1. Right side of cemetery boardering Old St. Georges Cemetery pp. 3 21

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Old St. Casimir’s – Polish Cemetery

Shenandoah Heights, West Mahanoy Township, Schuylkill, PA
Note from the recorder, Andy Ulicny:

My approach in this cemetery is as follows…
1. Right side of cemetery boardering Old St. Georges Cemetery pp. 3 - 21

2. Left side of cemetery with slope; borders dirt road and

New St. Casimirs Cemetery. pp. 22-51

3. Traffic Circle – Cross/Crucifiction erected upon the Diamond Jubilee. pp. 52-52

I wish to note for you, the researcher, some of my idiosyncrasies in order to assist the user of this file. I worked using a laptop computer and a nice lawn chair, enjoying the cooler hours of the morning and evenings in the early July 2009.
I did not create an index, I have no computer program to do so. But, it is not needed since this is an electronic file. The Find function on your computer will facilitate searches for ancestors much more readily than any index. Once you become familiar with the “Find” function (on the computer’s top menu bar usually under the “Edit” tab or with a binocular icon on its own) you will realize that you will more quickly locate names.
The Find Function actually has advantages over any index. Due to spelling variations, you may choose to find mere parts of names, wildcards or even sound alike variations rather than full spellings which may not match. For example, an index may show 75 Barrett’s and 25 Barett’s; with the Find Function you can enter “rett, Jam” to find Barrett, James much more readily than perusing all 100 entries of surnames in an index. I made every attempt to maintain a Lastname, Firstname format with perfect spacing and comma use in my enumeration so that such partial searches can be done.
Be very aware of the variety of spellings! Remember, it is irrelevant how you spell your name today. In family plots, I have seen 3 distinct variations of the same name through the three generations. I have made every attempt to record the name’s exact spelling as listed on each tombstone, both first name and surname. Obviously typos will occur. When a spelling seems uniquely odd to me, I will attempt to underline it to show I recognize it as an odd combination…rather than you believing it is a typo on my part.
I enumerated tombstones in sections, but I did not list rows or feel a need to attempt to enumerate in straight lines row by row. I felt this would be too time consuming and it was more important to cover more graves and more cemeteries. I’m generally attempting to enumerate in a flowing pattern in each area. Generally I’m moving along attempting to do two rows at a time and then wending back with the next two. But, I often will jump ahead to the next row if I am in easy position to see a tombstone, or if the adjacent plot seems related to the one I’m currently recording. Often when I did hit the end of a row, I opted to mark the new start with a short line of asterisks ********* while this is convenient when it is done, please realize this cue sadly is not consistent throughout. This old cemetery, with many missing plots, has me altering from my planned course regularly.
Note: my enumeration is solely of the tombstones, there was no use of church records, or plot map to aid the recording.

As for stones in the same plot, I have tried to keep all the stones in one plot together since these people were most likely related. *Realize, it was not always possible to know if stones in the same proximity were of one family plot or if they were broken into a series of small plots. So, occasionally a nearby relative may not be included in my guess. On other occasions I’ll have a stranger included in the family’s plot. Researchers, I recommend you investigate on your own here. I have made my most educated guesses…look for yourself and make your educated guess.
I generally attempt to indicate stones in one plot by not skipping lines; however I found that it was difficult to remain consistent to this plan. If many names are on one stone, I usually tried to avoid repeating the surname and merely indenting the first names on the stone. However, if the surname itself has changed, or if was intentionally restated on the stone, I show that.
If other stones are in the same plot, my plan was to retype the surname but not skip a line. On many occassions I was forced to vary from the plan as it seemed to keep family units within a large clan more visible. I figured that you the researcher would recognize this.
As for individuals in each plot or on one stone, I have made an attempt to list the individual’s names from the eldest generation toward the most recent if it is apparent. At times, with double names on stones, I do not even know which name matches the surnames. Researchers should be able to sort this out in the census records. When I am in doubt as to matching surname to individual, I will note this with a “?” under the “Family Stone” heading.
I usually will begin with the male, not for chauvinistic reasons, but due to the fact the female changed to this family name in marriage. I was very happy to see many maiden names listed. Occasionally a listing of a maiden name without further explanation creates some confusion. I indicate when I am confused as to surname vs. maiden name.
Anything in italics is my personal addition, not something specifically written on the stone. If ages were listed with a death date, I would first list the age. Upon calculating to find the birthdates, I would list it in parentheses and in italics (6.16.1892). Often, by seeing the way items are presented on the stone, a strong hypothesis may be made, again, since it is not the perfectly objective evidence listed on the stone, my supposition would be in italics.
I am somewhat familiar with some of these families from my research and although I do not wish for this to be an annotated record, when I could list some obvious factual relationships that I knew, I did. Again these will appear in italics. On rare occasion I may have even done some genealogical research to attempt to clarify the surnames of people on these stones. But, this obviously would be a never ending project of its own and I would never have finished the cemetery transcription.
You will occasionally note the use of “?” with dates and names.

