9H00 16h00 Room Bech A3 45

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University of Ljubljana

Interdisciplinary Graduate Study Programme of Statistics

PROGRAMME of the visit to Eurostat 2003
29th of APRIL 2003

9H00 - 16h00

Room Bech A3 - 45

  1. 9h00 Mr Pedro Diaz Muñoz, Director of Eurostat

Role of the European statistical system (ESS) in decision-making processes in European Union: current state of affairs, open issues, dilemmas, perspectives; relations to national statistical systems of EU countries and of acceding countries; relations to other statistical systems, ECB, research/academic sphere, etc.

  1. 9h30 Mr Niels Langkjaer-Ohlenschlaeger, Head of sector in unit D1

(Methodological Co-ordination, Structural Indicators, Classification & Registers)

Development and application of ESS’ and other international statistical standards (updating of NACE and other classifications; quality of business registers).

3. 10h15 Mr Wolfgang Knüppel, Head of Unit A2

(Information and communication Technology for the ESS)

Application of statistical data communication process from Member States to Eurostat: current practice and future developments.

- 11h00 15' break -

4. 11h15 Mr Bart de Norre, Assistant in unit A3 (Reference data bases)

Databases and metadata information systems of Eurostat.

5. 12h00 Mr Werner Grünewald, Quality Manager of Eurostat

The quality approach in ESS/Eurostat.

- 12h30 Lunch -

6. 14h15 Advanced Session on certain aspects of Research in Statistics:

The case of Science, Technology and Innovation (STI)
6.1 14h15 Mr August Götzfried, Administrator in unit A4

(R&D, methods and data analysis)

Introduction of science, technology and innovation statistics and the Community Innovation Survey (CIS 3) and the as a measurement tool of the new economy phenomena

6.2. 15h00 Mss Simona Frank, END in unit A4

(R&D, methods and data analysis)

R&D data collection from Member States and Candidate Countries: the present state of the art.

7. 15h45 Mrs Claudia Junker, Team leader Candidate Countries Unit A5

(Technical Co-operation with Candidate Countries, Cards & Tacis)

Some concluding remarks in the field of statistics on the present situation of Slovenia in the enlargement process

- * - * - *-

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