1997. Sample sizes appear in parentheses. References follow summary

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Summary of studies on birds that have tested for a sex-bias amongst offspring in the event of extra-pair fertilization (excludes studies that did not determine sex using molecular methods, e.g. Kempenaers et al. 1997). Sample sizes appear in parentheses. References follow summary.


Sex-bias detected at the level of:

Species Individuals? Broods? Reference

Black swan

No (258)

No (28)

Kraaijeveld et al. (2007)

Cygnus atratus  

Tree swallow (Wisconsin)

No (122)

No (31)

Whittingham & Dunn (2001)

Tachycineta bicolor

Tree swallow (Ontario)

No (284)

Yes-female (50)

Delmore et al. (2008)

Fairy martin


No (29)

Magrath et al. (2002)

Petrochelidon ariel

Barn swallow

No (74)


Saino et al. (1999)

Hirundo rustica

Blue tit (England)

No (986)

No (103)

Leech et al. (2001)

Cyanistes caeruleus

Blue tit (France)

No (850)


Dreiss et al. (2005)

Coal tit

No (2388)

No (457)

Dietrich-Bischoff et al. (2006)

Periparus ater

Black-capped chickadee

No (118)

No (174)

Ramsay et al. (2003)

Poecile atricapilla

House wren

Yes-male (2345)

No (476)

This study

Troglodytes aedon

Great reed warbler


No (175)

Westerdahl et al. (1997)

Acrocephalus arundinaceus

Collared flycatcher (Sweden)

No (102)

No (19)

Sheldon & Ellegren (1996)

Ficedula albicollis

Collared flycatcher (Poland)


No (27)

Wilk et al. (2008)

Collared flycatcher (Hungary)

No (87)


Rosivall et al. (2009)

Bluethroat (Norway)

No (≤475)


Johnsen et al. (2000)

Luscinia svecica

Bluethroat (France)

No (68)


Questiau et al. (2000)

Red-capped robin

Trend-male (171)


Dowling & Mulder (2006)

Petroica goodenovii

Common yellowthroat

No (486)


Abroe et al. (2007)

Geothlypis trichas

Reed bunting (Norway)

No (87)


Kleven & Lifjeld (2004)

Emberiza schoeniclus

Reed bunting (Netherlands)

No (393)


Bouwman et al. (2007)

Reed bunting (Switzerland)

No (792)


Suter et al. (2007)

Savannah sparrow

No (403)


Freeman-Gallant et al. (2006)

Passerculus sandwichensis

Red-winged blackbird

No (113)

No (78)

Westneat et al. (1995)

Agelaius phoeniceus


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