$150. 00/hour (affiliated rate) Ice Skate Rental is 00/pair Procedures for ice rental

Дата канвертавання21.04.2016
Памер3.54 Kb.
Ritter Ice Arena at RIT / Building 2 / 475-5126
Ice Rental is $150.00/hour (affiliated rate)

Ice Skate Rental is $3.00/pair

Procedures for ice rental:
1. Fill out Ice Rental Request Form with date of event
2. Ice time request will be reviewed by Ice Rink Manager & Ice Rink Supervisor for approval
3. Event will be registered in ice rink schedule as “pending”
4. Group requesting ice rental will provide account # to Ice Rink Activities Assistant for chargeback for all ice rental and skate rental charges 14 days prior to event.
5. Event must be registered with EVR before event is “confirmed” in ice rink schedule
6. All communication will be conducted on EVR message board

**All event dates are subject to cancellation based on the ice rink schedule**

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