AC17 Doc. 2 Convention on international trade in endangered species

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AC17 Doc. 7.2



Seventeenth meeting of the Animals Committee

Hanoi (Viet Nam), 30 July-3 August 2001

Implementation of Resolution Conf. 8.9 (Rev.)

review of the implementation of recommendations

(part i: list of species previously reviewed)

This document has been prepared by the Secretariat.

  1. At the 16th meeting of the Animals Committee, the Secretariat informed the Committee that it had decided to review the implementation of all recommendations that have been formulated by the Committee in the context of Resolution Conf. 8.9 (Rev.) and that the Committee would be informed of the results of this review, which was expected to become available over the following 12 to 18 months. The Committee supported this initiative.

  2. The Secretariat was requested to provide a list of animal species that were or had been subject to the Review of Significant Trade for the 17th meeting of the Animals Committee.

  3. The Annex to this document presents, as a first step, a list of all the animal species that have been reviewed pursuant to Resolution Conf. 8.9 (Rev.) and for which the Committee has formulated recommendations. This Annex is the result of Part I of the review referred to in paragraph 1. Part II, which will describe the implementation of earlier primary and secondary recommendations made by the Animals Committee concerning species that were included in the Review of Significant Trade, will be presented at a future meeting of the Committee.

AC17 Doc. 7.2

Review of the implementation of Recommendations

pursuant to Resolution Conf. 8.9. (Rev.)

Part I

List of species previously reviewed by the Animals Committee
pursuant to Resolution Conf. 8.9 (Rev.)

  1. Since the adoption of Resolution Conf. 8.9 at the eight meeting of the Conference of the Parties in 1992 (amended at the 11th meeting of the Conference of the Parties), a range of Appendix-II species have been the subject of detailed reviews of biological, trade and other relevant information by the Animals Committee. These reviews were aimed at identifying possible problems in the implementation of Article IV, paragraphs 2 (a) and 3 for the species and range States concerned.

  2. There have been four phases in the implementation of Resolution Conf. 8.9 (Rev.), each beginning with the selection of a number of species by the Animals Committee and with desk studies of these being carried out by UNEP-WCMC, IUCN and TRAFFIC. Drafts of the resulting reports were sent to range Sates for comments. The final reports of the first three phases were sent to all Parties for information (with Notification to the Parties Nos. 702, 785 and 917). Draft reports of the fourth phase were disseminated at the 15th and 16th meetings of the Animals Committee. The draft report presented at the 16th meeting of the Animals Committee was put on the website of the Secretariat, where the final versions will become available in future.

  3. In the first phase, 27 taxa were the subject of detailed reviews and recommendations. The recommendations of the Animals Committee were sent to the Sates concerned in June 1992. 122 taxa were reviewed under the second phase, and recommendations were sent in January 1994. The recommendations concerning the 24 taxa reviewed under the third phase were sent to the Parties concerned in March 1996. In the fourth phase, 52 taxa were selected for review. Recommendations were forwarded to the States concerned in January 2000 (for 37 species), February 2001 (for 10 species of Acipenseriformes) and March 2001 (for 5 species).

  4. The time schedules of the four phases are summarized in the following table:


Dates that species were listed as subject to significant trade

Review and recommendations by AC

Recommendations sent to Parties

Relevant valid Notifications to the Parties

Phase 1

CoP8 to CoP9

August 1991 (AC5)

(Final report: March 1993 - 24 taxa)

March 1992 (AC7)

June 1992

Notification No. 688 (24/08/92)

Phase 2

CoP8 to CoP9

August 1991 (AC5); March 1992 (AC7)

(Final report: June 1993 – 122 taxa)

September 1993 (AC9)

January 1994

Notification No. 784 (10/03/94)

Phase 3

CoP9 to CoP10

May 1994 (AC 10)

September 1995 (AC12)

(Final report: March 1996 – 24 taxa)

September 1995 (AC12)

March 1996

Notification No. 1999/20 (12/03/1999)

Phase 4

CoP10 to CoP11

May 1998 (AC14); April 2000 (CoP11)

(Draft reports:

March 1998, July 1999, June 1999 – 37 taxa;

December 2000 – 15 taxa)

July 1999 (AC15 - 37 taxa)

December 2000 (AC16 - 15 taxa)

January 2000 and September 2000;

February 2001 and March 2001

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