15 of the units must be upper division units and 6

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Minor in Speech Communication

(Code COMMUM01)

The Minor in Speech Communications is available to any non-Communication Studies Major. A minimum of 21 units in Communication is required. 15 of the units must be upper division units and 6 units from lower division units.

See Academic Advisor to declare minor.

Lower Division Prerequisites
Comm 110 and 110W –Interpersonal Communication (3) None

Comm 131 and 131W –Essentials of Argumentation (3) None

Comm 132- Small Group Discussion (3) None

Comm. 200 - Gateway to Communication Studies (3) None

Comm 130 –Essentials in Public Speaking (3) None

Comm 171 –Voice and Applied Speaking (3) None

Comm 220- Elements Organizational Comm (3) None

Upper Division

Comm 300–Survey of Rhetorical Theory (3) GE Foundation

Comm 301–Communication Criticism (3) Comm 300

Comm 306–Communication Theory (3) None

Comm 307–Measurement in Communication Research (3) Comm 306

Comm 309–Language and Behavior (3) None

Comm 330–Introduction to Intercultural Communication (3) None

Comm 331–Argumentation and Debate (3) None

Comm 333–Interpretive Communication of Literature (3) None

Comm 334–Business and Professional Communication (3) Comm 130

Comm 335–Persuasive Speaking (3) GE Foundation

Comm 337–Professional Event Planning (3) None

Comm 338–Ensemble Interpretive Reading (3) None

Comm 344–Theory and Techniques of Interviewing (3) None

Comm 352–Story Telling (3) None

Comm 355 – Communication in the Classroom (3) None

Comm 358–Speech Arts for Children (3) None

Comm 400–Nonverbal Communication (3) Comm 110/W

Comm 410–Advanced Concepts in Interpersonal Communication (3) Comm 110/W

Comm 411–Communication in Conflict Resolution (3) GE Foundation

Comm 412–Gender and Communication (3) GE Foundation

Comm 414–Communication in Families (3) None

Comm 415 – Rhetoric of Social Movements and Protest (3) None

Comm 420–Advanced Concepts in Organizational Communication (3) Comm 220

Comm 421–Bargaining and Negotiation (3) Comm 411 is highly recommended

Comm 422 – Media Effects (3) GE Foundation

Comm 430–Advanced Intercultural Communication (3) Comm 330

Comm 432–Communication Leadership (3) None

Comm 433–Trends in Interpretive Communication (3) None

Comm 434–Advanced Oral Persuasion (3) GE Foundation + 1 Exploration

Comm 436–American Public Address (3) Comm 300, 301

Comm 437–International Public Address (3) Comm 300, 301

Comm 439–Communication and Popular Culture (3) None

Comm 441I–Issues in Freedom of Communication (3) GE Foundation

Comm 442I–Campaign Persuasion (3) GE Foundation

Comm 444–Communicating Civility (3) GE Foundation

Comm 449–Studies in Oral Persuasion and Attitude Change (3) None

Comm 450–Communication Training in Organizations (3) None

Comm 452–Communication in the Multinational Organization (3) None

Comm 492A or B-Internship (3)

Comm 490 –Special Topics in Speech Communication (3) None

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