Added in 1998 – Deleted in 2001 Reasons for deletion

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Added in 1998 – Deleted in 2001

Reasons for deletion:

The pest Callopistria floridensis has been included in EPPO Alert List for more than 3 years and during this period no particular international action was requested by the EPPO member countries. In 2001, it was therefore considered that sufficient alert has been given and the pest was deleted from the Alert List.

Callopistria floridensis (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) - Florida fern caterpillar

Why C. floridensis came to our attention because it is considered as a pest of ornamentals in south-eastern USA.

Where Canada, Colombia, Puerto Rico, USA (Florida, New York, New Jersey) and tropical America. One report of a finding (in 1988) in India (Bangalore, Karnataka) on ornamental ferns in a hotel.

On which plants Ornamental ferns and foliage plants (Adiantum, Asparagus sprengeri, Blechnum, Cyrtomium, Nephrolepis, Polypodium, Pteris).

Damage Caterpillars are active feeders which can severely defoliate the plants.

Pathway Fern plants for planting from the infested countries in the Americas.

Possible risks Limited host range but ferns are widely grown as ornamental foliage plants.

Source(s) Bin-Cheng Zhang (1994) Index of economically important Lepidoptera, CABI, Wallingford, UK, 599 pp.

Insect and related pests of flowers and foliage plants. Some important, common and potential pests in the southeastern United States. edited by Baker, J.R. (1994) North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service, US, 106 pp.

EPPO RS 98/180

Panel review date 2001-01 Entry date 1998-10

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