2013 China International Jewellery Fair

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2013 China International Jewellery Fair
Show Date: October 31—November 4,2013

Show Venue: China International Exhibition Center

(No.6,North 3rd Ring Road East, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China )

Show area: 58000㎡

The Flourishing Chinese Jewelry Industry

In the context of China rapid economic growth in the jewelry consumption in China has entered a stage of rapid development, becoming the third largest consumer of the Chinese people following the housing and automotive. Chinese jewelry industry sales growth from 140 billion in 2005 to 300 billion in 2011, a CAGR of 11.51%. In 2009, China has become the jewelry industry of the fastest growing countries in the word.

With the rapid development of the jewelry market, China has become the world's second largest jewelry market. Consumption of a number of important jewelry products has exceeded those of other countries. China will become the world's most competitive jewelry processing and consumption centers.

Varieties of Exhibits

Gems: Diamond, Jade, Ruby and Sapphire, Aquamarine, Emerald, Synthesized

Stones, Amber, Coral, Cat’s Eye, Tourmaline and Opal.

Jewelry: Pearl Jewelry, Diamond Jewelry, Platinum Jewelry, Silver Jewelry, Gold Jewelry, K-Gold Jewelry, Jade Jewelry.

Others: Watches and Clocks, Precious Metal Items, Gemological Minerals, Jewelry Tools and Facilities, Packages, Props, Jewelry Testing Machinery and Measuring Instrument, Organizations and Media.

1Large-scale, various brands

This exhibition is the largest and highest-class show in mainland of china, the total exhibition area is 58,000 square meters which attracts many Chinese top jewelry brands, such as Caibai, Laofengxiang, Laomiao, Colorful Yunnan, Millennium Star, ChowTaiSeng, AiDeKang, YueHao, Gemond,Xingguangda,BaoYi, Y&M, Yidalong, Diamond Charm, Delicacy Forever, Huachang, Mingpai, RuanShi, Lu goldsmith, Jianxingli , ZhaoLi,Lingyun,Yunyuxuan, Qiumei and etc.

2Special Areas, Charateristic Collection

1、“Tiangong” Award art craft of jade sculpture exhibition zone After decades of exploration, we see the development of Chinese jade carving, As the slogan of the Award -- " Focus on the Culture Promotion, Industry Communication, Talent the Award -- " Talent Discovery, Industry Guide". 2013 "Tiangong Award " will be an visual feast, and bring a various of new crafts.

2、"2013 China Professional Jewelry Designers Show" will appear in the show again. They will show you their creative, stylish and novel jewelry works, which can express their personal design concept and ideas, which will bring us different feelings.

3、The two biggest international jewelry trade centers-Shenzhen Shuibei jewelry trade center and Jinli jewelry trade center, have carefully selected more than 30 jewelry enterprises to make the participation. At the same time, Aika Collect, Beijing International Jewelry Trade Center Pavilion, Tianya Pavilion,Panjiayuan Pavilion and other professional markets will be present during this fair.

4、Panyu jewelry characteristics base is an international processing center of Jewelry, they will bring lots of fine jewelry with international elements. To expand the marketing, they organized many relative companies into a pavilion to take part in this fair. Meanwhile, the Huanglong Jade Pavilion, Yunnan Pavilion, Xinjiang Pavilion,Sanlian Crystal Pavilion etc. will strike a pose on the stage.

3International Pavilions, world trend

1、Antwerp Diamond Pavilion, will bring varieties of diamonds which will provide you an opportunity to select the suitable diamond suppliers conveniently.

2、The Jewellery in Thailand and Sri Lanka are famous for their colored stones and mosaic products in the international market. This time, they will enlarge the show space, and show the charm of their rubies and sapphires. In the meantime, ICA will also present in the fair to exhibit all kinds of rare color gemstones.

3、"Australian Pavilion" is organized by the Business SA, the main purpose is to promote Opal in this exhibition, you will appreciate the charms of colorful opal , it will be another highlight in the exhibition.

4、Taiwan Pavilion is organized by Taiwan P&E jewelry Culture Express, Taiwan exhibitors will bring various jadeite and coral jewelry, which can represent different design concepts and unique craftsmanship.

At the same time, jewelry enterprises from France, Germany, Belgium, America, Italy, Israel, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, India, Nepal, Brazil and other countries and regions will bring all kinds of gem material and design products.

4In order to build a platform of communication

In order to build a platform of communication and cooperation, the exhibition will also open a variety of seminars and forums. Such as professional forum, jewelry design presentation, jewelry party, model show, new product release etc. We invite you to share the special resources.

5Media promotion

We cooperate with more than 120 media from China Mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, Japan, Korea, Sri Lanka, the US, France, UK, Iran, Russia and Thailand. The media report on the fair profoundly by varieties of forms, such as advertisement, interview and special subject. Besides these, we issue the information of the fair and the exhibits of the exhibitors via websites regularly.

6Free testing, Protect consumer's right

To protect consumer's right, the organizer appoint the best authorized organization of jewelry appraisal--- National Gemstone Testing Center (NGTC), which will provide the free testing, appraisal and consultation.


Gems & Jewelry Trade Association of China

National Gems & Jewelry Technology Administrative Centre

Beijing Zhi Xin Jia Yi Jewellery Cultural Development Co., Ltd.


P & P Jewelry Culture Express

Neway International Trade Fairs Ltd.

Beijing San Arts Exports & Imports Co., Ltd.


Shanghai Gold Exchange

Shanghai Diamond Exchange

Add: Rm.1701,Tower C, Global Trade Center, North 3rd Ring Road East, Dongcheng District,Beijing,100013,China

Tel: +86-10-5957 5950

Fax: +86-10-5957 5951

Emai: fair@jewellery.org.cn

Website: www.jewellery.org.cn www.cijf.com

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