5” Rootmaker Trees

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5” Rootmaker Trees

All species are not available at all times. Please call to check availability. There is a minimum order of 4 trees and you must order in multiples of 4. We can ship trees March-April and September-November. Shipping will be based on zip code. All 5” Rootmaker trees are $12.99 each plus shipping & handling.

Species Listing

Acer x freemanii ‘Jeffersred’ – Autumn Blaze Maple

Asimina triloba – Common Paw Paw

Betula nigra – River Birch

Carpinus caroliniana – American Hornbeam/Blue Beech

Carya illinoiensis – Native Pecan

Carya ovata – Shagbark Hickory

Celtis occidentalis – Common Hackberry

Cercis canadensis – Eastern Redbud

Cornus florida – Flowering Dogwood

Cornus kousa – Kousa Dogwood

Diospyros virginiana – Common Persimmon

Ginkgo biloba – Ginkgo/Maidenhair tree

Gymnocladus dioicus – Kentucky Coffeetree

Juniperus virginiana – Eastern Red Cedar

Magnolia virginiana ‘Jim Wilson’ – Moonglow Sweetbay Magnolia

Nyssa sylvatica – Black Tupelo

Ostrya virginiana – American Hophornbeam

Pinus strobus – Eastern White Pine

Quercus alba – White Oak

Quercus bicolor – Swamp White Oak

Quercus imbricaria – Shingle Oak

Quercus macrocarpa – Burr Oak

Quercus montana – Chestnut Oak

Quercus muehlenbergii – Chinkapin Oak

Quercus palustris – Pin Oak

Quercus rubra – Red Oak

Quercus velutina – Black Oak

Sassafrass albidum – Common Sassafrass

Taxodium distichum – Bald Cypress

Ulmus Parvifolia ‘Zettler’ – Heritage Lacebark Elm

What are Rootmaker Trees?

We have decided to grow our trees in Rootmaker bags so we can produce a high quality product to offer to our customers. With Rootmaker trees, you end up with a very fibrous root system, no girdling roots and very few circling roots. We start out collecting our seed the previous year, stratify it in the cold, germinate it in the spring, and transplant into small rootmaker cells. When ready, the cells are shifted into 5” Rootmaker bags, and many stay in the bag all year, but some go out into the field into a larger rootmaker bag to grow into a larger sized tree. The roots of the tree grow out through the bag and can draw in water and nutrients, and when they grow large enough, they are pruned off by constriction. That causes the root to re-branch and become more fibrous. The 5” bags prune roots by constriction and air as they are grown in cinder blocks.

When you transplant a tree that is balled and burlapped, you are only getting about 30% of the root system. When you transplant a Rootmaker tree, you get about 70% of the root system (and it’s a good one too!). That means your tree will establish much quicker, grow faster, and won’t cause you problems down the road. Trees that are grown in smooth plastic pots, will always have circling roots and the tree will almost always never establish and thrive. It might take a few years, but they almost always die (depending on species). Always remember that the Rootmaker bag must be removed prior to planting at it’s final location.

How Do I Order a 5” Rootmaker Tree?

You can order by coming in to Boehm’s, Call us by phone, Fax, or E-mail your order.

Boehm’s Garden Center

708 Macomb Rd.

Rushville, IL 62681

(217) 322-6644

Fax: (217) 322-2144

E-mail: boehmsgc@frontiernet.net

Website: www.boehmsgardencenter.com

Trees are subject to availability, please check with us before ordering.

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