Adding Active911 alerts to Facebook

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Adding Active911 alerts to Facebook.
You can use to post Active911 alerts to your departments facebook page. For examples see

On go to member access, then agency tab. Enable News Feeds and RSS.

Make note of the NewsFeed Code under Account Details.
Sign into Facebook as a user who has admin rights on FD page, but stay on your page.
In another browser window, Create an account on
Create a new recipe on IFTT - If RSS feed then create status on Facebook page

When you first setup the Facebook Page Status destination, you will be asked to choose the facebook page to display the status on, choose your FD page.

The feed url will be
The status message should be like:

You press the + sign to add fields like EntryTitle to the text.

EntryContent can be used to display the address of the call if desired, though I would discourage doing so on Facebook. EntryURL is supposed to show a map, but does not seem to work well, again probably not a good idea on a public page anyway.

Note: IFTTT will only allow a user to connect to one Facebook page. If for some reason you need to post to multiple pages, you’ll have to create separate IFTTT accounts for each.

Not already using active 911?
Create an account on for your fire department.
On the Agency tab, you will see an email address for an Alert Email Address. Something like
You will need to contact the fire marshal and ask him to have cencom send an email alert to Active911 at your alert email address. They are doing this for several departments already and know the proper format.
Use the contact page on to ask active911 to set up the Benton County Arkansas parser for your account. This will save you several days in getting alerts set up.
Here’s how we have our Active911 options set:

Notes 01/04/16:
Ryan Z of West Mead District #1 VFC, Meadville, PA has published IFTT recipes to send A911 runs to twitter and to filter which runs show on Facebook. You can see his IFTTT recipes at:

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