A new Type of Hybrid Griffin Gaeta

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A New Type of Hybrid

Griffin Gaeta

A new species may be moving to your area soon.


bread of fruit parasites, discovered around the year of 2005, the Lonicera fly, is spreading across the country. They arose from two other fruit parasites called the Blue maggot and the Snowberry maggot. The reason for knowing this is because the Lonicera is possibly whipping out its parent species due to the rapid spreading of its host plant the Asian honeysuckle.
Fruit parasites depend on their host plant to survive. The Lonicera fly has a tremendous host plant, the Asian honeysuckle. This is a native plant killer, basically destroying the Blue maggot and Snowberries’ maggots host plants. But Bruce A. McPheron proclaims “The Lonicera fly is not an agricultural threat.” It may not be an agricultural threat but it is a threat to the two parent species since breeding with the new hybrid is impossible since they mate on the host plant.
The Blueberry and Snowberry maggots are more then likely to become less populated and even wiped out completely. That’s why they have evolved into the new hybrid species, the Lonicera, so they can pass on their traits to start life for a new organism. This just goes to show that even if something were to be thriving, the environment can change and not having the right tools for the new environment may be detrimental.

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