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Veolia Water Australia

Position Description


Position Title

Civil Operations Engineer (WC12)


Veolia Water Australia


Brisbane/Gold Coast

Reports to

Queensland Asset Manager

Number of direct reporting staff


Number of indirect reporting staff


Effective date

23 June 2009

2primary objectives/job purpose:

Develop and deliver high quality engineering practices in a civil operations environment for assets operated and maintained by Veolia Water Australia in Queensland. As part of the Queensland asset management team, facilitate the introduction of Veolia Water asset management best practice in liaison with the Queensland Asset Manager.

3KEY TASKS/responsibilities

  • Manage and maintain the automated ‘Dial before you dig’ system and GIS systems.

  • Liaise with developers and our client for the amicable resolution of construction activities near pipeline assets.

  • Maintain current drawings and documentation for our client’s assets.

  • Manage and maintain the resolution of service requests from members of the public.

  • Liaise with owners of land containing our client’s assets to enable adequate access to perform operations and maintenance activities.

  • Provide quality support for pipeline field maintenance crews.

  • Manage maintenance procurement and contracts for pipeline assets.

  • Manage incident notifications and investigations for pipeline assets.

  • Define and deliver maintenance improvement projects (Civil).

  • Comply with the requirements of Veolia Water Australia Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) and Environmental Policy Statements.

  • Adhere to all written and verbal instructions, procedures and information issued by VWA relating to both health and safety and environmental issues and comply with all relevant clauses of the Integrated Business Management System (IBMS) Manual.

4KEY performance indicators:

  • Provide effective and timely support for the field operations teams.

  • Provide current drawings and documentation.

  • Provision of all reports and budgets on time.

  • Management and completion of all projects on time and to budget.

  • Management of 3rd party construction near pipeline assets to our client’s requirements.

  • Professional management of service requests.

  • Delivery of incident notifications and investigations within regulated timeframes.


5.1 Qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Engineering or relevant tertiary qualifications in a civil maintenance management discipline.
    1. Experience:

  • 2 to 5 years operational engineering experience. Specific experience with pipelines is desirable but not essential.

  • Practical hands-on experience in relation to maintenance engineering type tasks.

  • Experience in the use of GIS systems.

  • Experience and or exposure to Quality, Environmental and OH&S Management systems (desirable).

    1. Personal Attributes:

  • Excellent writing ability.

  • Communication and interpersonal skills. Must be able to relate effectively to staff and clients.

  • The ability to work in a team environment.

  • Problem solving ability.

  • Planning and organisational ability.

  • Enthusiastic and self motivated.

  • Demonstrates a high work ethic
    1. Other relevant skills or information:

  • Drivers licence

  • MS office suite of programs.(essential)


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Job Holder:

I acknowledge that I have read and understood the duties and responsibilities as listed in this position description and have been provided a copy for my reference.

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