If the stone was worn, or oddly scripted and I was unsure of information… I used a “?” aside of my best guess. Check the stone yourself and you too may hazard your own approximation.

I am sure that I am guilty of some typographical errors and a few missed stones; however, I know that accuracy in recording is imperative. Many of these older, immigrant names are a bit off from the typical contemporary names we see in English used today.

I was particularly attentive with the more unique names to accurately show the spelling on the stone.

For facility in typing I have used numbers for months and the more computer-friendly style of recording dates using periods. When capable I have, for the most part, translated months listed in other languages. In my listings, the month is always listed first in the standard American manner of recording. I am aware there are other genealogical standards, but this proved to be easiest for me as that was how I was seeing it on the stones. I also will prove easiest for most individuals who are beginning to research their family trees.
Here in Old St. Casimir’s a majority of stones used the Polish terms for relationships. I have translated all of these directly to English; So Matka is listed as mother in my transcription. Many, many stones also had the months in Polish, again I translated directly to English. I do not know Polish but I am familiar enough with the genealogical terminology to get by, in fact I surprised myself with my understanding as I got into a rhythm.
When I thought lines may prove useful, perhaps a place of birth, I attempted to copy the Polish. I have also, on occasion, included some added prayers, or sentiments recorded on the stone, but this is not complete. For speed in recording, I have chosen to be rather abbreviated with recording military service. Listing a fuller account has proven to be very time consuming.
When a military footstone provided more exact detail than the headstone (such as full exact birth and death dates) I obviously have recorded that. I made every attempt to show every individual’s military service.

Right Side from Front:
Romovage, John J. “Yash” 12.8.1932 3.31.2005 Korea

Romowicz, Joseph xx xx

Frances xx xx


Garbacz, Walenty /father 1879 1930

Anna /mother 1879 1953

Garbacz, Helen 1922 1951
Barrett, Michael J. xx 1974

Anne B. xx xx
Grabowski, Boleslaw 1882 1929

Grabowska, Marjanna/ mother 1877 1941

Grabowski, Stanley J./father 1901 1972

Grabowski, Norman P./ son 1921 1986
Karlovich, Peter 1888 1951

Anna 1897 1931
Witkowski, Jozef/ father 1875 1931

Witkowski, Domeneka/ mother 1882 1942

Witkowski, Joseph / brother 1910 1969

Ransom, John J. 1933 1977 Korea
Bulwin, Wincenty/ father xx 1931

Jozefa / mother xx 1947

Joseph 1012 1963

Victoria 1914 2001
Metcoskie, Albert P. 1909 1978

Helen A. 1914 1992
Obzut, John 1919 1965 WWII

Florence 1921 1989
Wozniewicz, Alexsander/father xx xx

Stephania / mother xx xx
Cominski, Clement J. /father xx xx

Jean T. /mother xx xx
Schwetz, Adella / mother 1907 1985

Selma / daughter 1933 xx

Schwetz, Leonard M. / son 1926 1931
Szydor, “Ojciec / father” xx 1932

“Matka / mother” xx 1934


Kusza, John S. 1902 1984

Clara T. 1908 1989

Kusza, Walenty (Old) ?? ??
Bulharowski, Joseph /father 1872 1924

Frances / mother 1877 1934
Oleksy, Vincent /father 1890 1957

Antoinette/ mother 1900 1974
Snaraki – Kobielski Stone:

