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About SecureTower

Falcongaze Company’s flagship product – SecureTower – is a comprehensive multipurpose software solution designed to control sensitive data circulation and monitor employee activity on the endpoint.

SecureTower provides control over all data flows by intercepting traffic in various transmission channels:

  • е-mails transferred over POP3, SMTP, IMAP, MAPI protocol using mail clients (MS Outlook, Thunderbird, The Bat!), and e-mail servers based on MS Exchange Server, Lotus Domino, Kerio Connect, etc.;

  • entire web traffic including e-mail messages of external mail clients (such as gmail.com, yahoo.com, hotmail.com, etc.), forum messages and posts, browsed pages of social networks and other web-services using HTTP(S) protocol

  • chats and conversations in instant messengers using OSCAR (ICQ/AIM), MSN (Windows Live Messenger), XMPP/Jabber (Miranda, Google Talk, QIP Infium, PSI), Yahoo IM, MS Lync and other messenger protocols, including voice calls over Skype and SIP

  • files transmission over FTP, HTTP protocols, via IM’s (Skype, ICQ, Windows Live Messenger, etc.) or as mail attachments

  • SSL-encrypted traffic in different protocols (including HTTPS, FTPS, SSL for POP3, SMTP and messengers, etc.)

  • data transferred to external USB devices

  • data transferred to network shares

  • data copied to clipboard

  • data printout on local and network printers

The simplicity of installation, centralized deployment and management from a single console make the process of SecureTower integration into the company’s existing infrastructure simple and fast.

As opposed to the commonly used system based on the domain name identification, SecureTower additionally takes advantage of such information as user contact details and accounts, IP-address and the period it was used. SecureTower allows automated linking of all communication programs’ accounts (messengers, Skype, e-mail) and IP-addresses, used every day by employees to user cards stored in the System. User cards, in their turn, are integrated with the Active Directory and are filled with all information available there.

This helps avoid misinterpretation of intercepted data, associated with the sender of sensitive information. Moreover, it simplifies SecureTower implementation in large companies as there is no need to add all user accounts manually.

SecureTower possesses a unique feature to secure information contained in databases. It serves to control the libraries that contain private information, valuable contact data, subscribers’ bases and other business information without taking intermediate actions.

SecureTower provides detailed statistical reports on employees’ network activities, illustrated with graphics and schemes. Such reports allow viewing the way corporate resources are used by employees and estimating the personnel’s efficiency. SecureTower provides comprehensive information about the user, the time and the computer involved in a security breach.

To allow an in-depth study of the activities occurring on user computers, SecureTower tracks applications run by users, provides statistics on computer active/idle time, and takes screenshots at pre-set intervals inconspicuously for the user. A quick view of this information gives full information about all employee’s activities on the endpoint.

Having a complete picture of the working day, a detailed report on Internet misuse for personal purposes, alongside with a series of screenshots and other data, you will be able to fully control your staff and assess the efficiency of their work time. With SecureTower you always know what your employees are actually busy with.

Continuous expansion in the number of potential data leakage channels under control, improvement of data acquisition and analysis methods are among the priorities in the development of SecureTower.

About Falcongaze
Falcongaze was founded in 2007 and is now a developer and supplier of complex high-performance premium-class data security products. The company provides compound solutions for continuous control over leaks and undesired disclosure of corporate sensitive information, tailored for monitoring employees’ network activities.

The fundamental principle of Falcongaze Company is individual approach and maximum customer satisfaction leading to customized solutions for each client. Current business priorities of the company include mitigation of data leak and industrial espionage threats, as well as control of proper work time use. The company is constantly diversifying the range of high-tech tools used to ensure customers’ data security.

Falcongaze team values every customer and is ready to provide solutions that satisfy individual demands both of small and mid-size businesses and large corporations. The range of potential customers is wide – from small companies with moderate-sized networks to large enterprises with complicated network topologies.

Useful links

Description of SecureTower features http://falcongaze.com/products/secure-tower/opportunities.html

Additional materials http://falcongaze.com/products/secure-tower/resources/

Product overview (PDF) http://falcongaze.com/assets/promo/SecureTower-eng.pdf
Contact info

General inquiry contact@falcongaze.com

Sales department: sales@falcongaze.com

Technical support: support@falcongaze.com

Media contact: pr@falcongaze.com

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