Acronyms and Abbreviations

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Acronyms and Abbreviations

ABA Australian Bankers’ Association

ABIO Australian Banking Industry Ombudsman

ABS Australian Bureau of Statistics

ACCC Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

ACCI Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

ADR alternative dispute resolution

AFIC Australian Financial Institutions Commission

AFIC Code Australian Financial Institutions Commission Code 1992

AFMA Australian Financial Markets Association

AGPS Australian Government Publishing Service

AIDC Australian Industry Development Corporation

ALRC Australian Law Reform Commission

ANZ ANZ Banking Group

APCA Australian Payments Clearing Association

APEC Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation

APRC Australian Prudential Regulation Commission

APSC Australian Payments System Council

ASC Australian Securities Commission

ASX Australian Stock Exchange

ATM automated teller machine

ATO Australian Taxation Office
Banking Act Banking Act 1959

Banks (Shareholdings) Act Banks (Shareholdings) Act 1972

BIS Bank for International Settlements

BITS Bank Interchange and Transfer System

CBA Commonwealth Bank of Australia

CEDA Committee for Economic Development of Australia

CEMTEX Central Magnetic Tape Exchange

CFM Commonwealth Funds Managment

CFR Council of Financial Regulators

CFS Council of Financial Supervisors

CFSC Corporations and Financial Services Commission

CGT capital gains tax

CHESS Clearing House Electronic Sub-register System

CML Colonial Mutual Life Assurance Society Limited

CPA Competition Principles Agreement
DoCA Department of Communications and the Arts

DTI deposit taking institution

EDI Electronic Data Interchange

EFT electronic funds transfer

EFTPOS electronic funds transfer at point of sale

EPAC Economic Planning and Advisory Commission (formerly Economic Planning and Advisory Council)

ESA exchange settlement account

ESOP Employee Share Ownership Plan

FCA Financial Corporations Act 1974

FI Code Financial Institutions Code

FI Scheme Financial Institutions Scheme

FID financial institutions duty

FIF foreign investment fund

FSAC Financial Sector Advisory Council

FSI Financial System Inquiry

G10 Group of Ten Central Banks

G20 Group of Twenty

GBE government business enterprises

GDP gross domestic product

GIO Government Insurance Office

GSM Group Speciale Mobile

HLIC Housing Loans Insurance Corporation

IBSA International Banks and Securities Association of Australia

IC Industry Commission

IMF International Monetary Fund

ISC Insurance and Superannuation Commission

IWT interest withholding tax

Life Insurance Act Life Insurance Act 1995

LGS Liquid Assets and Government Securities

MCCA Ministerial Council of Consumer Affairs

MER management expense ratio

MFI Main Financial Institution

NAB National Australia Bank

NASDAQ National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation system

NBFI non-bank financial institution

NCD non-callable deposit

OBU Offshore Banking Unit

OECD Organisation for Economic Co operation and Development

OTC over-the-counter

PAR Prime Assets Ratio

PC personal computer

PFE public financial enterprise

PIN personal identification number

PSA Prices Surveillance Authority

PSB Payments System Board

PUCL Panel for Uniform Commercial Laws

RBA Reserve Bank of Australia

RHQ Regional Headquarters (Companies)

RIC regulated investment company

RIM Retirement Income Modelling

RITS Reserve Bank Information and Transfer System

RSA retirement savings account

RTA retail transaction account

RTGS real-time gross settlement

SBSA State Bank of South Australia

SCAG Standing Committee of Attorneys-General

SCT Superannuation Complaints Tribunal

SET Secure Electronic Transaction

SFE Sydney Futures Exchange

SG superannuation guarantee

SGIC State Government Investment Corporation

SIS Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993

SME small and medium sized enterprise

SRD Statutory Reserve Deposits

SRO self-regulatory organisation

SSA State Supervisory Authority

SSP Special Service Provider

SVC stored value card

SWIFT Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications

SYCOM Sydney Futures Exchange screen trading system

TFP total factor productivity

TGIO Tasmanian Government Insurance Office

TPA Trade Practices Act 1974

TPC Trade Practices Commission

UCCC Uniform Consumer Credit Code

Westpac Westpac Banking Corporation

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