Wladyslaw 1887 1942

Amelia 1899 19xx

Felicia 1922 1922

Snarski, Benjamin J. 1909 1976 WWII
Namiotka, Frank A. /father 1892 1956

Mary C. / mother 1897 1980

Namiotka, Vincent 11.16.1927 8.18.1974
Lawson – stone tipped over

Thomas C. 1938 xx

Catherine M. 1942 xx

Gicas, Regina F. 1911 1969
Doloszyck(?), Wladyslaw 8.16.1900 ? ?. 24. 19??

(quite worn)

Terasewicz, Jan xx 1904

(fallen aside Doloszyck stone)

Gorski, Jozef (Lat 50) (1872) 11.21.1922

(tipped over/ larger cross)
Skizenski, John J. 6.2.1912 1.2.1965 WWII
Zilewycz, Myhal (old slab) ?? ??

1891 Rokw zil 6 Miesienci
Urbanowicz, Anthony (20-1-12) 12.11.1880 1.23.1901
Karpowicz, Ludwik 1865 1901
Grabowski, Marian 1840 1902
Rancik, Stefan / father xx 2.9.1902

Stone with an iron cross marker

Stefan Ranci/ Tu spoczywa.

Zom. 9 Feb. 1902

vo9 veku bol udokm spolku

sv. Stefana cis. 114 1. K.S.J.”
Moskeiwicz, Stanislaw 1.18.1869 4.7.1910

Moskiewicz, Sunek 12.21.1902 5.31.1904 (?)

Strzelczyk Monument:

Strzelczyk, J. P. / father 3.19.1866 2.10.1940

Strzelczyk, J. Z. / mother 1.19.1881 6.12.1910

Strzelczyk Isabelle 1901 1982

Labanowska, Aniela 1857 1940

Strzelczyk F. 6.17.1903 9.17.1904

Dziecko Masze ?? no date no date

(last two are identical very small stones

Massive Angel with Cross:

Miernicki, Franciszek xx xx

Katarzyna xx xx

Kogut, Mateusz xx xx

Jan xx xx

Maryanna xx xx


Gaber, Kasper 1866 1934

Children ?? ??

Oddly inscribed “Kasper Gaber”

Next line says “Children”/ dates below all.

Gober, Frank C. 1901 1976

Large broken slab: hard to read no dates no dates

Zwloki Dusze Swiete


Siostry Anny Elzbiet?

? Zakon u Swietega djca”

Kinger, Andrew / father xx xx

Mary / mother xx xx
Sawicki / fallen face down

Fallen stone/ face down

With an alert groundhog under it

Stank, Andrew J. 1857 1927

Maryanna 1853 1902

Margaret M. 1888 1906

Elizabeth A. 1878 1951

Stank, Andrew L. / D.D.S 1892 1940 WWII

Medical Dept U.S Army.
Kulczynski, Jozef 1849 1906

Katarzyna 1849 1928

Wladyslaw 1892 1926
Krauson, Lukas Old worn stone 1.8.1850 9.5.1904

Olszewski, Anthony 6.13.1893 11/8/1964 WWI
Ann xx 1964

* Josephine Dobrowolski Rofin 1906 1936

Rofin seems to be surname
Zavaglia, Angialina? ?? 1902 ?

Probably an infant
Migusik, Mathew no date no dates Vet.

