A after flowering b during flowering c before flowering D

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Coltsfoot leaves are used as an expectorant agent. This plant material should be collected:

A * After flowering

B During flowering

C Before flowering

D During fruiting

E At the beginning of fruiting
Common plantain leaves are collected in summer. They are cut by knife or sickle. Specify the period of vegetation for this plant material collection:

A* In the period of flowering

B In the bud formation period

C Decumbent crown formation

D In the beginning of fruiting

E In the period of ripe fruiting
Marshmallow roots are used as a mucolytic agent. Underground organs of marshmallow are collected:

A * After ripening of seeds and disappearing of the aerial part

B In the phase of blossoming

C At the period of unripe fruit

D In the phase of bud formation

E In the phase of stem formation
Preparations of marshmallow’s roots are used in the treatment of upper respiratory tract disorders. During its collection it is possible to get the following admixture:

A * Lavatera

B Common plantain

C Common tansy

D Blue dandelion

E Common dandelion
Preparations of coltsfoot are used in treatment of upper respiratory tract disorders. During its collection it is possible to get the following admixture:

А * Burdock

B Common plantain

C Spring adonis

D Marshmallow

E Pot marjoram
Foalfoot leaves are used as expectorant and emollient drugs. During their collection it is possible to get the following admixture:

A * Burdock leaves

B Bearberry leaves

C Cowberry leaves

D Plantain leaves

E Whortleberry leaves
Marshmallow roots contain from 10 to 20% of polysaccharides. The main peculiarity of drying is the temperature which must be:

A * 45-60 °С

B 10-15 °С

C 80-90 °С

D 100-120 °С

E 85-95 °С
Medicines of plants from Plantago genus are widely used in medical practice. What plant is cultivated for that purpose:

A * Plantago psyllium

B Plantago media

C Plantago lanceolata

D Plantago stepposa

E Plantago maxima
At microscopic analysis of a raw material such diagnostic features were detected: multilayer cork, large parenchymal cells filled with inulin; expressive cambium line; large vessels; schizogenous receptacles with essential oil. For what type of plant material the indicated features can serve as the authenticity confirmation?

A * Rhizomata et radices Inulaе

B Rhizomata et radices Rubiae

C Rhizomata cum radicibus Valerianae

D Radices Taraxaci

E Radices Ononidis
At microscopic analysis of Marshmallow root it’s necessary to determine the content of starch grains. What reagent permits to do this?

A * Lugol’s solution

B Ammonium hydroxide

C Concentrated sulfuric acid

D α-Naphthol alcoholic solution

E Thymol solution
Which compound turns dark blue on adding iodine solution?

A * Amylose

B Glucose

C Lactose

D Cellulose

E Saccharose
The mucilage-containing herbal raw material is used for treatment of upper respiratory tract disorders. The source of this class of compounds is:

A * Radix Althaeae

B Radix Inulae

C Radix Ipecacuanhae

D Radix Rhodiolae

E Radix Belladonnae
A storehouse received a batch of althaea roots. For its verification a drop of ammonia solution was applied upon the root section; the spot of section turned yellow. This is the evidence of the following substance presence:

A * Mucilages

B Tannins

C Gum

D Pectins

E Vitamin C
Coltsfoot preparations are used for upper airways treatment. During collection of this herbal raw material the following admixture may appear:

A * Great bur (Arctium lappa)

B Common plantain (Plantago major)

C Spring adonis (Adonis vernalis)

D Marsh mallow (Althaea officinalis)

E Pot marjoram (Origanum vulgare)
Plantaglucid, which is used as antiulcer medicine, is received from the common plantain leaves. What class of compounds is quantitatively defined?

A * Polysaccharides

B Vitamins

C Iridoids

D Terpenes

E Carotenoids
Remedies from polysaccharide-containing medicinal plant material are used as expectorants. Which of the following plants contains polysaccharides?

A * Common plantain

B Hellebore

C Java tea

D Motherwort

E Nettle
A party of the medicinal raw material of common plantain was received by a pharmacy’s storehouse. The content of what active substances is a sign of authenticity according to the Pharmacopoeia requirements?

