Academic research proposal for access to the Oxford English Corpus, Oxford University Press

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Academic research proposal for access to the Oxford English Corpus, Oxford University Press
xford University Press (“OUP”) welcomes research proposals to make free use of the Oxford English Corpus (“Corpus”) subject to the Terms and Conditions of the license provisions set out below (“Terms and Conditions”). Proposals are welcomed from individuals and research teams in the academic community.
Proposal Form
This proposal form is intended to help assess your application to access the data within the Corpus for academic research purposes. Proposals will be judged according to research excellence and relevance to OUP’s own research goals. Please read the Terms and Conditions before completing the form.
Please note that OUP reserves the right at its sole discretion to reject any proposals without giving any reason or explanation for so doing.
Email the completed proposal form to Please mark your email "Academic research proposal: OEC" in the subject line.
If you have any queries about the application procedure, or would like further information, please contact

Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions set out the terms upon which OUP agrees to let you (the "end user") have access to data contained within the Corpus. It is a condition of being granted access to the Corpus that the end user accepts these Terms and Conditions. By signing this Proposal form or by accessing the data within the Corpus the end user is deemed to have accepted these Terms and Conditions.

Access will be through a corpus query tool (“Sketch Engine”), into which the Corpus has been loaded. The whole database will not be supplied. The Sketch Engine supports a wide variety of queries, and robot access. The end user is required to obtain a separate licence agreement for use of the Sketch Engine from Lexical Computing Ltd.
1.1 Subject to the approval of this proposal, OUP grants to the end user the non-exclusive, non-transferable licence to use the Corpus free of charge for academic research purposes provided that such use is not for profit or commercial gain. To otherwise use the Corpus requires the prior written consent of OUP.

1.2 On acceptance of this proposal, OUP will pass end user contact details to Lexical Computing Ltd, which will use them solely to be in contact with the end user for the purpose of negotiating the appropriate licence for use of Sketch Engine.

1.3 Access to the Corpus is provided "as is" and OUP expressly excludes to the maximum extent permitted by law, all other representations, warranties, conditions or other terms, express or implied, relating to the Corpus.

1.4 OUP reserves the right to withdraw end user’s access to the Corpus at any time without giving any reason for such action.

1.5 In providing access to the Corpus, OUP is only facilitating access to language material/data. Any use of such material/data sourced via the Corpus is done at the end user’s sole risk.

1.6 In any publication making use of specific material/data sourced via the Corpus, such data/material must be properly sourced. In addition, use of the Corpus as a resource for research should be acknowledged in published material as follows: “Based on research findings derived from the Oxford English Corpus, Oxford University Press”.




Division or Department


Principal Contact




Proposed research team


Principal researcher

Co-researcher 1

Co-researcher 2









Post held








Division or Department
















Title of proposed research project



List main objectives of the proposed research in order of priority.



Describe the proposed research in about 200 words.


Other resources to be used

List any other existing resources which you would expect to make use of for the purposes of your research project. This may include other language data, corpora, computer software, etc.


Start date and Duration

a. Proposed start date

b. Proposed duration (months)




Describe the nature of the funding for the proposed research project, if any. You should make clear whether this is a project for which funding is being sought, or whether it will form part of an existing programme.



Please give details of any collaborators and their contributions to the research.


Collaborator 1

Collaborator 2

Name of contact



Name of collaborating body



Address of collaborating body


















Type of organization



This proposal completed by





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