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You are not alone –

Please know there is hope.

About jdrf

JDRF was founded in 1970 by parents of children with Type 1 diabetes. As a result, JDRF volunteers have a personal connection to Type 1 diabetes, which translates into an unrelenting commitment to finding a cure. These volunteers are the driving force behind more than 120 locations worldwide that raise money and advocate for government spending for Type 1 diabetes research.
Today, JDRF funds more research toward curing Type 1 diabetes than any other non-profit, nongovernmental organization in the world, currently contributing over $100 million annually.
You can find out more about JDRF, or learn about current diabetes research, by going to our web site at: www.jdrf.org. For information on JDRF in West Virginia, e-mail Vince Stricker at strickvj@dow.com.

About our sponsor

The Bag of Hope is underwritten by our corporate sponsor, Roche Diagnostics, and is provided to you at no charge. We are proud of our partnership with Roche Diagnostics, the world's leading provider of diagnostic systems.

JDRF of West Virginia

c/o Vince Stricker

2027 Weberwood Drive

Charleston, WV 25303

Phone: (304) 541-4602

E-mail: strickvj@dow.com
Your Child’s Been Diagnosed With Diabetes ...
Now what?

Ask for a


The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) offers a free public outreach program to support families with a child that has been newly diagnosed with diabetes. The program’s goal is to deliver a care package of information to help families learn more about diabetes, diabetes research, and the management and control of this disease. Along with this valuable information about juvenile diabetes, we also partner newly diagnosed families with another family who has been through the same experience.

What is the bag of hope?

The Bag of Hope is a free canvas tote bag filled with a comprehensive collection of educational, comfort, and support material for children of all ages, as well as materials for the adult caregiver. Included in the bag are items such as:

  • Rufus the Bear - a cuddly stuffed animal with diabetes!

  • Accu-Chek Compact Plus or Aviva Blood Glucose Meter.

  • Diabetes books for kids and adults.

  • . . . and much, much more.

how does the

program work?

When you contact our office, we will give your information to a Bag of Hope volunteer in your area. This volunteer is a parent of a child with diabetes, and he or she will contact you to set up a meeting to deliver the Bag of Hope in person.

Visits are scheduled at the mutual convenience of the family and volunteer. It is often most convenient for both families to make the visit in the hospital after diagnosis, rather than arranging a visit later. If you would like a visit in the hospital, please call soon after admission to the hospital to arrange a visit prior to discharge.

At the meeting, the volunteer will bring the Bag of Hope and talk with the entire family, when possible. They will most often bring their child with diabetes along on the visit. The volunteer can answer non-medical questions and share stories about personal experiences. Most importantly, they have been in your shoes, and can help to provide a valuable support system for your child and family.

how do i request a

bag OF HOPE?

There are three ways to request a Bag of Hope:

  1. Call us at (304) 541-4602 to arrange a visit in the hospital or at a later time.

  2. E-mail your request to us at strickvj@dow.com. Please include your full name, mailing address, telephone number, name, age, and sex of your child, and date of diagnosis.

  3. Return the form at right by mail.

Bag of Hope Request Form

Parent’s Name:




Best time to call:

Child’s Name:

Child’s Age: Sex: M F

Date of Diagnosis:

In addition to a Bag of Hope, you will automatically hear from our Chapter Office to keep you abreast of JDRF efforts to find a cure for diabetes. You will also find that information, and other HOPE-filled news at www.jdrf.org. Check regularly for research updates.

Mail your completed form to:

JDRF of West Virginia

c/o Vince Stricker

2027 Weberwood Drive

Charleston, WV 25303

We will connect you with a parent volunteer as soon as possible!

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