2015 Jim Clark Weekend at Duns

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2015 Jim Clark Weekend at Duns

Overview Of Event And Budget Rationale

We are delighted to confirm that Club Lotus are planning a re-run of our very successful 2013 event over the weekend of 16th/17th May 2015 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Jim’s most successful racing year. In 1965 Jim notched up an incredible series of achievements driving for Team Lotus. During those 12 months Jim won the Tasman series in Australia/New Zealand in a Lotus-Climax 32B, the Indianapolis 500 in a Lotus-Ford 38 and his second F1 World Championship in a Lotus-Climax 33.

We would be delighted to receive the support of Scottish Borders Council for this event. Financial support to help cover the event delivery. Police and local services support to ensure a safe and memorable weekend with community and tourism benefits to Duns and the Scottish Borders.

2013 Jim Clark Weekend

In 2013 we demonstrated a number of famous racing cars connected with Jim in Duns. Starting from outside the Jim Clark Room and driving along Newtown Street before turning round and coming back to the Room, the display thrilled an impressive crowd, estimate at over 3,000 people. In 2015 we intend to run the two Lotus 25 Grand Prix cars that came along in 2013 plus a Lotus 33 and one or two other famous cars including the Lotus Cortina with which Jim won the 1964 British Saloon Car Championship.

Classic Team Lotus

In 2015, we will again have the full support of Classic Team Lotus (who currently prepare and enter both Lotus 25s in International Historic Racing). CTL will bring the cars up from Norfolk and oversee them during the weekend. The owners of the Lotus 33, Lotus Cortina and other cars will also be there with their support teams to ensure their cars run smoothly. In 2013 over 50 Lotus Club owners attended the event with a display of sports cars lining Newtown Street. The number is expected to be even higher for 2015.

The Jim Clark Trust

In partnership with The Jim Clark Trust, we are delighted Sir Jackie Stewart and Allan McNish are to attend the weekend and promote plans for the new Jim Clark Museum by 2018. Invitations have been sent to all patrons including Dario Franchitti and David Coulthard. The current Lotus F1 Team will also be invited to attend. The Scotsman and Tweedale Press Group as media partners for the Trust will help promote the event.

Evening Dinner

On Sat evening (16 May) we will be holding a commemorative dinner at Chirnside Hall Hotel and propose to invite Sir Jackie, Dario and thank all our supporters; as well as covering their accommodation costs.

Media And Community Benefits

The annual Club Lotus Weekend will always involve a great deal of goodwill. With plans for a new museum and commemoration in 2018 of the 50th anniversary of Jim Clark’s tragic death that shocked the world, the opportunity exists for SBC to support this annual event for wider objectives and community benefits.

The 2013 Jim Clark Weekend event over 2 days was attended by an estimated audience of 3,000 - compared to the annual number of visitors of 3,800 to The Jim Clark Room.
The attraction is totally unique - across the UK; a celebration of a Scottish and international motorsport legend, Classic F1 and modern Lotus cars, inspiring the generation that remember Jim Clark and future generations, in the heart of the Scottish Borders. We must take care to keep its modesty and charm.
The opportunity exists to build on 2013 for this year and plan for 2018. It is not inconceivable to consider a regular annual event drawing in 5,000 or more, a ‘classic car’ Jim Clark Weekend. An event that doubles the numbers of visitors to the Jim Clark Room, raises the profile of the new museum, and a celebration for Club Lotus.

Schedule of Events
15 May 2015 - Friday
18:15 Fish and Chip Run
All guest and drivers meet at the Jim Clark memorial clock tower in Chirnside 1830hrs for a run over to Eye month
Return to Chirnside Hotel for drinks in the Marque on the lawn.

16 May 2015 – Saturday
10:00 Set up Pits and Static Display of Race Cars

11:00 Open to public

11:00 Film show starts going on till 16:00 In (Victory/ Mission?) Hall

12:30 Car run at Charterhall (Closed event) Press and Photo shoot

16:00 Close Pits

16:00 Charterhall finishes and all who which assemble at Chirnside Parish Church for

17:15 Outside service and wreath laying

19:00 Dinner at Chirnside Hall

17 May 2015 – Sunday
1000 hrs set up Pits and Barriers

1000 hrs Lotus display cars arrive and parked on Newtown Street

1130 hrs Pipe Band display down Newtown Street Closed to all Traffic

1200 Road runs start.

1200 hrs Film show starts

1315 hrs Road runs stop Pits and display area open to public to view cars.

1330 hrs Formal Speeches from Allan Morgan Sir Jackie Stewart, Allan McNish , Jim Clark Trust

1415 hrs Road runs begin

1530 hrs Car runs stop and pit open to public

1600 hrs Pit closed and end of event.

Vehicle Manangement
Pit area will consist of the following:

Lotus type 25 (R5) – Nick Fennel – running

Lotus type 25 (R4) – John Bowers - running

Lotus type 43 – Andy Middlehurst – running

Lotus Cortina – Andy Middlehurst – running

Lotus Cortina – Kevin Clark – running

Lotus Cortina – William Peyton – running

Lotus Elan – Michael Schryver – running

Lotus type 38 – Nick Fennel – static
The running cars will be controlled by the Pit Marshall and led out, one at a time, on the the ‘track’ and handed over to the Start of Track Marshall.
During this period the End of Track Marshall will hold a red flag in place until they are satisfied it is safe to go.
Once the End of Track Marshall is satisfied, he will drop it, signalling good to go.
The Start of Track Marshall will let the driver commence to end, turn around and head back.
If, for any reason on the run up or down, the run has to be immediately stopped, the red flag will be shown by either the Start or End of Track Marshalls.

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