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Title: IANA Submissions for assigned Port number


Abstract: The following is the proposed submission to the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) for assignment of a UDP and TCP port for use in inter-technology handoff between WiMAX and HRPD systems. The port is for use on the X1, X2, A23, and Rx interfaces as defined in A.S0023 and X.S0058.

Note: IANA has previously assigned:

hrpd-ith-at-an 4592/udp HRPD-ITH (AT-AN)

# David Ott <dott&qualcomm.com> 05 June 2008


Scott Marin



Date: May 12, 2008

Recommendation: Accept for an assigned port request to IANA


Based on inter-technology handoff (ITH) between WiMAX and 3GPP2 HRPD systems for port usage texts, the following port request is pro­posed to be made to the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority at: http://www.iana.org/cgi-bin/usr-port-number.pl.

ITH Application:
Your Name: Scott Marin
Your E-mail: s.marin@motorola.com
1. What is the protocol-number between the user machine and the server machine?
2. What message formats are used? [The sequence of fields in a message. For example, length, opcode, argument, filename, null.]
Message Type

Tunneled message (Length, Information)

3. What message types are used? [The kinds of messages in the protocol. For example, request, reply, cancel, interrupt.]
ITH includes tunneling messages between the AT and the HRPD AN or HRPD AN-lite and between the AT and the WiMAX ASN.

4. What message op codes are used? [The operation codes in the protocol. For example, read, write, delete, restore.]
HRPD packet tunneling procedures.
5. What message sequences are used? [The allowed sequences of messages. For example, a client sends a request and must wait for a reply from the server, except it can send a cancel.]
Encapsulated ITH packets. The ITH messages sequences for handoff from WiMAX to HRPD are being specified in 3GPP2 specifications A.S0023 and X.S0058 as the A23 and X1 interfaces, respectively. The ITH message sequences for handoff from HRPD to WiMAX are being specified in WiMAX specifications.

6. What functions are performed by this protocol?
The ITH interface is responsible for tunneling HRPD packet between the AT and the HRPD AN or HRPD AN-lite.
7. Is either broadcast or multicast used?
If yes, how and what for?
8. Please give us a technical description of your proposed use of the user port number. (At least 2 paragraphs)
This interfaces allows for tunneling of Inter-technology Handoff (ITH) packets (carrying PPP setup, TFT setup, signaling messages, etc.) that are used for pre-establishment and maintenance of the target technology session, while the AT is active on a source technology. The protocol stack for the interface is defined as follows.
ITH packet


The following UDP port value is reserved for signaling on the ITH interface.

  • L3 (AT-to-AN) TBD/udp - This is the registered UDP port number to be used for signaling interconnection of ITH packet layer 3 tunneling between the AT and the AN or AN-lite.

9. What is the proposed name of the user port number? (For example: Example User Port)
10. What SHORT name (14 CHARACTER MAXIMUM) do you want associated with this port number? (For example: example-port)

Motorola Inc. grants a free, irrevocable license to 3GPP2 and its Organizational Partners to incorporate text or other copyrightable material contained in the contribution and any modifications thereof in the creation of 3GPP2 publications; to copyright and sell in Organizational Partner's name any Organizational Partner's standards publication even though it may include all or portions of this contribution; and at the Organizational Partner's sole discretion to permit others to reproduce in whole or in part such contribution or the resulting Organizational Partner's standards publication. Motorola Inc. is also willing to grant licenses under such contributor copyrights to third parties on reasonable, non-discriminatory terms and conditions for purpose of practicing an Organizational Partner’s standard which incorporates this contribution.
This document has been prepared by Motorola Inc. to assist the development of specifications by 3GPP2. It is proposed to the Committee as a basis for discussion and is not to be construed as a binding proposal on Motorola Inc. Motorola Inc. specifically reserves the right to amend or modify the material contained herein and to any intellectual property of Motorola Inc. other than provided in the copyright statement above.

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