1280 N. Johnson Ste 102 El Cajon, ca 92020

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Tuesdays 6:00pm- 8:00pm


1280 N. Johnson Ste 102

El Cajon, CA 92020

Phone 440-1136


Pastor: Mark Jappe

Commanders: Dayna Holt and Juli Smith

Missionaries: Tim and Linnea Sandvall


Co-Commander: Dayna Holt 286-5955


Co-Commander: Juli Smith 322-3764


Puggles Alexandra Lang 820-4210
Cubbies Beth Bush 263-2061
Sparks Jackie Johnson 733-4861

T&T Girls Linda Swope 449-4081


T&T Boys Chuck Bush 263-2061


Trek Rob Hyden 460-7785


Stephanie Jones 583-8995


Journey Hardy Braswell 462-5974


VIP Annie Jimenez

Please feel free to contact the commanders, or directors with any questions or concerns you may have. The Club calendar and other information can also be found on the website: www.gatewaychurchonline.com/#/children/awana

Thank you for the privilege of working with your children in AWANA this year!
Club Characteristics









2 yrs

3 & 4 yrs




High School

Club Time:

Our Tuesday evening program begins promptly at 6:00pm and ends at 8:00pm. Because our leaders have children that need to pick up as well, please make every effort to pick you children up on time.


For the safety of our clubbers, we ask that all children (Puggles through T&T) be picked up and signed out by a parent or other authorized adult.


The church provides for our facilities, equipment, and special events. Clubber awards prizes and store items are funded through dues. Dues are $40.00 for the year per child. Handbooks and uniforms are in addition to this. Please see the “AWANA Fee Schedule” included in your registration packet.

Financial Scholarships are available as needed. Every child is encouraged to participate. Finances should not be a barrier.

We appreciate your Stewardship. Please make checks payable to: Gateway Baptist Church

SCRIP Scrip helps to fund scholarship camp. Please refer to the Scrip information sheet included in your registration packet

We encourage all of our clubbers to bring visitors. We are continuing a program for introducing 3rd –6th grade visitors to Awana. Your child and their visitor will have the privilege of going to the V.I.P. room during handbook time. Special awards and privileges await those that are V.I.P.’s

When your child brings a visitor to club, please go with them to see the secretary to fill out a visitor card. It would be very helpful if you came prepared with their address and phone number.


Using achievement-oriented handbooks, Awana emphasizes memorization and understanding of key Bible truths. All clubbers entering into a new club will begin with an introductory booklet. Once they finish this, clubbers are eligible to become club members and purchase their handbook and uniform.

3rd –4th grade clubbers in the Truth and Training clubs will start with the Ultimate Adventure START ZONE booklet if they were not in T&T last year. Returning clubbers will begin work in book 2, or continue where they left off last year. 5th and 6th grade clubbers in T&T will start with the Ultimate Challenge START ZONE. Returning T&T 5th and 6th graders may continue in last years’ book or start fresh with The Ultimate Challenge handbooks 1 and 2.
Passing a section

  1. Clubbers need to work at home throughout the week in preparation for each club night.

  2. Clubbers must have their own handbook with them at club in order to pass a section.

  3. Sections must be recited in their entirety at one sitting. This includes the verses, their references, and any answers to questions within the section. The listener may give only two “helps” per section.

  4. Once your child knows a section, please initial it near the leader’s signature box (Cubbies –T&T)

  5. The T&T books are to be completed in order no skipping around. The extra credit sections should be completed after the entire book is finished.

  6. For Sparks the Bible Drills must be completed in order. The activities may be done in any order.

  7. A clubber will need to complete approximately 2 sections per week in order to finish their handbook by the end of the year. Extra Credit work is available for clubbers finishing early.

Cubbies Trek and Journey:

Clubbers in these clubs are all on the same track together. Clubbers are encouraged to keep pace with each week’s activities. Clubbers do not generally work ahead, but extra credit assignments are available if desired. The same section passing criteria applies in these clubs.


Your Clubber has the opportunity to earn awards throughout the club year. Most awards are earned by passing sections in the handbook. To be eligible to receive any award, Clubbers must be wearing their uniforms. Clubbers finishing handbooks are awarded special ribbons and trophies at our awards ceremony at the end of the year.

Each week, in club, clubbers are rewarded for a variety of things for example:

AWANA Bucks (Sparks and T&T)

AWANA Bucks are awarded to clubbers as they pass sections. Directors may also use bucks as incentives or rewards. Approximately three to four times a year clubbers have the opportunity to redeem their bucks for prizes at the AWANA store or at the Fun Fair (Held in April or May). Bucks are stored in an envelope in the back of the handbook. Clubbers must have their bucks with them on store night.


We have many varied opportunities for you to be involved with your child’s club. These range in time commitment as well as gifts and abilities. Possibilities include: Being a leader, being a listener, helping with store, helping with special events, helping with the Fun Fair. Training is available. It’s really a lot of fun and very rewarding. Please consider how you might like to be involved.

Discipleship and family devotions:

AWANA has many resources to help you disciple your children and lead your family’s spiritual development. You can complete a handbook with your child(ren) that parallels the handbooks they are completing. There are books and videos and games to help you lead family devotions. See Dayna Holt for more information.

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