2nd and then +. Push the following Memory button: 7 : Reset

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TI-83 Plus RAM Memory Clear
If you find that the value n has been corrupted in your Statistics Setup File, do the following to remedy this problem:
1. Push the buttons 2nd and then +.
2. Push the following Memory button: 7 : Reset.
3. Push the following RAM button: 1: All RAM.
4. Push the following RESET RAM button: 2: Reset.

This will clear the RAM memory and reset it to its default values.

DiagnosticOn command
Make sure that the calculator’s diagnostics are turned on by doing the following.
1. Enter the CATALOG by pushing 2nd 0.
2. Scroll down to the DiagnosticOn command.
3. Press ENTER to bring the command to the Home screen.
4. Press ENTER again. The screen should read Done.

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