A preliminary list of the obligate subterranean fauna of the British Isles

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A preliminary list of the obligate subterranean fauna of the British Isles
Various books and papers published over the past 60 years provide lists of the obligate subterranean fauna (= troglobitic, = stygobitic, = phreatobitic, = interstitial) of the British Isles. No two lists provide the same information and it is not easy to determine which animals are restricted to underground (= hypogean) habitats in these Islands. I have attempted to draw together all of these lists to compile a list of “all” hypogean species. In doing so some species once considered obligate (e.g. some ostracods, a beetle), but which are not, have been eliminated. The following list is the first draft (V1.0) and will be incomplete. Please help to improve this list by sending me relevant information that you have. (Email: g.proudlove@umist.ac.uk).
Notation: (i) = principally an interstitial animal, ? may not be obligate
Aquatic obligate hypogean species (Stygobites) (35, 14 + 21(i))
Annelida: Oligocheata (3)
Trichodrilus cantabrigiensis (i)

Trichodrilus icenorum (i)

Dorydrilus michaelseni (i)
Crustacea: Ostracoda
Cavernocypris subterranea (?)
Crustacea: Copepoda (5)
Acanthocyclops sensitivus

Graeteriella unisetigera

Speocyclops demetiensis (?)

Parastenocaris phyllura

Parastenocaris vicesima
Crustacea: Syncarida (2)
Antrobathynella stammeri (i)

Bathynella natans (i)
Crustacea: Isopoda (1)
Proasellus cavaticus
Crustacea: Amphipoda (7)
Crangonyx subterraneus

Niphargus fontanus

Niphargus glenniei

Niphargus aquilex

Niphargus kochianus kochianus (England)

Niphargus kochianus irlandicus (Eire)

Niphargus wexfordensis
Arachnida: Acari (16)
Soldanelonyx chappuisi (i)

Soldanelonyx monardi (i)

Parasoldanelonyx parviscutatus (i)

Atractides denticulatus (i)

Atractides latipalpis (i)

Atractides magnirostris (i)

Torrenticola andrei (i)

Torenticola madritensis (i)

Thyasella mandibularis (i)

Wandesia racovitzai (i)

Kongbergia clypaeta (i)

Stygomomonia latipes (i)

Neoacarus hibernicus (i)

Azugofeltria motasi (i)

Vietsaxona lundbladi (i)

Hungarohydracurus subterraneus (i)
Terrestrial obligate hypogean species (Troglobites) (12)
Insecta: Collembola (3)
Archaphorura schoetti

Disparrhopalites patrizii

Psedosinella dobati
Insecta: Diptera (2)
Speolepta leptogaster

Limosina racovitzai (?)
Arachnida: Araneae (1)
Porrhomma rosenhaueri
Arachnida: Acari (6)
Eugamasus anglocavernarum

Eugamasus traghardi

Rhagidia logipes

Rhagidia vitzthuni

Troglocheles sp. (?)

Bonzia brownei

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