AY843431], V. regani [Genbank: DQ990735], V. synspila [Genbank: AY050625], V. tuyrense [Genbank: AY843375],
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supplementary -> Additional file 4 The alternative topologies used in statistical tests. The numbers in parentheses indicate the source of alternative topologies
supplementary -> J. Fish. Aquat. Sc. 2004, 4: 111-113. Arkhipkin ai, Laptikhovsky V: Discovery of the fourth species of the enigmatic chiroteuthid squid
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