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I am sure that none of you youngsters need this tutorial but those of us over 35-40 years of age, here is a tip on how to add an icon to your iPhone or iPad that appears to be an App but is actually just way to access a webpage on your mobile device without having to open Safari and typing in the URL. In this example I will be setting up our new online grading site “Engrade”.
First turn on your mobile device and open up Safari (or other web browser).

For the last time you will have to type in the URL for Engrade to do this. Now be aware that the URL they gave us in our training was for accessing the site on a computer but they have created a mobile site also and the URL is slightly different so you will want to type in: and wait until you see the log in screen.

Now you are ready to start the process of creating a desktop shortcut on your iPad/iPhone. Look at the top of the tool bar for something that looks like rectangle with an arrow pointing to the right. I will wait a minute while you go fetch your glasses so you can see the screen………………Okay, you are back. Now do you see the arrow? Good. Now touch that arrow and a dropdown box will magically appear much like the one you see below.

So if you have made it this far hang on. We are almost finished. Yes, this is very easy after you figure out how to do it. So keep the glasses and touch the screen where it reads “Add to Home Screen.”

So are you hanging so far? Won’t your children and grandchildren be so proud of you when you show them what you can do with your smart phone? After all smart phones are not for dummies or they would be called dumb phones. Okay, okay I am moving on. I really just wanted to put something in this space so that the next direction will kick over to the next page.
Now if you touched the correct place on your screen you should have a new popup window that looks much like the one below. This is your golden opportunity to name your new icon what ever you would like to name it. While I picked something boring like “Engrade” I am sure some of you will be much more creative with your naming. What ever it is, type in the name you want and then touch “Add.”

Congratulations!!! You have now created your first iPad/iPhone shortcut icon. If this is not your first time…shame on you for not putting this together for everyone and sharing so that this old dog did not have to learn a new trick the research way.
Android users….sorry for your luck in more then one way. Yes you can use Engrade with an Android but I do not have access to one to figure out how to add the shortcut. Being the Apple person that I am, I will never have access to figure out how to do it so you are on your own.
I hope you have enjoyed this edition of Mo’s Tech Tips. If you would like to see more of these types of tips and tricks let me know. If it is something I think I can figure out or better yet, would use myself, I will try to find time to do this again. If not….


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