A * Polysaccharides

B Flavonoids

C Tannins

D Anthraquinones

E Extracted substances
Ukrainian medicine “Plantaglucid”, which is used to treat gastritis, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, is the sum of polysaccharides of medicinal plant material:

A * Common plantain leaves

B Foalfoot leaves

C Kelp (laminaria)

D Hawthorn fruits

E Chicory roots
Most types of raw material are kept dry. For the juice production fresh raw material is processed from:

A * Plantago major

B Althаea officinalis

C Rosa canina

D Urtica dioïca

E Capsella bursa-pastoris
Elecampane rhizomes and roots contain essential oil and polysaccharides. Qualitative reactions with α-naphtol and concentrated sulfuric acid confirm the presence of:

A * Inulin

D Starch

C Tannins

D Flavonoids

E Phospholipids
Polysaccharide inulin increases the level of bifidobacteria, that’s why it’s recommended for diabetes treatment. In this case preparations from the following plant are used:

A * Chicory roots

B Licorice roots

C Ginseng roots

D Valerian roots

E Sweetflag rhizomes
The pharmacist has prepared the infusion of Marshmallow roots (mucilage). Specify the correct version of technology:

A * Cold infusion for 30 min and filtration without plant material expression

B Pressing raw material after infusion at room temperature

C Heating for 30 min, filtering without cooling

D Heating on boiling water bath for 15 minutes, cooling for 45 min, filtering

E Heating for 30 minutes, cooling 10 min, filtering
Tragacanth gum is used in the production of emulsions, tablets, pills, and also in perfumery and cosmetics industry. It is produced from plants of the genus:

A * Astragalus

B Armeniaca

C Prunus

D Aloe

E Vaccinium
Which medicinal plant can be used for the appetite stimulation?

A * Common dandelion

B Red-seeded dandelion

C White-flowering dandelion

D Japanese dandelion

E Chinese dandelion
Flowers with characteristic odor were received for analysis. The flowerheads had diameter 5 cm, a wrapper was grey-green, a receptacle was slightly protuberant, regional ligulate florets with curved shot puberulent tube and a three-teeth limb, red-orange colour. The center of the flowerhead bore tubular florets with five-teeth yellow corolla. What plant does this characteristic correspond to?

A * Tussilago farfara

B Matricaria chamomilla

C Calendula officinalis

D Saponaria officinalis

E Tanacetum vulgare
A consignment of herbal raw material was received by a pharmacy without an analytical certificate. After macroscopic analysis it was discovered to be chicory roots. The reaction with α-naphtol showed a positive result that confirmed the presence of:

A * Inulin

B Cellulose

C Starch

D Mucilages

E Saponins
The main active substances of marshmallow are mucilage and pectins. Which class of biologically active substances do they belong to?

A * Polysaccharides

B Vitamins

C Flavonoids

D Lignans

E Coumarins
At tablets production polysaccharides are used as binding agents and excipients. Which compound is the most suitable for this purpose?

A * Starch

B Pectins

C Gum

D Mucilages

E Inulin
A consignment of herbal raw material was received by pharmacy without an analytical certificate. According to macroscopic analysis it was marshmallow roots. A reaction with 5% alkali solution gave a positive result that confirmed presence of:

A * Mucilage

B Gum

C Starch

D Pectin

E Cellulose
During coltsfoot leaves collection it is necessary to pay attention to possible adulterants, such as:

A * Cotton burdock leaves

B Common plantain leaves

C Common nettle leaves

D Marshmallow leaves

E cowslip primrose leaves
A pharmaceutical enterprise received coneflower rhizomes for tincture production. What effect does this medicine have?

A * Immune modulation

B Expectorant

C Purgative

D Cardiotonic

E Enterosorbic
Choose a reagent for hystochemical reaction on mucilage :

A * Methylene blue alcohol solution

B 1% solution of phloroglucin

C 1% iron alum solution

D Sudan III solution

E Dragendorff’s reagent
Inulin present in the underground organs of Asteraceae plants (dandelion, elecampane, chicory) is prescribed to treat diabetes and for bifidobacteria level increasing. According to its chemical structure it belongs to:

A * Polysaccharides

B Vitamins

C Lipids

D Proteins

E Lipoids
Which group of compounds is determined by the swelling index?

A * Polysaccharides

B Iridoids

C Cardiac glycosides

D Flavonoids

E Volatile oils

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