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Important Phone Numbers
ADA Certification

Valley Metro ADA Office

(602) 716-2100

(602) 251-2039 TTY

M-F 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

Closed Holidays

Phoenix ADA Monthly Pass

(602) 495-5795

(602) 261-8208 TTY

(602) 256-3277 Fax

M-F 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

Closed Holidays

Phoenix Dial-a-Ride


(602) 253-5000

(602) 261-8208 TTY
Phoenix Dial-a-Ride


(602) 253-4000

(602) 258-9980 TTY



An affordable way for Phoenix residents who are ADA Certified to use Phoenix Dial-A-Ride and/or local fixed-route service.

302 N. First Ave, Suite 900

Phoenix, Arizona 85003

(602) 495-5795

(602) 261-8208 TTY Relay

If you have questions regarding the monthly pass or ticket books, the application process, or to request this publication in an alternate format, please call (602) 495-5795 or TTY Relay (602) 261-8208.

302 North 1st Avenue, Suite 900
Phoenix, AZ 85003

Revised June 2011

Thank you for your interest in

the Phoenix Dial-A-Ride Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Monthly Pass & Ticket Book Program. The monthly pass is for unlimited use during a calendar month on Phoenix Dial-A-Ride and Local fixed route bus and light rail service. The pass is also valid on express/RAPID service for an additional fare. Tickets are good for one-way travel on Phoenix Dial-A-Ride only, not valid for travel on bus or light rail. Tickets do not expire.
The $65 monthly pass and 10-ticket ($31.50) and 20-ticket ($50) books are available only by mail to City of Phoenix residents who are ADA certified. To order a monthly pass or ticket book, please complete and return the application portion of this brochure to the address listed by the 10th of the month. All applications are reviewed to confirm eligibility. Once you are approved, your fare media will be mailed to you along with an invoice. Orders placed are filled for the following month. Monthly passes are received automatically as long as your account and ADA certification remain current. To receive a monthly pass or ticket book for the following month, your payment must be received in our office by the due date indicated on your invoice. If your payment is not received by the due date or if ADA eligibility expires, a pass or ticket book for the following month will not be issued. To reinstate your account a security deposit equal to the price of your fare media will be required. An $18 service fee will be charged on all checks returned for insufficient funds.
If you wish to temporarily or permanently stop your participation in the program for any reason, or make any other changes to your account, simply call 602.495.5795 or TTY 602.261.8208, Monday through Friday, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. or email us at by the 15th of the month to ensure your account is updated appropriately. However, if after receiving your fare media and invoice you wish to temporarily or permanently stop your participation in the program, please contact us prior to the 1st of the following month and return your unused fare media to receive a credit on your account. Credits will not be issued for partially used ticket books or any fare media that has been used.

To have your pass or ticket payment automatically charged to your debit/credit account each month, or to obtain an Account Information Release Form, contact our office at (602) 495-5795, TTY (602) 261-8208.

Mail application form to:

Phoenix Public Transit

Attn: DAR Pass Program

302 N. First Ave., Suite 900 Phoenix, AZ 85003

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