1C: Maddox Games

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1C:Maddox Games

The company Maddox Games has been founded in the end of 1992.

The company has developed on its own, or in cooperation with other companies, more than 40 games and multimedia products for MS-DOS, Windows and Pen Pad platforms. There were serious music players, puzzles, simulators, 3D-shooters and serious products, such as special electronic maps and scientific software tools.

Maddox Games is a multi-winner company in Russia, which won many national prizes in different contests.

In 1999 Maddox Games joined the family of the largest Russian Software House led by the 1C company, giving the team a new name - 1C:Maddox Games.
Years spent by the team in the research and development produced a good and stable base to move on with making games in various genres, from 3D strategy games and vehicles simulators, to flight and space simulators, etc.

Oleg Maddox

Head of 1C:Maddox Games.

Creator of Maddox Games team. More than 40 titles published with his personal participation.

Graduated from Moscow Aviation Institute. Aviation engineer. Worked as lead engineer for 11 years for some of military design bureaus in Moscow. In additional to the main education in 1991 graduated from Moscow State University, department of Photography.

Favorite games Quake-1, Unreal series, EAW and WWIIF.

Hobby: Flies real propeller planes (sometimes), history of aviation, photography and collects old cameras, likes to drive sport cars and motor boats, mountain ski and windsurfer, diving. Favorite music is hard rock.
Yuri Miroshnikov

Head of Games Development Division of 1C Company.

Joined 1С in 1995. Responsible producer of products created by 3rd-party developers and published by 1C Company, since 1996. About 20 games published with his participation.

Signed an agreement for creation of a World War II avia-sim with Maddox Games in 1998. Initiated Maddox Games association to 1C structure in 1999.

Manages a team of 1C developers who take part in IL-2 creation

together with 1C:MaddoxGames.

Hobby - rock climbing.

Igor Egorov

Lead Programmer.

Graduated from Moscow Aviation Institute.

Makes programs on a professional basis for already more than 20 years.

Last 10 years – programmer of the games and multimedia products.

He has been the lead programmer of Maddox Games since the end of 1992.

The favorite genre of the games is first-person shooters.

Yuri Antonov


Graduated from Aviation Institute in Leningrad (St. Petersburg).

In Maddox Games since 1995. Involved in all projects. The lead programmer of flight model modules of the IL-2 Project and AI of different types of aircraft.

Hobby: Aviation and flying real planes. Modeling of aircraft aerodynamics behavior on PC. Playing all the flight simulators.

Dmitri Soldatenkov,


Graduated from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (Department of Radio Engineering and Cybernetics). Studied in art and musician schools. Has a number of articles about programming technologies.

In Maddox Games since 1991. Took a part in all the projects developed by company (involved in more than in 30 projects). Programming specialty: 3D-graphics, AI, physics. Certified Novell administrator. The favorite games are Quake and IL-2 (of course!). Hobby: drawing, guitar, volleyball.
Sergei Sokov,

AI Programmer

Education: Stavropol Polytechnic Institute, automation department (diploma in automated information processing and control systems).

In Maddox Games since 1996 (involved in all latest projects of the company).

Specialization: 3D-graphics, collision detection, AI.

Favorite games: Quake-1, Command & Conquer.

Hobby: programming, in-line skating.

Roman Deniskin

3D Designer and programmer

Graduated from Moscow State Institute of Electronics and Mathematics / Technical University (former Institute of Electronic Engineering) and earned a degree as a consultant interpreter the same year.

Joined the team from the "gamers' side" (being well known in the Russian WarBirds and simulators community as "Mad Dragon") unsatisfied with the level of realism and graphic accuracy seen in the simulators of the time, and created his own ideas of war planes' damage and flight modeling.

Before joining Maddox Games he took his time in 3-D art and modeling (though the last remnants of these can only be found in the Star Wars Modeling Alliance databases), and designing free add-on levels for FPSs, beginning from Doom. Has his credit for graphics in a couple of shareware arcade games, the last one being Arcanoid 2000. Being an aviation enthusiast, he's well known with the Russian simmers, mostly for his on-line gaming. Begun his gaming experience back in 1980s (and still considers ZX Spectrum games the best one could produce ). Roman's primary interest in games has been WWII and helicopter quality flight simulations and first-person shooters, from SWOTL and Mi-24 to Descent II and Half-Life: Counter-Strike. Likes to flight real sport aircraft (with instructor ) and collects firearms replicas.

Yuri Kryachko


Education: MS degree at Department of Applied Mathematics of the

Moscow State Engineering Physics Institute (Technical University).

Kryachko Yuri is the 3D Graphics and Effects programmer in the IL-2 Sturmovik project.

