Actual Flora and Vegetation Research in the Carpathiamn Basin X. International Conference University of West Hungary, Faculty of Forestry, Institute of Botany and Nature Conservation

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Tree of the year 2013: service tree [Sorbus domestica L.]

Actual Flora and Vegetation Research in the Carpathiamn Basin X. International Conference

University of West Hungary, Faculty of Forestry, Institute of Botany and Nature Conservation

9400 Sopron, Bajcsy-Zs. u. 4.


Second Circular

Dear Colleagues!

The University of West Hungary, Faculty of Forestry, Institute of Botany and Nature Conservation invites you to the

Actual Flora and Vegetation Research in the Carpathian Basin X.

International Conference.

Place of the conference: University of West Hungary (Sopron), “P” building

Date: 7 to 9 of March 2014.

Proposed Lecture and Poster Sessions:

Flora research and flora mapping

Vegetation research and vegetation mapping



Research of orchids in Carpathian Basin

Forest biodiversity research

The final division of the sessions is according to the incoming abstracts.

The language of the conference is Hungarian, the foreigners can hold their presentation in English or in German.


Conference registration, abstract submissions: 15.01.2014.

Payments: 31.01.2014.

Registration fee:


Paid until the 30th of November 2013

Paid between the 1th of December 2013 and the 31th of January 2014

Paid on the conference


50 €

55 €

60 €

Reduced ticket

25 €

27 €

30 €

Sponsor ticket

90 €

90 €

90 €

Reduced ticket is eligible for full time or correspondence PhD students, pensioners, students (BSc; MSc, secondary school students).

Presentation and abstract upload:

Abstracts and posters can be uploaded on the conference webpage after registration and log in. (

One participant can sign up with maximum two first author presentation. During upload the author must indicate that the aim of her/his presentation is poster or oral presentation. The conference organizers will choose the lecturer from the authors who applied for oral presentation. During upload the author can indicate the session where would like to represent her/his presentation. The conference organizers reserve the right to change the classification session of submitted materials.

Abstracts requirements:

In the conference can only represent new research results!

The oral- and poster abstracts are expected in English or in Hungarian.

The title of the presentation has to represent in Hungarian and English in every case.

Suggested set-up of the summaries: importance of the topic 2-5 lines, aims 2-5 lines, research subjects, methods and data processing 5-10 lines, results and discussion 25-50 lines, conclusion 10-20 lines. It can be maximum 90 lines.

The summaries must contain only texts. Please do not upload tables, figures or photography!

Oral presentation:

The order of the presentation set up will be by the linkage of topics. The oral presentations are held by computer projector (PowerPoint presentation in ppt file format). Overhead projector for request is also available.

Maximum duration of presentations is 15 minutes with further 5 minutes for discussion and questions.


Upstanding, 60 cm maximum wide and 100 cm maximum high. Required materials for placement of the posters and „hand outs” are provided by the organizers.


There are two possibilities to have a lunch during the conference days. One of these is the University restaurant which costs 2200Ft, and another is the self-service dining commons for 1400Ft. All of the menus contain three courses.

Please mark your meal in the suitable part of your application form. Please also mark the payment method of your meal:

(The ordered meals can not cancel on the spot.)


There are many kind of different accommodations for the conference participants. The student hostel and the Hotel Mandarin is situated near to the conference location, it is 3-4 minutes by walk. We have made an agreement with a taxi company, which offers reduced transporting rates. Inside the city and between the Hotel Sopron and P building the taxi fare is 1000Ft/way. For the participants who arrive from far we suggest that arrive on the 6th of March.

In the buildings of student hostel (Ady Endre str. 5., Baross str. 4-6.) the following accommodations are available(own bathroom for each accommodation)

○ two –bedded rooms 4.700 Ft/person/night

○ three-bedded rooms 4.700 Ft/ person/night

○ two-bedded rooms for one person + 1.500.- Ft/ person/night

○ three-bedded rooms for one person + 3.000.- Ft/ person/night

○ three-bedded rooms for two person + 1.200.- Ft/ person/night

There are 23 rooms in eight different categories in Mandarin Hotel, therefore in some categories the rooms are limited. We suggest the early booking of the rooms.

Prices and rooms:

○ one-bedded rooms 8.800 Ft/ person/night

○ french bed room for one person 9.400 Ft/ person/night

○ two-bedded room 6.900 Ft/ person/night

○ french bed room 6.000 Ft/ person/night

○ three-bedded room 5.600 Ft/ person/night

○ four-bedded room 4.900 Ft/ person/night

two-bedded apartment

two-bedded room 6.400 Ft/ person/night

one-bedded room 8.000 Ft/ person/night
The prices of Hotel Sopron (Fövényverem u. 7.) rooms:

○ one-bedded room 9.900 Ft/ person/night

○ two-bedded room 7.900 Ft/ person/night
Free parking is available in the three accommodations.
Please mark your accommodation demand (including the individual accommodation) on the application form. The accommodation is going to be billed with the registration fees. Please pay it also. (if you request the accommodation is billed separately but please note in your application). The booking is available after the paying.


Cancellation of accommodation:

- It is cost-free thirty days before the booking date. The transferred fee is being retransferred at a charge of handling fee (500Ft).

- three weeks before the booking day we retain 2500 Ft registration fee.

- Two weeks before the conference start we retain the fee of one night.

- In other cases we can not refund the accommodation fees but we accept the name modification

The accommodation feed included the ÁFA (value added tax) and the breakfast. The breakfast is smorgasboard in hotels and it is a continental breakfast in student hostels. Tourist tax is paid separately 450Ft/day/person.
Payment method of application, accommodation and meal fees

The payment is possible in the following bank account of Conference Tours:

Forint account: K&H Bank: 10200964-20212636-00000000

Euro account: K&H Bank: 10400968-49564848-57551029

The staff of the Conference Tours is available for information about the accommodation, payments or any other technical questions

Phone: +36-1-3329999


Further information related to the conference can be found on the conference website: (

Every colleague and visitor is welcome to Sopron!


21st of November, 2013.

Best regards:

Dénes Bartha, Ágnes Csiszár, Márton Korda, Krisztina Nótári, Dávid Schmidt, Gergely Zagyvai, Csilla Barna, Ildikó Csécsei, Andrea Cs. Demjénné, Tímea Horváth, Dóra Kispál, Miklós Kovács, Viktor Tiborcz

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