9 February 1999 Dear Valued Client

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9 February 1999

Dear Valued Client:

As you know, technology is constantly evolving. FileNET’s challenge is to develop solutions to solve your business problems today and in the future. One of today’s technology trends is a migration away from OS/2 platform products, and we are aligning our resources to develop solutions on the platforms our customers demand.
As a result of this industry shift away from OS/2 platform products, FileNET discontinued offering products on this platform effective March 31, 1998. A list of FileNET’s OS/2 products is enclosed for your reference. Please note that FileNET’s OS/2 products are not Year 2000 compliant, however, we can transition you to products that are Y2K ready. For more information on FileNET’s Year 2000 program, please visit our Web site at www.filenet.com
For our customers with maintenance agreements, FileNET will provide support on OS/2 platform products until August 20, 1999. Certain Windows version software replacements of OS/2 products are available free of charge through your FileNET sales representative.
After August 20, 1999, telephone and/or web-based support limited to current available fixes will be available on a commercially reasonable efforts basis at prevailing rates.
What does this mean to you?

If you are currently using any of the products included on the enclosed list, please contact your FileNET sales representative immediately to discuss solutions to your unique situation. Our Professional Services consultants are also available to help you with your platform decisions. Regardless of whether or not you are currently using any of the products listed, we ask you to please fax a signed copy of this letter to FileNET at 714.662.5121 by March 15, 1999 to ensure continuation of your maintenance agreement.

Thank you for your understanding and assistance with this activity. Your FileNET representative is ready to assist you in answering your questions and making any transition as easy as possible.


William Kreidler

Sr. Vice President

Worldwide Customer Service and Operations

Please sign below and return via fax to 714.662.5121:
Acknowledged by:


Printed Name

Title Date

Support Discontinuance Announcement

Workforce Desktop OS/2 products
Model Number Description
500840 Visual WF/Performer 2.x OS/2

302219 Visual WF/Performer 2.x OS/2,3.5”

300973 OS/2 1.0 TOI

500307 Image Display 1.x OS/2 P/S Lic

500723 Image Display 2.x OS/2 P/S Lic

300267 Image Display 1.x OS/2 P/S Lic & User Gd

300265 Image Display 1.x OS/2,3.5”,DE

301853 Image Display 2.x OS/2,3.5”

302966 Image Display 2.x OS/2,3.5”,FR

302970 Image Display 2.x OS/2,3.5”,DE

500791 Image Display 2.x OS/2 P/S Upg Lic

301119 Autoform Dev Guide 1.x (OS/2)

300996 WAL/OS/2 1.0 Install Instr

301204 WAL/OS/2 TOI 1.0

500775 WAL/OS/2 2.x Runtime P/S Lic

500777 WAL/OS/2 2.x Runtime P/S Upg Lic

301211 WAL/OS/2 1.x Prog Ref Set

302057 WAL/OS/2 2.x Prof Prog Pkg,P/S

302056 WAL/OS/2 2.x Prof Prog Pkg,P/S Upg Lic

500776 WAL/OS/2 2.x SDK P/S Lic

302055 WAL/OS/2 2.x Runtime & SDK,3.5”

500778 WAL/OS/2 2.x SDK P/S Upg Lic

300974 WF User’s Guide,OS/2,1.x

300975 WF 1.x Coord Handbook for OS/2

301165 WF Script Dev Guide (OS/2) 1.x

301166 WF Script Quick Ref Guide (OS/2) 1.x

500753 WF Runtime for OS/2 1.x Extended Use Lic

500309 WorkFlo Runtime 1.x OS/2 P/S Lic

500724 WorkFlo Runtime 2.x OS/2 P/S Lic

300269 WorkFlo Runtime 1.x OS/2,3.5”,DE

301855 WorkFlo Runtime 2.x OS/2,3.5”

302968 WorkFlo Runtime 2.x OS/2,3.5”,FR

302972 WorkFlo Runtime 2.x OS/2,3.5”,DE

500792 WorkFlo Runtime 2.x OS/2 P/S Upg Lic

500311 WS/WF & Autoform SDK 1.x OS/2 P/S Lic

500725 WS/WF & Autoform SDK 2.x OS/2 P/S Lic

300273 WS/WF & AF SDK 1.x OS/2 P/S Lic & Usr Gd

300271 WS/WF & Autoform SDK 1.x,OS/2,3.5”

301854 WS/WF & Autoform SDK 2.x OS/2,3.5”

302967 WS/WF & Autoform SDK 2.x OS/2,3.5”,FR

302971 WS/WF & Autoform SDK 2.x OS/2,3.5”,DE

500793 WS/WF & Autoform SDK 2.x OS/2 PS Upg Lic

301400 WS/Prof Prog Pkg 1.x OS/2,P/S

302141 WS/Prof Prog Pkg 2.x OS/2,P/S

302976 WS/Prof Prog Pkg 2.x OS/2,P/S,FR

302977 WS/Prof Prog Pkg 2.x OS/2,P/S,DE

302142 WS/Prof Prog Pkg 2.x Upg OS/2,P/S

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