11. Word structure and spelling

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Core learning in literacy by strand

Write a wide range of texts on print and on screen

11. Word structure and spelling

Children learn to:

  • use knowledge of word structure (phonemic, etymological and morphological) to extend vocabulary and spell accurately

  • use a range of strategies to secure spelling accuracy

Foundation Stage*

  • link sounds to letters naming and sounding the letters of the alphabet

  • hear and say sounds in words in the order in which they occur

  • use their phonic knowledge to write simple regular words and make phonetically plausible attempts at more complex words

Year 1

  • segment sounds in order to spell longer words including words with common digraphs and adjacent consonants

  • write correct spelling for common vowel phonemes including long vowel phonemes

  • use knowledge of related words and familiar suffixes in spelling new words

Year 2

  • spell new words using phonics and a range of self checking strategies

  • spell correctly common inflections, including plurals, tenses (-ing, -ed), words with double letters and common prefixes

Year 3

  • spell unfamiliar words using known conventions and rules and a range of strategies including phonemic, morphemic and etymological.

  • spell words containing short vowels, prefixes and suffixes and inflections, doubling the final consonant where necessary

Year 4

  • distinguish the spelling and meaning of common homophones

Year 5

  • spell words containing unstressed vowels and more complex prefixes and suffixes, e.g. im-, ir-, -tion, -cian.

  • group and classify words with regular spelling patterns and their meanings

Year 6

  • spell familiar words correctly and employ a range of strategies to spell difficult and unfamiliar words

  • use a range of appropriate strategies to edit, proofread and correct spelling in own work, on paper and on screen

Year 6 progression into Year 7

* Objectives written in bold are taken directly from the Early Learning Goals

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