Military White Slab

Span. American War Flag Holder

Co. A. 21 US Infantry
Fallen White Marble Cross / ?? ?? Vet

Span. American War Flag Holder
Bierstein, John R. 1879 1918 Vet

Span. American War Flag Holder

Pvt. Co. F. 21 Regt. US Infantry

Footstone: Columbia Hose Co.
Kowalewski, Simon / father 1880 1949

Jozefa / mother 1884 1948
Palczewski, Wladyslaw / Maz 1852 1905

Palczewski, Maryanna/ Zona 1866 1945
Mikolajewska, Valentina 1875 1905
Rachick, Frank 1892 1936 WWI
Broken White Marble cross

Name not preserved xx 2.1905
Marble old white cross:

Sawickie(u/j), Helen J. 9.6.1886 7.18.1903

Pohodconca zgubepnije Suwalskie

Poviat sejmy”
Gladski, Stefan /father 1965 1948

Bronislawa / mother 1874 1908


Sardonis, And’w xx xx

Military Whie Slab

Span. American War Flag Holder

Co. K. 21 US Infantry
Czesonis, Juozas xx xx

Paeyna Wilniaus, gub Traku Paweto

Semeliszkiu gmino kietawisz kiu par.

Kayo Pielunu.

22 Miatu Senumo Mirais 1903

Miatie 11 Birzelo Praeynantems

Praszom Sukalbet Sweyka Mariya.
Naudyunas, Martinas 1860 ?.21. 1898

Lithuanian script:

Kaimu ….. Traku …

Kaunu Gbernijos.

Gimes 1860 Miatugse

Mires 21 diena Moreziau? 1898
Stukas, Zofija no dates no dates
Waszkiewicz, Jan 1865 1913

Marya Adrick 1865 1904
Koczanski, Walter 1903 1904

Anna 1841 1916

*yes, these dates are as listed
Stembrousky, Walter no dates no dates

Michelene no dates no dates
Yanonis, Frank / father 1885 1942

Elizabeth / mother 1894 1978
Narde, Frank (aged 24) 1882 9.1.1906
Homemade cement cross

(K?)ur_ _ ki , Rose (illegible) xx 8.31.1936

( __ urinicki?)
Koszykowski, Maryanna (lat 39) 7.16.1864 2.16.1903

Sopczak, Jan. xx 5.12.1929
Koraleski, Jacob 1853 1904
Klocek, Jan / father 1865 1904
Olexus, Peter xx 2.3.1944 WWI

Fallen Stone (very worn)
Czernewicz, Simon xx 5.1905 ?

From what can be seen he seems

to die May 1905

Home-made cement cross /

No name / no visile script xx xx
Sawickia, Apolonia (worn) ?? ??

Illegible – I note a 30 but not for a year
Matusik, Felix / father 1873 1939

Marya T. / mother 1873 1947
Schipin, Alexander S. 1898 1938 WWI

Cassie E. 1901 1980
Cichocka, Michalina ?? 1918

Letters F. R. precede name on top

Birth year is on stone but buried
Modrzejewski Stone with footstones:

Casper / father 1859 1927

Apolonia / mother 1867 1926

Violet / daughter 1913 1927
Volovsky, Martin 1895 1928 WWI
Palek, Maria 1871 1904
Large Iron Cross Marker near road

No names xx xx
Kucsko, Jan xx 5.14.1906

Rodzeni Austrij

Osrok Stari

Umarl Shen. Pa.

? Barbara Kucsko

Generic Stone all alone by itself:

Father – Mother /no names no dates no dates
Polusky, Eva xx 11.24.1922

Polusky, Joseph xx 5.5.1934

Kozack, George xx 10.2.1927
Bogdan, Antoni / father 1868 1938

Anna / mother 1877 1942
Small Metal Cross / marker

No names no dates no dates
Waleskiewicz, Maryan/ father 1876 1941

Walentyna / mother 1887 1946
Szydlowskich, ? Dzieci no dates for any

Jozefa – Antoni

Franciszek – Regina

Feifer, / Father 1861 1895

Mother 1862 1914
Broken Column:

Tu spoczwaja zwloki S.P”

Piotra Stabinskieco no dates no dates

I zony Jecobycidy

Jodzis, A. no dates no dates

Heart shaped nicely designed cement stone
Mirocke, Frank / father 1867 1906
Fallen larger slab / face down ?? ??

