A tribute to Nirvana (With the dolphin on cover) Liner Notes

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A Tribute to Nirvana

(With the dolphin on cover)

Liner Notes
NIRVANA [nir-vah-nuh]

Although common to Hinduism , Jainism and Buddhism, the notion of Nirvana

became a concept of central importance only in Buddhism, where it refers to the ultimate state attained by the Buddha and the goal recognised by all the Buddhists.Involving a release from samsara, or bondage to physical desire and pain. Nirvana in hinmuism can only be achieved by a complete cessation of the cycle of death and rebirth. In Buddhism, by contrast, Nirvana refers to the cooling,or blowing out, of the passions, especially the extinction of the selfish passions. A state of enlightment that can be achieved either in this life, through spiritual or physical exercises, or after death.

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