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1. Publications in IF journals (Current contents)

A/ abroad

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  1. Krištín A. 1994: Food Relationships of the Penduline Tit During Breeding Season. Journal für Ornithologie: 135: 5. (IF1994 0.342)

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  1. Szentkirályi F, Krištín A. 2002: Lacewings and snakeflies (Neuroptera, Raphidioptera) as prey for bird nestlings in slovakian forest habitats. Acta zoologica Hungaricae 48 Supplement 2: 329-340. (IF2002 0.152).

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  1. Kaňuch P, Krištín A, Krištofík J. 2005. Phenology, diet, and ectoparasites of Leisler’s bat (Nyctalus leisleri) in the Western Carpathians (Slovakia). Acta chiropterologica 7 (2): 249-258. (IF2004 0.766).

  1. Wang AI, Lei F, Yin ZH, Krištín A, Kaňuch P. 2005: Song pattern of black redstart population in the Tibet Plateau: an intercontinental comparison. Folia zoologica 54: 301-315. (IF2004 0.539).

  1. Valera F, Hoi H, Krištín A. 2006: Parasite pressure and its effects on blood parameters in a stable and dense population of the endangered Lesser grey shrike. Biodiversity and Conservation 15: 2187-2195. (IF2005 1.401).

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  1. Kaňuch P, Danko Š, Ceľuch M, Krištín A, Pjenčák P, Matis Š, Šmídt J. 2008: Relating bat species presence to habitat features in natural forests of Slovakia (Central Europe). Mammalian Biology 73: 147-155. (IF2006 0.962).

  1. Giralt D, Brotons L, Valera F, Krištín A. 2008: The role of natural habitats in agricultural systems for bird conservation: the case of the threatened Lesser Grey Shrike. Biodiversity and Conservation 17: 1997-2012. DOI 10.1007/s10531-008-9349-9 (IF2006 1.423)

  2. Traba T, Morales MB, de la Morena ELG, Delgado MP, Krištín A. 2008: Selection of breeding territory by little bustard (Tetrax tetrax) males in Central Spain: the role of arthropod availability. Ecological Research 22: xx-xx (IF2006 1.012).

  1. Zhang W., Lei F-M., Liang G, Yin Z-H., Zhao H-F., Wang H-J., Kristin A., 2007: Taxonomic status of eight Asian shrike species (Lanius sp): phylogenetic analysis based on Cyt b and CoI gene sequences. Acta ornithologica 42: 173-180. (IF 2006 0.809)

  1. Krištín A., Hoi H., Valera F. &  Hoi Ch. 2008: The importance of breeding density and breeding synchrony for paternity assurance strategies in the lesser grey shrike. Folia zoologica 57: 240–250. (IF 2008 0.376)

  1. Kaňuch P., Krištín A., 2009: Life strategies of Polysarcus denticauda (Orthoptera, Tettigoniidae) in extreme altitudes revealed by its somatic and population adaptations. Entomol. Fennica 20, 3: 207-214 (IF2008= 0.41).

  1. Veľký M., Kaňuch P., Krištín A., 2010: Selection of roosting vegetation in the great tit, Parus major, during the winter period. Ethology, Ecology & Evolution 22: 305–310. (IF 2009 0,83)

  1. Veľký M., Kaňuch P., Krištín A., 2010: Selection of winter roosts in the Great Tit Parus major: influence of microclimate. J. Ornithol. 151: 147-153. (IF 2009 1.476)

  1. Kvist L., Giralt D., Valera F., Hoi H., Kristin A., Darchiashvili G. & Lovaszi P. 2011: Population decline is accompanied by loss of genetic diversity in the Lesser Grey Shrike Lanius minor. Ibis 153: 98–109. ((IF 2010 2.295)

  1. Veľký M., Kaňuch P. & Krištín A. 2011: Food composition of wintering great tits (Parus major): habitat and seasonal aspects. Folia zoologica 60: 228-236 . (IF 2010 0.538)

  1. Kaňuch P., Jarčuška, B., Shlosserová D., Sliacka A., Paule L., Kriští­n A., 2012: Landscape configuration determines gene flow and phenotype in flightless forest edge ground dwelling bush- cricket Pholidoptera griseoaptera. Evol. Ecol. 8: DOI 10.1007/s10682-012-09571-5 (IF 2010 2.398)

  1. Hoi, H.,  Krištín, A., Valera, F., Hoi, Ch. 2012: Traditional versus non-traditional nest-site choice: Alternative decision strategies for nest-site selection. Oecologia (Berlin) 169, 1: 117-124. DOI 10.1007/s00442-011-2193-8(IF 2010 3.517)

B/ in Slovakia (Czechoslovakia up to 1992)

  1. Krištín A. 1984: Ernährung und Ernährungsökologie des Feldsperlings Passer montanus L. in der Umgebung von Bratislava. Folia zoologica 33: 143-157. (IF1984 0.300)

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  1. Krištín A. 1989a: Ernährung der Nestlinge syntopischer Arten Zilpzalp (Phylloscopus collybita) und Heckenbraunelle (Prunella modularis). Fol. Zool. 38: 349–362.(IF1989 0.246)

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  1. Krištín A. 1984: Poznámky k bionómií a rozšíreniu zavlečeného druhu Stictocephala bisonia Kopp et Yonke 1977 (Homoptera, Membracidae). Biologia (Bratislava) 39: 197-203. (IF1984 0.094).

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  1. Šteffek J, Krištín A, et al. 1995: Significance of the national ecological network of Slovakia for the European ecological network - EECONET. Ekológia (Bratislava) Suppl. 1: 205-212. (IF1995 0.125)

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2. Other publications abroad
1. Krištín A. 1990: Zur Kenntnis der Nahrung und Nahrungskonkurrenz des Kleibers (Sitta europaea L.) und Waldbaumläufers (Certhia familiaris L.). Beitr. Vogelkd. 36: 157-168.
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