Ranchick, Andrew 1895 1963

Helen xx xx

Anna xx xx
Lodanosky: Marianna/mother

nee Witkoski 1880 1905


nee Marcinkivewicz 1885 1918
Large fallen Cross / face down ?? ??
Juricek, Andreas (old,worn) 3.1.1888 12.30.1908

Twardzik, Jan / father 1857 1906

Josefa / mother 1864 1925

Schumacher, Richard P./infant 6.17.1940 9.26.1940

Twardzik, Margaret C. /daughter 1896 1981
Halko, Anthony xx 11.21.1962

Eleanore xx 9.20.1935
Matlowski, Michael 1882 10.15?.1920

Gubala, Jan xx xx

? Theresa Maria xx xx

(marked on in black ink)
Obrzut, Thomas xx 1920


Opanel, Stella 5.1911 6.1932
Stanczyk, Leo 1890 1938

Stanczyk, Urszula / mother 1895 1931
Michalowski, Grzegorz 1870 1931
Allushuski, Martin / father 1878 1951

Victoria / mother 1884 1917
Komorowski, Maciec/ father 1864 1913

Antoninia/ mother 1877 1957
Komosinski, Ignacy 1879 1961

Komosinska, Aleksandra 1882 1943

Komosinski, Charles xx 1.29.1945* MIA

MIA: Luzon, Phillipine Islands Jan. 29, 1945

Rudzinski, Joseph A. 1899 1971

Rudzinski, Anna 1907 1984
Hrasc, Jan 1871 9.24.1913

Alzbeta (infant) 2.11.1907 9.10.1907

Juliana (infant) 1.28.1908 7.5.1908
Pawolski, Jan (broken stone) 7.11.191(8)? ?? missing segment
Adamowicz, Anna xx xx
Takarzewski, Hipoht (as spelled) 1892 1946 WWI
Brozozowki, B. (cement & illegible) xx xx

Yetko, Edward (buried stone) 1893 1947
Gesicki Family / no names no dates no dates
Kuczinski, Peter/ father xx 9.1.1930

Josephine / mother xx 2.18.1928

Kuchinski, Josephine xx 7.1990

Soroko, Anthony 6.14.1897 11.25.1957 WWI
Stabinski, Szymon / father 1859 1914

Franciszka / mother 1872 1957

Peter / son 1902 1980

Jan / son 1889 1952 WWII

Danowski, Agata / Mother 5.12.1865 6.15.1913

Danowki, Piotr 1891 1918

Danowski, Michael 1896 1941 WWI

Danowski, Frank 1894 1942 WWI

Danowksi, Nellie K. / mother 1882 1943

Three footstones/ only names/no dates





Kszysiak, Edward xx 3.20.1918

Ludwjk xx 12.3.1920

*WWI flag holder for one of them

Crishock, Andrew (age 53) xx 2.27.1913

Barbara 11.25.1865 xx
Radziewicz, Katarzyna xx 12.25.1908

Radziewicz, Ignacy xx 12.8.1943
Roda, Kosty 1891 1929 WWI
Jasinski, Wincenty 1862 1929

Prszybylik, Karolina no dates no dates

Japkiwiczy, Boleslaw no dates no dates
Aniscavage, Frank/ father xx 10.4.1946

Ella / mother xx 4.22.1939


Baust, John G. 1913 1982

Room for another name

Krzyzanowski, John /father 1872 1920

Anna M. 1882 1918
Kozakiewicz, Filip/ father 1866 1908

Anastazja / mother 1866 1940
Bartkowski, Jozef / father 1845 1908
Pleva Lot: 3 small stones:

Pleva, William/ father 1896 1940

Pleva, Anna / mother 1900 1936
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