Acrobat Professional 8

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Acrobat Professional 8

  1. Getting started screen

    1. To stop showing at startup, click on upper left corner box “Do not show at startup”

    2. To show, click on Help – Getting Started with Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional. Uncheck box “Do not show at startup”.

    3. Choose an option to perform the task

      1. Links with yellow icon begin the task.

      2. Links with green icon open help file.

  2. Creating a PDF within Adobe Professional

    1. From File

      1. Click on File – Create PDF – From File

      2. File Explorer comes up, browse to file you want to make into a pdf

      3. Tips for scanning a document on the Copier/Scanner

        1. Left side of scanner screen shows current settings

        2. Press “Scan Settings” area of scanner screen to get into menu to change

          1. Scan Type

            1. Black&White

            2. Greyscale

            3. Full Color

          2. Resolution (100-600 dpi)

          3. Image density – 7 boxes from lighter to darker

    2. From Multiple Files

      1. Click on File – Create PDF – From Multiple Files

      2. File Explorer comes up, browse to files you want to include in pdf

      3. Can alternate what order you place files

    3. From Scanner (only available if you have an attached scanner)

      1. Place document page on flat bed scanner

      2. Click on File – Create PDF – From scanner

      3. Will error that it needs to load an application for scanner and you do not have administrator privileges, but just click ok (error msg may come up 3 to 4 times) but will still scan and put into a pdf.

      4. Tips for scanning a document

        1. Scan at 300dpi, if text is small (9 points or below) scan at higher resolution

        2. Do not use dithering or halftone, they are for photographs

        3. For text on colored paper increase brightness and contrast by 10%

        4. If characters are close touching use a brighter setting, if not use a darker setting

        5. White out any handwriting on document before scanning

    4. From Web Page

      1. Click on File – Create PDF – From web page

      2. Enter, Paste or browse to the web page you want to include in the pdf.

    5. From Clipboard Image

      1. Use the Alt + Print Scrn key to copy a screen to the clipboard

      2. Click on File - Create PDF - From Clipboard Image

  3. Creating a PDF from an Application

    1. Word, Excel, PowerPoint – Click on Adobe icon or click on Adobe PDF menu and choose Convert to Adobe pdf.

    2. WordPerfect – Click on File – Publish to – PDF

    3. Internet Explorer – Click on down arrow of this icon

      1. Convert Web Page to PDF

      2. Add Web Page to Existing PDF – converts to PDF and adds to existing PDF

      3. Print Web Page – converts to PDF and sends to default printer.

      4. Convert Web Page and Email – converts to PDF and attaches to email msg.

      5. Adobe PDF Explorer Bar- places a Windows explorer window on left side of Internet explorer for you to locate files you may want to convert to PDF

      6. Preferences

        1. Open PDF files in Acrobat after conversion

        2. Ask for confirmation before deleting PDF files

        3. Ask for confirmation before adding pages to PDF files

        4. Warn before adding pages if the PDF files has been modified

  4. 4. Creating a PDF from a Copier/Scanner at Moritz – Scan to Email.doc.

  5. Modifying a PDF

    1. Document – Insert pages: allows you to add pages

    2. Document – Extract Pages: allows you to delete pages

    3. Document – Replace Pages: allows you to replace a page in your current PDF with a page from another PDF or from a file that you choose. When you choose a non PDF file it converts the file to a PDF and then you can add the

    4. Document – Rotate Pages: can choose which pages you want to rotate clockwise 90 degrees, counterclockwise 90 degrees or 180 degrees.

Changing a PDF to editable Text

  1. If PDF is accessible and you want to edit PDF in it’s current form:

    1. Click on View-Toolbars-Advanced editing to edit text in PDF

    2. Use text tool to edit text in the PDF.

    3. Use object tool to edit out shadows from bad scans or copies.

  2. If PDF is accessible and you need text from PDF to use in Word Format:

    1. Use the text select tool to select text, copy and paste into a Word document.

    2. File – Save-as and choose Word document *.doc as file type, text will be in text boxes.

    3. File – Export – Word Document get same result, text boxes

    4. File – Export – Text – Text (accessible) keeps some formatting

    5. File – Export – Text – Text (plain) get only text without formatting

  3. If PDF is not accessible through above methods (see ellis.pdf)

    1. Click on Document – OCR Text Recognition- Recognize text using OCR

    2. Choose what pages to convert

    3. Click on Edit box to:

      1. Set the language – English (US)

      2. Choose the PDF output style – Formatted Text & Graphics

      3. Downsample images – lowest 600dpi, click OK.

    4. Click on the Advanced Editing toolbar select the text tool (1b above) to edit text.

    5. Click on the text, it will put text in text boxes, but you can edit the text.

  4. IF you have minor changes to make, do them in the document and save.

  5. IF you have major changes or just wanted to extract text in a formatted state and use it in an existing Word or WordPerfect document, copy and paste use the text select tool (2a above).

  6. If you have scan marks in the document:

    1. Click on the Advanced Editing toolbar select the object tool (1c above).

    2. Click on the object to select it and then press the delete key, or

    3. Select the object and right click and choose delete.

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