He started playing PC games since his first 2D game was born in 1987. Previous game projects: 1995 City3D – Drive simulator (ELF), 1995-96 - helicopter simulator.

In Maddox Games since 1996.

Hobbies: Sport, Internet Surfing, 3D-Shooters.
Rudolf Heiter

Programmer and sound engineer.
In Maddox Games since 1993. Involved in all projects. Did a lot of special 3D sound drivers, voice communication across Internet (one of the first in the world), voice recognition drivers, etc.

Hobbies: Classic Music. HiEnd musical equipment.

Sergey Shaykin.


Education: 1997 Simferopol State University (Simferopol, Ukraine) BS in Applied Mathematics.

In IL-2 team Since November 1999.

Specialization: DirectX 8 support, game installation and setup, playing intro files.

In game industry since October 1998: GSC Game World (Kiev, Ukraine), Project Hoverace. Software Developer. Game Developer.

5/96-10/99 CrimeaTV Channel. (Simferopol, Ukraine) Software Developer.

1/96-11/97 G-Tech Development Group (Simferopol, Ukraine) Software Developer.

Kirill Ivanov


His career began with a logic/cards game programmer on Sony Playstation. He took part in about 10 different entertainment titles as a programmer, designer and a musician. After all PlayStation experiments he moved to production of IL-2 Sturmovik on the PC.

Being a great fan of all realistic complex projects, Kirill is exploring game designs and interface uniqueness. Also he is working on artificial intelligence and overall game logic.
Kuzma Lykov

3D Artist

In 1C:Maddox Games since fall 2000, doing primarily 3D cockpit artwork.

Graduated from Moscow Aviation Institute (2001). Hi-Tech, Sci-Fi, Spaceship designer spending all time drawing and drawing. Began 3D modeling in 1995 with 3DStudio, moved to 3D Studio Max in 1996, got lots of experience ever since. Started gaming in 1991. Favorite titles: HOMM - all series, all Star Wars titles from Lucas Arts, X-COM series, Flanker series, MOO series, etc. Now obsessed only with IL2-Sturmovik contributing every effort possible for completion of this game.
Vladimir Kuznetsov

3D Modeler

Has come to game industry come from TV, where he was involved in TV-program design. In 1C:Maddox Games since April 2000.

Develops 3D models of cockpits, aircraft and vehicles.

Favorite 3D-modeling programs are 3DS MAX and Maya.

A fan of racing (NFS5, Driver, SuperBike2001) and flight IL-2  simulators.
Vladimir Veruygin

3D Modeler

Graduated the Moscow State Academy of Fine Chemical Technology named after M.V. Lomonosov as a technologist of materials of electronic industry.

In 1C:Maddox Games since August 2000. In the project of IL-2 he develops 3D models of ground engineering, vehicles and ships, and also creates the information database for aircraft, ground armor and fleet.
Eugene Inozemtcev

3D Artist

Graduated from Moscow Aviation Institute.

Joined 1С in 1997. Participated in creation of three large gaming projects. Worked in capacity of Lead Artist at RPG Konung. Received multiple prizes at independent competitions of 3D-Artists.

Designs urban and country buildings for IL-2 project.

Favorite games – first-person shooters.

Mikhael Starchenko


Ex-freelance artist / illustrator since early 80's, well known in Russian sim community for his skins for different simulators. Joined the team in fall 2000. Even after Really BIG clients as freelance designer / illustrator.

Loves all action games (with emphasis on different combat simulators) and guitar music. Second to none in skins/texture field.

Ilya Fofanoff

3D Artist, 3D Animator

Present time - 1C:Maddox games – 3D artist

IL-2 Sturmovik project - vehicles and buildings models, terrain development and soldier modeling.

1997-2000 - TV advertising - FREELANCE DIGITAL ARTIST.

Producer, script writer, modeling, texture artist, animation, special FX, NLE, etc...

1997 - "FOCUS TV" - Chief TV Designer

1996 - "Electronics Microsystems" computer company advertising designer, 3D artist

1995 - "DASHE" TV company - chief TV designer

1994 - "Chelyabinsk State Technical University", "Software of training" department programmer, 3D interface developer, 3D artist

Favorite game style - adventure/quests like as "Monkey Island", "Longest Journey" and "Torin's Passage"...

Maxim Evgrafov

3D Artist, 3D Animator

Joined the team in 2000.

Worked for the RTV Telecompany in 1999-2000 as a designer in the field of Character Animation, TV Logos, Video Advertisement.

1994 – 1999 Telecompany Teleregion - Lead designer.

Character Animation, TV logos, video advertising.

1994-1994 A/A Pilot – Project. The designer. 3D - Animation

Favorite games: StarCraft, Half-Life, Quake.

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